God gets the job done best

January 9, 2020 | 13 comments

Have you ever felt stuck? Stymied? Feeling like all your efforts to improve a troubled situation are getting you nowhere?

Take heart. There is a new approach that may bring better results.

Put human will aside and let God’s will be done.

There isn’t anything you can do humanly that is better than what God can accomplish spiritually. Give God a chance to work His way, and amazing things can happen.

God gets the job done best of all!

“…with God everything is possible” Matthew 19:26, NLT

13 thoughts on “God gets the job done best”

  1. We should not just give God a chance to work His way, but really let Him accomplish everything for us, so as Evan says: God gets the job done best! And actually, God, our divine Father-Mother, is the only power, who can do our job perfectly and without fail!
    Thank you so very much, Evan for your today´s so timely, comforting, needed and uplifting SpiritView thought!

  2. Excellent reminder. “March we forth in the strength of God with the banner of Christ unfurled.” (Hymn 82, CS Hymnal.)

  3. Yes! God gets the job done best because God’s already done it!
    “Science reveals the possibility of achieving all good, and sets mortals at work to discover what God has already done” . . . (SH 260) Perfect God, perfect man. The definition of ‘perfect’ is “Brought to consummation or completeness;” We reflect God’s completeness. So our work is the utterly humbling task of discovering, the complete health, holiness, provision, solutions always and forever here in Truth and Love.

  4. Amen to that! Stolen property was just recovered in an awesome way yesterday by acknowledging that God knew were it was all along. The All-Seeing, All-Knowing, didn’t let us down, although material sense tried to convince us that it was a hopeless situation. God is indeed the ONLY solution to solving puzzling situations. I’m humbled and grateful beyond measure!!!!

  5. I have felt stuck, but when I receive God’s best, I am struck with awe, every time. Seeing God’s best result in health, instant recovery of a lost “something”, peace restored from conflict, and enjoying activity after feeling restricted are true blessings, naturally occurring. Thank God, and deep gratitude for Evan pointing the way UP!

  6. Thank you once again, dear Evan, for your true, and somehow always timely, spiritual reminders. Especially significant for me today is your advice to “Put human will aside and let God’s will be done.”

  7. Life is one continuous job. The job as I see it is the fundamental task of our work in destroying error. Letting God do the work is expressing His silent direction in each challenging situation. The end result is an unfolding of harmony.
    We’re the reflection of God We don’t just stand back and watch without prayer or effort, but are enlisted to lessen sickness, sin and death. Prayer is action! We don’t enter into a job without the correct tools. When we listen to that still small voice of direction, the correct course is directed.
    Then we always have the correct answer to completing a job. The best job I ever had was in my rear view mirror! Well done and completed.
    Then there was infinitely more to do. Always a different job. Always with the correct mental tools to do it right. Glorify God in all we say and do. Live the ideal as far as we understand it. Get the job of defeating error done. It’s all good….

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