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January 8, 2020 | 19 comments

“How can I put the past behind me?” many people have wondered who agonize over something unfortunate that happened in their previous years.

One answer is to understand that all good flows freely and abundantly from God here and now. It did not evaporate yesterday.

Mortal mind wants to materialize our good and then decree it lost or out of our reach because of adverse material circumstances in the past. This might appear in the form of a missed job promotion, a lost financial opportunity, a valued relationship gone awry, or a loved one passing on unexpectedly. While these experiences can feel devastating to the one going through them, there is a higher spiritual sense to be gained that can pull that devastated sense up to a much higher level where material loss is replaced with spiritual gain.

For instance, with God, there are no missed job promotions. God’s economy provides endless opportunity for every conscientious worker to thrive and succeed in the work God has appointed them to do. If human sense believes there was a loss in one corner of this economy, spiritual sense will find a greater gain elsewhere. If one feels they are suffering financially today because of actions taken by them, or others, yesterday, it’s an opportunity to see riches coming directly from God that are never lost, misused, stolen or wiped out. With God, it doesn’t take time to be wealthy. Inspiration is wealth, and one is free to experience boundless inspiration today! If it feels like a loved one’s passing has left an empty hole in one’s life, it’s opportunity for that hole to fill up with love for the truth about that individual, that they are alive and well and thriving with God in Spirit. And that’s exactly what they expect you to be doing too! It’s where everyone meets, eventually, and moves ahead in eternity hand in hand. Knowing this truth dissolves selfish want to hold a child of God in matter, rather than letting that material sense of them go, and finding them in Spirit which is where they always were to begin with. The same place you’ve always been too!

Yesterday does not limit today, and today belongs to God. Live today and move on from yesterday. You’ll find a much happier path before you.

19 thoughts on “Move on from yesterday”

  1. This is wonderful Evan! Exactly what I need to hear and work with….to be free of ;yesterday in so many aspects.. Thank you again for sharing with us the inspiration that comes to you! So true,,,
    “What blesses one, blesses all”! Happy day of inspiration to everyone! 🙂

  2. Honestly I have lost count of the so-called crises in my life… divorces, lost my house twice and all my belongings once, lost 4 terrific well paid jobs that I loved to computers, Unable to work at all for 2 years but with 2 young kids to support..the list goes on and on..but I prayed my way through it all with what I understood of Christian Science and the incredible good that came my way over and over again in so many unusual forms, is absolutely inspiring…..and when I think of it I am still amazed 20 years on….it took me such a long time to be able to look back on “the bad times” with gratitude for the lessons I learnt and how it was proved irrefutably that God, Good protects and guides His children always,, IF they just listen and obey the directions that come to us through turning to God. One day I desperately asked God “WHYYY do these things keep happening to me!? Im not a bad person!” And immediately the answer came, “So you can learn and help others later on. ” And guess what, that is exactly what has happened many times over. Materializing our good limits it severely, but knowing that God has unlimited possibilities and let go of the idea that we have to know the how, where and why…..we only have to trust and wait, “Never doubting” as MBE says. All those proofs over about 30 years have given me ABSOLUTE confidence that there is nothing impossible to God!

    1. Thank you for sharing and never giving up on God, Good, but pressing on with the Truth of your life as a reflection of Life. Your God, Good was there all along and you know it!

  3. Was not going to comment till the last entry. Thank you!!! I just recently said it’s been to long. Why???? And realized I am not a “bad” person. Unfortunately it was the beginning of all my problems, this thinking I was bad. Good is everywhere it does not exclude me or anyone else and God is good.

  4. Pretty sure Christian science doesn’t teach that bad things happen to you just so you can experience good afterwards, God loves you and gives you good now, without any conditions !

  5. Diane W. – many thanks for your “testimony”! It’s very encouraging and I really appreciate your sharing it with us.

  6. Thank you Evan and All. Lately I’ve been realizing how easy it can be to be a “2-thinker” instead of a “one-thinker”. The belief of mortal/material existence includes pairs of opposites, such as good/bad, plenty/lack, health/sickness, love/hate, etc. A 2-thinker accepts those pairs of opposites as their reality and experiences both. But the Lord’s prayer includes the line “Hallowed be Thy name” and Mrs. Eddy gave us the spiritual interpretation of that line as “Adorable One”. So a one-thinker thinks out from the standpoint of God and God’s idea (effect) as the ONLY (one) reality. And a one-thinker realizes any discord that seemed to happen in the past is just an illusion of the belief that there exists something besides the one God Therefore, more and more I now no longer accept the temptation that I experienced something bad in the past, but then eventually I figured out how to cause good to flood in to improve the situation. I now realize any past difficult experience was just a mistaken belief (dream) in the opposite of God, it was the illusion of 2-thinking. By switching to one-thinking I know that good was always present and it only took REALIZING that good was already present for that good to be experienced. It is only by knowing that we have ALWAYS been held in God’s love that we can really free ourselves from the memory of a bad yesterday.

  7. Thank you, Evan, and all. Many inspirational comments. I have found that by staying in an attitude of gratitude I no longer experience “bad”. God is ALL, God is GOOD, therefore, ALL is GOOD!

  8. Thank you Evan and all for your comments. Very interestink! The substance of these ideas of thinker 1 and thinker 2 has been played out throughout human history. We are constantly confronted with the experience of the human world where that experience is much like that of a mirror collecting dust and our duty is to wipe the mirror clean everyday. The truth is that in spiritual reality there is no dust. At a much deeper level there can only be the one good, but until we unfold the recognition of that reality in our lives, it is not wrong to wipe the mirror clean every moment of every day. Wiping the mirror clean does not take us away from the truth but promotes its and prepares us for that unfolding. Yet the truth is that there is no dust.

  9. Evan, thank you! I also appreciate all the comments and inspiration shared by everyone. Here’s a great “New Year’s Resolution”–to acknowledge only the good as the reality, every moment of each day. With much appreciation!

  10. Many thanks to all of you who have commented sharing your healings and inspiring thoughts. What a great family we have here.

  11. “T h i s is the day, God has made.
    Let us rejoyce and be cheerful in it!”
    Not looking back sorrowful but looking forward for more progress in loving God and our fellowman as ourself.
    Thank you very much, Evan for today’s so very comforting SpiritView, to leave old material baggage behind and step into newness of spiritual, joyful Life.

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