Making choices

July 9, 2019 | 25 comments

“When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.”

~ William James

For best results, make choices that lead you down the most progressive spiritual path.

25 thoughts on “Making choices”

  1. Many, many years ago, a friend voiced the same idea & I accepted the truth of the statement. I had been on the “fence” about being a committed CS. I “leaped” off, and never looked back. I’m so grateful for each & every day in God’s Kingdom Thank U, Evan, for your sharing each day…& Mrs. Eddy for giving the world Christian Science.

  2. The ability to make decisions quickly, once one’s options are known, is a known characteristic of successful people. When we are “prayed up” it is not hard to know the right choice of the moment. Mrs. Eddy wrote, “To decide quickly as to the proper treatment of error — whether error is manifested in forms of sickness, sin, or death — is the first step towards destroying error.
    (SH 463:21–24)”

  3. The other day I had this thought come to me. It went like this:

    When confronted with the choice between good and evil, choose the good.
    When confronted with the choice between spirit and matter, choose the spirit.
    When confronted with the choice between love and hate, choose love.
    When confronted with the choice between atonement and pantheism, choose atonement

    there are more, of course, but I think you get the idea. At first these choices seem to be obvious choices which are extremely over simplified, but after thinking about this a little while, I realized; ‘How often have I taken the wrong choice in each of these situations unwittingly. Then I realized that these choices are simple but real until we gain the true spiritual understanding when they are no longer choices but the constancy of being in life itself.

  4. My dad always said the most important thing in life is to make decisions. He was a “natural” Christian Scientist, not a church member. He used to say even if you’re wrong, it’s not the end of the world. MBE says something similar, as does Dickey in the article “God’s Law of Adjustment.” MBE writes in Miscellaneous Writings, “The good cannot lose their god, their help in times of trouble. If they mistake the divine command, they will recover it, countermand their order, retrace their steps, and reinstate His orders, more assured to press on safely.” Page 10. What comes to me in thinking about Evan’s blog is that making a decision impels you forward, even if it turns out to be a zig-zag course, while doing nothing keeps you from progress. It’s usually fear that keeps us from making decisions, so it should be natural for Christian Scientists to be decisive.

  5. This discussion of choice brings up the question of free will and grace. In the mainstream Christianity of which I am currently a part, God’s grace does all the work. When making a choice, I trust God to take my hand and lead me in the right direction. How does God’s grace work in Christian Science? Do I make each choice all by myself, without God’s help? If Christ Jesus is my Wayshower, does He just point me to where I need to go and then not give me any help to get there?

    I don’t think I can single-handedly lift my thoughts to a God’s eye view and experience healing. God has to lift those thoughts for me, or it’s not going to happen! 🙂 God will have to put me on His shoulders and take me through the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven. How does Christian Science understand grace?

    1. I love your thoughtful comments and question, Ashpenaz! Mrs. Eddy defines grace in “Christian Science versus Pantheism.” (p. 10:22-24) “. . . the grace of God — the effect of God understood.” (Understood is in italics.)

    2. Hi Ashpenaz,

      You bring up many good questions. Christian Science closes the gap you ponder by explaining that there is no separation between you and God . You and God are one, like water is wet. When we humanly feel lost, Christ is our Savior. Christ is the hand of God at work in the human experience guiding thought back to God where freedom is found. Christ is the grace of God at work on our behalf ensuring we all find our oneness with God where there is no sense of gap any longer. And everyone will find their oneness with God, one way or the other. Truth always has the final say.

  6. AMEN, Ashpenaz!!

    We can of our own selves do nothing! (As Christ Jesus said of himself)

    Mrs. Eddy tells us “Progress is the law of God.”

    And, as we all know, God’s man really has no “choices” but to choose ALL GOOD, ALWAYS.

    This comforts me.

  7. Beautiful comments from all, especially loved Ashpenez’s comment of letting God take you by the hand and lead you! It is Christ that lifts us to healing and leads us down right paths based on an understanding of our oneness with God and the everpresent love of God.

    1. I really like the way Mrs. Eddy connects grace and truth. It’s not so much that Jesus gives me His hand to lift me out of the pit, it’s that He turns on the light and I see I was never in a pit in the first place! 🙂 And He reminds me God can’t even create pits for me to fall in–it’s just not in His nature.

  8. Beautiful timing for good to reign. Just ready to lead a Board meeting at church. All the above lifts my thought higher and clearer to see God’s view.
    Full of gratitude to you all.

  9. When I look at the foto above seeing that individual looking which way to take, metaphysically I would choose the way in Christian Science. That is the way Christ Jesus and of course Mary Baker Eddy showes us. Both through their works and words! This way going with God’s guidance leads to bliss, healing, deliverance and real success through the Christ. It’s really the best way!

    Thank you, Evan for today’s wonderfully simple and interesting SpiritView !

  10. Thanks, everyone!
    I love these daily conversations and responses, and the beautiful photo images.
    So many fresh insights –inspiring and healing ideas,
    new ways to look at long- cherished CS concepts.
    Ashpenaz, I loved your questions yesterday and again today.
    The idea of GRACE is one that deeply resonates with me when I tend to get caught up in personal “to do” lists or feeling like , Ok, God gives me the ideas I need, but now I”ll just move ahead on “my own.”
    No! That approach eventually leads me back from personal efforts of trying to do stuff, to the idea of Love’s”sweet control, ” of GRACE.
    I like to think of it as G-R-A-C-E…
    God’s Restful Activity Controlling Everything! (also calming, comforting, coordinating, everything)
    God is the DO=er, and I’m the DO-ee (reflection of God’s doing. ) I am enjoying once again today remembering, “man is but the humble servant of the restful Mind.” (see S&H, p 119).
    So grateful !

    1. Thank You Evan and Clare for this exquisite definition of GRACE liken to the creative bliss of restful Mind on the 7th day of Creation. Everything is under the sweet control of Perfect Mind -Our Creator who sees only good and completeness in us experiencing His unfoldment to our lives.

  11. Love all your comments! Something I’ve been working with is S&H 4:3-5: “What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love, and good deeds.” Love to all!

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