Master hot temperature with Mind

August 8, 2018 | 24 comments

Is the weather unusually hot where you live? Is that thermometer creeping up to highs that feel unbearable? If so, it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate dominance over hot weather by understanding the truth about temperature.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Heat and cold are products of mortal mind” (Science and Health, p. 374). Hot and cold temperatures are not spiritual realities to be feared. They are beliefs of mortal mind to be mastered.

In Truth, we live in God’s universe where living conditions are always promotive of health and on-going harmony. The “temperatures” of God’s determining never inflict harm or produce suffering. They are the perfect setting for abounding life and buoyant happiness.

So, if tempted to believe temperature is causing you to suffer, honor mortal mind less and divine Mind more. See that divine Mind alone governs your state of being and keeps you in a balanced state that is most promotive of health and happiness.

Don’t consult the weather forecast to see how happy you’re going to be. Consult spiritual truth and know that you are happy now and every day no matter what the thermometer reads.

You are not governed by temperature. You are governed by God!

24 thoughts on “Master hot temperature with Mind”

  1. I’m going to start to consult spiritual truth and not the weather forecast before I go to bed. Thank you very much, why don’t I think of these things?

  2. When living in Malawi, Africa, we often needed to handle beliefs about weather and temperature. In our first year there, we often experienced violent storms with damaging lightning that felled trees and created scary fireballs. When we realized these were conditions of mortal mind, we were able to spiritually know that Mind is always expressing harmony and His man was the only creation, obedient to Mind, never required to bow to turbulent human politics or mortal conditions. And when praying about droughts we realized that there is never a drought on the flow of Mind’s ideas when dealing with whatever presented itself in our day to day experiences, as Mind’s ideas are flowing ceaselessly. There never is a time when we are required to accept mortal mind’s interpretation of what we are confronted with … there is always God’s true way of seeing it. We lived there for 18 years and never experienced a drought again, neither in all the places we’ve lived in since.

    1. Faye I love this idea…….”there is never a drought on the flow of Mind’s ideas”. We need to know this urgently for our farmers here in Australia at the moment. Thank you for your inspiring account about man’s DOMINION. I guess also we can know that as in Genesis 1, God gave man dominion (stewardship and care) over the fish, animals etc but that dominion surely also extends to climatic situations… otherwise why was it so important that not only did Jesus walk on water, but Peter did oo…UNTIL HE BECAME AFRAID……we must be aware of all God’s constant power and our dominion.

  3. These same truths can handle a hot temperament. Anger and frustration are products of mortal mind. When we turn our attention to divine Mind, Love the desire to be angry or frustrated is replaced by rationality and peace.

  4. This is all so powerful, so needed. Thank you Evan, thank you Loren and thank you Fay, especially. That African experience is downright profound.
    Isn’t fire anger and hatred? Instead of being inflamed with injustice, adding fuel to evil’s claim of destroying good, we can be baptized in the cooling immersion of loving and living Truth, and see our communities baptized in God’s everlasting dominion.

    I once found myself completely unscathed after boiling oil splattered on my hand when I turned from it with the conviction, “you can’t burn God, you can’t burn me.”
    No. Love, Truth, Mind, remain forever intact, forever omnipotent, forever the infinite all.

  5. Wonderful explanation about Mind & the weather. Always benefit from all the bloggers that follow Spiritview & share comments & insights. Each day I’m enriched by our conversations. Ty, Evan, for your unfailing inspiration. It was suggested last night at our quarterly meeting that we handle weather as Mrs Eddy often pointed out. This reminder surely does. Again, ty everyone

  6. what an inspirational post ……I once was walking in terribly cold windy weather and a professor tore open his coat and thrust his chest out triumphantly and said “Tricia, you must bear the cold!!” and I have always thought of that…how it is such a choice how we see the weather….you can hide from the rain or splash in its puddles and look for a rainbow……

  7. What inspiring thoughts and insights this morning. Can’t thank everyone enough! Putting God into the weather or any hot issue is always where our point of focus should be. God is the only power and presence 100% of the time!

