Make the most of today

January 30, 2019 | 10 comments

“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.”

~ Alexander Woollcott

10 thoughts on “Make the most of today”

  1. I love this message and I had it proved to me last year!

    We were looking after my daughter’s beautiful dog over the two weeks of the Easter holidays. When we have the dog I like to clear my diary as much as I can to make the most of walking opportunities. We had been invited out for Easter Sunday lunch at a family member’s house where the dog was welcome too and as I woke up on Easter Saturday morning I said to myself “I am really looking forward to tomorrow!”.

    Then a still small voice said to me “What about today?”. I felt rebuked and reminded that each day is special and an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually!

    The dog enjoys each day as it comes and having her with us is a reminder to do the same. I always learn spiritual lessons when she comes to stay!

    1. Dily’s my dogs too are always a strong part of my spiritual growth and learning as well. Usually simple, but powerful lessons. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Evan and Dilys! When I looked forward to something as a youngster, I’d spend the days leading up to it in suspended animation. Today, I renounce “waiting days” because every moment is precious. But yesterday I noticed I “wait out” days that are -0 F, 90+ F, or have predicted storms. If nothing else, these days are opportunities for gratitude and prayer.

  3. You betcha, Evan. God could not have created an iota against Himself. I depend daily on your spiritual post they make a great start to my day. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this good ‘View’, Evan – it is very good advice.

    I just looked back at yesterday’s message on healing, and was horrified to see that my comment said you had ‘started by DENYING that sickness is a lie’!! I did of course mean DECLARING! So sorry for that – I must have forgotten to check it. I don’t find the tiny print easy to read.

    1. Annepat, let me offer a solution to “tiny Print” on your computer screen, if you wish the print type to be larger and easier to read.
      On the piece/page you would like to enlarge, hold down the “Control” key, at the same time hold down the “+” key, and while continuing to hold the “Control” key down, tap on the + key as many time it takes for the print to enlarge, at the point where you can easily read the print. To lower the print, tap the “escape” key, to return the large print size to normal/tiny print.
      Reverse tapping the + key, by tapping the minus key to restore the small print size. Enlarging the print size temporarily takes more space on your computer file, so the file, if stored in large print, would take more space, but isn’t necessary to retain the large size print nor a larger file space.

  5. Thank you Evan, I love this short, sweet and powerful post! Currently I am not employed but am looking for a job. While I am in a fine financial position, I am very unaccustomed to not being extremely busy every day. A month or so ago I found myself wasting a lot of time each day. I realize that it didn’t feel good and that it’s not honoring God and his day. I’ve been working much more diligently to make sure I am being very productive and most importantly, using this valuable time to be learning more about God and my relationship to him/her. Instead of feeling bad for not currently working. I realized, what a luxury I have to be spending all this time growing in my spiritual understanding and to make sure I am doing just that! So very grateful for Christian Science and this wonderful SpiritView family.

    1. Hello,
      Trista, I’ve heard it said and read that “a Christian Scientist is never un employed, You are always employed by God, to do His work.”
      Many times I’ve been un-employed lacking a paid position, but never found a time God’s work wasn’t needing to be done. Great lifts have occurred between those paid jobs.

  6. Great Topic! Thanks, Evan and Commenters! Someone posed this Question recently at a Meeting: “Do You Thank God for your Problems?” Wow! Do we really get to pick and choose what We deem is Good or Bad….?? If/When I turn my Will and my Life over to God each Day, (really each Moment..) then whatever comes into my Experience is a Blessing. When confronted with something she didn’t relish dealing with, a Friend of mine used to roll her eyes and say: “Guess What I Get To Learn!” We’re not in charge……God is! Every moment God is giving us opportunities to get to know Him/Her better….Who are We to judge if they are Good or Bad? Who are We to just want the Ones we like?

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