Make a spiritual checklist for health

April 25, 2017 | 12 comments

Have you reviewed your checklist for health today?

It’s common for people to measure health in physical terms, per the heartrate, body weight, content of blood, and more. But these are only symptoms of what is going on in the mind of the patient.

True health is of divine Mind and comes into a person’s experience through mind, not matter. It manifests itself in inspired states of Mind that in turn have a healthy effect on the body.

To demonstrate the best health, it’s helpful to review a spiritual checklist for health to see how one is doing.

For instance,

Are you expressing love abundantly toward others? That’s a very healthy activity to engage.

How about forgiveness? Is that coming easy for you?

Is your state of mind spiritually inspired?
Are you feeling the peace of God?
Did you take some time out for prayer?
Are your thoughts weighing in on the scale of Spirit?
Are you exercising your thought with Truth?
Is your mind abounding with patience, compassion, generosity, care, thoughtfulness, and kindness? These are all very healthy states of being and have a good effect on the body.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind; nor can the material senses bear reliable testimony on the subject of health” Science and Health, p. 120.

Health is not in matter. It’s in Mind! To stay healthy, think in harmony with divine Mind and let Mind take care of the body.

Examine mind more frequently, the body less, and you’ll more readily preserve health.

12 thoughts on “Make a spiritual checklist for health”

  1. Thank you Evan. So helpful. Was led to this passage from Science and Health today (p 91) ‘The Revelator tells us of ‘a new heaven and new earth’. Have you ever pictured this heaven and earth, inhabited by beings under the control of supreme wisdom?’
    How wonderful to know that each and every one is under this control. I am filled with gratitude and joy !

  2. Moral conditions will be found always harmonious and health-giving.
    SH 125:5-6
    From Concord Express – A Christian Science Study Resource: The King James Version of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s published writings
    Wonderful perspective on health, Evan. Thank you for reminding me that true health is a spiritual condition. How am I today? Letting God answer that question for me!

  3. Lovely post… If thoughts are filled with love, purity, compassion, calmness, forgiveness and happiness the health too is perfect.
    To keep fit and trim, shedding all extra weight of anger, aggressiveness, tensions, stress, grudges, animosity, bitter feelings, pride, ego is very essential.
    Mrs Eddy mentions “You take the best care of your body when you keep it out of your thought” So then where should our focus be? On nurturing and nourishing our Soul.. Our spiritual sense and lifting our thoughts to Truth, Life and Love. Keeping our thoughts aligned with God always ensures God Health.

  4. Nergish, came back to reread this post. Your comment about keeping fit and trim by shedding all extra weight of anger, etc. is PROFOUND! Thank you , I am sharing that with a friend who worries and fusses about her weight (unnecessarily). Thank you Evan and all for this post and great comments today. Blessings all!

  5. I too reread Nergish’s post & will share with my friend! Thanks ever so much & of course Evan, you are spot on as usual!

  6. How great to be able to tune in to this blog when beginning one’s day. Thank you Evan for this unselfish activity. We are all blessed by being uplifted with these “thoughts for the day.” God bless you, Evan, and all who participate in these healthy, healthy giving posts. Keep them coming!

  7. Your comments today are so “spot-on”. what a wonderful way to ready ones’ thoughts and attitudes to bless oneself and the world. I’m so grateful to you for sharing your inspiration.

  8. I am so grateful for Spiritview every morning. Thank you for all the love expressed a bright and shining light every day.

  9. Thank you, Evan, for this great reminder! Our health checklist has nothing at all to do with matter—I like that! Love to all….

  10. I am very grateful for your post and the comments, though reading in the early evening. I’m in the process of moving and my computer is in my new home. I am sleeping at my daughter’s where I study and read the lesson in the morning to start the day right, and then read my emails later in the day at my new home when I need a break from unpacking. The helpful ideas on health are just what I need for the strength to accomplish everything that must be done. Thanks to all!

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