  8. Ahh, Yes, weather, fires, Climate Change…..! My favorite definition of Fire in Glossary, Science & Health is: …. …; “affliction purifying and elevating man”. So much purifying and elevating going on now in California, the USA and on our beloved Planet Earth. Also, the definition of Earth: “To material sense, earth is matter; to spiritual sense, it is a compound idea.” If we think of our Earth (or our bodies) as made of matter…well then sure, they can be destroyed. But if we follow Mrs. Eddy’s leading and “let Christian Science, instead of corporeal sense, support your understanding of being…” then we can handle and heal any so-called destruction of our bodies or of the Earth. Not an easy task, but Hey, we as Christian Scientists have the answer – we need to get to work!!

  9. I had thought at first you were writing about hot tempers. ha Once again I am reminded that God is All and All including the weather. I still do think about our stewardship of the earth and animals. Perhaps climate change is something we can change as we remember the foundation of spirit we stand on and be responsive as good stewards of this earth but start from the truth and who is in charge, not mortal mind.

  10. Thank you! Just what I needed today! Hot and cold temperatures are just beliefs of mortal mind. We live in God’s universe of harmony, peace, and joy!

  11. Going to school in the early to late 50s in Beverly Hills we experienced a lot of smog. My mom taught me that, that only meant See More Of God. I know my eyes were never irritated when playing or swimming in the pool, nor today in smoke.
    SMOG is permanent and effective. I am so grateful for a firm foundation in Christian Science.

    Evan and all Spirit-viewers that you for your healing comments, thank you.

  12. My sister was riding her bike through a park a few years back on a frosty day that was 0 degrees. She saw a homeless man shivering on a park bench. With such compassion, she took off her down jacket and covered the man. Then she got back on her bike and, where before she was freezing even with her jacket on, now she was warm all the way back home. Divine Love in action.

  13. Thank you for today’s thoughts. Reminds me of an experience related to me of a man camping overnight on a mountain when exceptionally cold weather rolled in – not expected at that time of year, and he did not have the warm clothing required. He realised he did not need to accept that the weather could harm him, and was not troubled by the cold.

  14. Just the thought that I needed as we have been experiencing a heat wave in So. California with no relief in sight. What outstanding comments, all so thoughtful. I especially liked Fay’s as my brother lived in Nigeria for about 3 years – he just enjoyed the people and the country side. One of the people attending our weekly Bible lesson group is frequently commenting on droughts. I will share this with him.

  15. When my husband was teaching in a country area far from the city we had two paddocks surrounding the school house. We milked two cows each day , raised calves and sent cream to the local factory.
    One morning my husband discovered that a new calf, born during the night, was lying in water where a small stream flowed .
    We rang a Christian Science practitioner.. She declared “God’s creation is always safe in God’s tender love and constant care.”. That little calf survived to become a healthy ,sturdy animal.

  16. thank you dear Evan for another great lesson, and this time about the importent topic of our dominance over hot weather.

    Yes in Germany and Europe there is unnatural hot weather.

    That’s the importance, to honore mortal mind less and divine mind more, or better honor divine mind only!

    How very comforting is that Truth Evan gave us at the end of this wonderful SpiritView, name
    ly ”we are not governd by temperature , we are definitely governed by God!”

    When I read this so helpful SV I immediately applied the Truths Evan mentioned above today, and I did not worry too much about the heat although I sweated. For me it was God’s day, and in the evening had a good, inspiring testimony meeting – thank you God for being with us!

    Thank you all dear SpiritView friends for your so interesting and lovely comments, so helpful, too!

  17. In “We Knew Mary Bake Eddy” expanded edition vol. II, Mrs. Eddy talks about weather in a few places.

    Check out pages 111, 114, 117, 127.

    Thank you to all.

  18. Thank you Evan and thank you all for the wonderful, helpful, inspiration today. The thoughts expressed here are a real force for good in the world. Bless you all!

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