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I just read an intriguing article in the April 17, 2008, Christian Science Monitor, titled “She’s got a date for you,” about a professional matchmaker who puts men and women together, and for no modest fee–$4800, if you’re curious.

I prefer to trust the matchmaking skills of the one Mind, divine Love, to bring the right Joe together with the right Jane, but the views of the career matchmaker interviewed, Julie Ferman, from Brentwood, CA, where illuminating, none-the-less.

This quote by her especially caught my eye…

The toughest clients aren’t fat or bald. They’re the unhappy ones looking for a relationship to make them happy. “They think that’s all that is lacking from their lives – the right person,” says Ferman. They’re impossible to please because they’re looking for a panacea, not a person.

“You have to come to this party as a satisfied, loving person, able to see what’s right in human beings instead of what’s wrong. That’s where success is,” she says. “It’s much more about being a loving, happy person than about finding a loving, happy person.”

From what I’ve seen in people searching for love in the “right person,” these are profound words of wisdom, I would say.

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