A quick healing of illness

January 29, 2019 | 23 comments

A couple of days after Christmas, one of my family members was scheduled to fly back home that afternoon. But when he awoke in the morning, he was so ill, it didn’t look like there was any way he could take a flight, let alone leave the house with dominion over the body.

As I prayed for his health, I knew that the picture of sickness was a lie about him. He was not a sick man, but a healthy and well child of God. What the material senses depicted was not his truth to live out and express. Through a higher understanding of his true individuality in Spirit, the sickness could be reversed and replaced with a picture of health and wellness, I knew.

I kicked the image of illness out of mind and let the truth about his spiritual individuality take its place.

I knew he lived in Mind, where there is only good happening. In the environment of Mind, there is no dangerous germ, virus or bacteria. There is no contagion to fear, but the omnipresence of Love to reflect, express and enjoy.

This man had never been exposed to anything harmful. His health was not fickle, variable or susceptible to loss. Health was a permanent part of his being that had never been lost.

He was not a suffering mortal, but an invincible immortal.

There was no reason for him to suffer, but there were multiple spiritual reasons for him to be well.

I continued to know that he was not governed by chance, other people’s fears, or a so-called seasonal illness. He was a spiritual man, governed by God, protected by Love and empowered by Truth to be well and to stay well.

After finding my peace about his enduring spiritual perfection with God, an hour later he was in the kitchen gathering some food to eat, which was huge progress. His strength returned quickly. The functions of his body returned to normal, and we took him to the airport that afternoon in very happy spirits and sound health.

Christian Science is awesome. It gives us a ready means to keep our health intact and leave illness behind.

23 thoughts on “A quick healing of illness”

  1. Thank you Evan! I recently read an interview of three teachers of Christian Science on JSH-Online in which there was the following exchange:
    …if I were to call you and say, “Would you please pray for me?”—you would be thinking about what God is knowing about me, right?

    Yes! I was just going to say, it’s a discipline. When you first learn this method, it’s …

    Counterintuitive to the world’s way of thinking.

    Well … yes, it’s learning to think from God, not about God. How does God see this situation? This individual? You don’t start with the problem; you start with where and what God is, and go from there.
    I loved that description of Christian Science treatment as “thinking about what God is knowing” and “learning to think from God, not about God”. This testimony Evan shared with us today illustrates that method of “knowing what God is knowing” about a situation that reveals harmony and healing right where discord and illness may have appeared to exist. So let’s all “think like God is thinking” today!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing how you worked on this healing, Evan, giving us an insight into the practice of Christian Science. You started by denying that sickness is a lie, and were confident that it could be reversed, replacing it with the truth of his real being. You dismissed all possible so-called causes of sickness, leaving Truth to heal the situation. I found this step by step analysis most helpful.

  3. Such an inspiration every time I read of or experience a healing such as the one shared by Evan. The power is One, and only One. There is no power in anything whatsoever that can turn our reality around. Man is the perfect reflection of a perfect Original! Nothing has the the intelligence, power or substance to convince us, or even suggest to us, of any other separate creator or creation. Evan I loved that you “kicked the image of illness out…”, that’s exactly the treatment it warrants.
    Thank you for the daily manna you share with us.
    Much love to all our precious SpiritView family and especially to you dear Evan.

  4. I so much love when you share your experiences and especially how you pray, how you go about it and how you change your thinking. This is so helpful and inspiring. My gratitude to you is immense, Evan!

  5. Thank you Evan for sharing this healing. You made it very clear on holding thought on God’s man. Thank you to those sharing the comments especially ” think from God and what is God knowing “.

  6. Thank you Evan for sharing your wonderful treatment. These are very helpful truths to apply to government and church as well. Thanks again for sharing and all those who have commented. bee.

  7. Thank you Evan. I went to California to visit my son and his wife for Thanksgiving and ended up missing my flight because I couldn’t stop throwing up! I’m so grateful for your negating this suggestion of vulnerability. I knew that it wasn’t true but I did not get dominion over it in time to make my flight. However the airline was so gracious and did not charge me a rescheduling fee! My kids were wonderfully supportive and I felt embraced in love in spite of the discomfort

  8. What a wonderful treatment, Evan! Thank you so much for sharing. I especially loved your kicking the mortal picture out of thought! In Jesus’ words, “Get thee hence satan!”

    Thank you for sharing! So inspired and inspiring!

  9. Thank you. I read an article lately about a person who was taught that switching thought is done all the time. When we close our eyes and see a blue object and then change to thinking about and seeing a green object. It’s instantaneous. Your comment about kicking out the material and replacing it with the spiritual helps with this analogy.

  10. Once again, Brian, I can’t thank you enough for providing the link to that wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring article. I have shared it with others.

  11. Thank you deeply dear Evan for giving us so freely and lovingly your wonderful testimony and explaining us so crystal clear how you prayed metaphysically. It is so healing and helpful. I printed it out, as my neigbor is thinking she is not well, so I can pray for her, just knowing the truth also for her and for me and for all the neigbors. Yes, that`s right, Christian Science is awsome; and am grateful that God sent us Mrs. Eddy to reveal it to us, giving us a ready means to heal us completely and to keep our health intact and leave illness behind, as Evan said in the last sentence so assuringly. That is such a blessing SpiritView!!
    And thank you Brian for the link to that gorgeous article from the CS Sentinel, printed it out for reading in a quiet moment.
    And thank you all for your so good comments – Love to all!

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