Move on to Life, not death

November 24, 2020 | 50 comments

A gentleman in advanced years who had grown weary and tired of living said to me, “I’m ready to move on.” Meaning, he was ready to quit living here on earth and accept death as a progressive step.

As I listened to his story, I could see that he was giving up too easily and for the wrong reasons. He was laboring under a belief of weariness and tiredness, rather than rejoicing and celebrating life. The belief that death was going to improve his experience was illusion. It was a better understanding of Life as God that was going to improve his experience, put the bounce back in his step and get him enjoying life once again.

So, we had a conversation about “Moving on.”

I said, “Moving on is a great idea, but let’s move on to something positive. Let’s not resign to failure and wave a white flag of surrender to mortal suffering. Let’s conquer that suffering sense, demonstrate success and live Life to the fullest in the moment you are in. There is no other moment.

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,’ (Matt. 6:10, RSV) Jesus Christ taught us to pray.”

I continued, “If you ‘Move on,’ be sure it’s with an enlightened thought, an inspired point of view, and a correct understanding of Life as spiritual, filled with strength, energy, delight, joy, health and boundless freedom here and now.”

He quickly got the point and brightened immediately. The suffering lifted and he decided to “move on” to Life and make Life his friend instead of feeling like he had been a failure.

For the rest of us, moving on is great idea, but be sure to move on to something worth having. Death is not the prize we seek. Life is! Move on to Life and live, here and now! It’s the happiest path to walk.

50 thoughts on “Move on to Life, not death”

  1. What a great response! There was man in recent past who became an author of several books in his 90s. He said they were his most productive years. Another celebrated his centennial by riding his bicycle 100 miles. Another by climbing Mt. Fuji. A famous hornist was still traveling and giving Master classes at various universities at 102. We had a jovial man conduct our orchestra at 102. I once met a man in the Caucases in perfect health at 150; he carried my horn for me a mile to my hotel. These people are wonderful pioneers showing that life”s possibilities never diminish and inspiring all on the pathway past mortal illusion of age to bountiful energy and joy. I love them.

    1. Loren, thank you for these powerful examples of true freedom and expressions of Life’s enthusiasm and joy. I will share them w my sons and daughters-in-love on Thanks-Giving. Thank you, Evan, and all commenters for your inspirations!

  2. Thank you Evan, this is so timely again.
    We love your morning up-lifts.
    I’d like to share a favorite morning prayer
    written by a dear friend from our Ohio church:

    Father -Mother God,
    Show me the way to spend this day
    In glorifying Thee..
    Each thought and deed fulfill the need
    Thou hast this day for me.
    My love for Thee bring harmony
    in everything I do.
    Reflecting Thine, make wisdom mine.
    I will discern what’s true.
    Cast out all fear and close my ear
    to subtle error’s ways.
    Loved ones be blessed
    when I’ve expressed Love’s tenderness today.

    1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem Jan. The humble and loving message aligns my thinking immediately on God’s side and adds a bounce to my step!

    2. (I just tried to send a reply to Jan and it disappeared for whatever reason), but wanted to say what a lovely poem and thank you for sharing it, along with all of the other comments of Life and Love to Evan’s inspiring message this morning.
      In a world that seems so uncertain and challenging these days, things can sometimes seem overwhelming and these uplifting
      thoughts are an every day Thanks Giving of putting our thoughts in the right pathway of comfort and inspiration.

    3. How lovely!
      Many thanks to you and each one of the precious contributors, initiated and inspired by Evan’s always right, original concept!
      When I first began reading today’s post, my thought was that this was something which wouldn’t be if much use to me. How wrong I was!!
      Love to all!

    4. That’s beautiful! Can you post the name of the author? I’d like to share it, but would prefer to do so giving credit to the person who wrote it.


  3. “Thank you” doesn’t begin to cover it, but “Thank you Evan” is a good start. These thoughts are timely for turning things around for me too. With Much Good for You and Yours.

  4. Thank you Jan for that inspiring poem and Loren for those wonderful examples. And most of all to you Evan for these daily lifts. You are a marvel!

  5. Your post this morning has answered a lot of questions that have been floating around!
    Very many thanks to you,?Evan!

  6. Thank you Loren for the inspiring stories of those marvelous Spirit-minded folks of ripe years enjoying eternal now. As Evan said, “…live life to the fullest in the moment you are in. There is no other moment.” Powerful.

    And thanks Jan for sharing that poem. Full of simple humility, just what I needed.

    Regarding weariness: “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31 ). Gratitude to Evan and SpiritViewers for your presence and all you share!

    1. So grateful Rose for the antidote to weariness from Isaiah. You lifted my thought up where it needs to be as I face a challenge today, and turns my thought to God as I face down error and celebrate LIFE! THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, woke me up, I rose from sleep a minute ago. God’s protection and strength are his will surrounding me always.

      1. Glad that quote ftom Isaiah was helpful. Your challenge will be handled with joy and dissolve into nothingness as you move on in His care!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Angie, as I give you a high five and hello for linking the article today. Reading the article sets the day up right while facing a challenge, to express joy while doing it.

      1. & Thanks for sharing your eagerness in radiating your Joyous being : -)

        ‘…He knows the way He taketh,
        & I will walk with Him…’
        [Hymn 148]

  7. “Death is not the prize we seek. Life is!” That is so true. Nobody really wants death, what they want to experience is the true sense of what Life is (and they think they’ll receive that after passing on).
    Thank you Evan for another amazing Spiritview message and to Jan for sharing the lovely poem!

  8. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! Thank you for the wonderful message today about moving on in the right direction. Best message for Thanksgiving ever!

  9. Yes, thank you Evan is not enough for the blessing this blog really is ! and thanks to you, all contributors, for the prayer shared by Jan, the examples given by Loren and the wonderful article from Angie. Yes, joy is a built‐in quality in everyone. First today’s comment from Linda was perfect : awesome. Have all a blessed Thanksgiving !

  10. A wonderful dialog today. I truly should have had this message in times when many were passing.
    I’m so happy to have it on hand now, along with the other inspired writings here on SpiritView.
    Thank you for hosting Evan, Thank you all for your contributions today.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  11. What boundless joy you have all shared today! This week I lost a really good friend but you have busted the myth for me as a response to Evan yet again bringing our thought back to Gods plan for us all! I am uplifted by your comments everyone and would like to add
    ‘ God doesn’t see the the dark you’re not,
    He only sees the Star you are!’
    This is a quote from a poem …’How much does God love me” by Sarah H Hunter.
    So grateful Evan for your daily guidance❣️

  12. wow! not only is Evan’s post amazing….but the responses as well. I’m going to keep this current to reread & reread…lol

  13. Gratitude to EVAN & all…I needed the helpful thoughts on Life…
    Life is all God, Mind knows for his reflection…Happy Thanksgiving to all God’s children…

  14. Thank you very very much, dear Evan, for this comforting and uplifting SpiritView here with that joyful idea of God. This wonderful treatment and healing of this man`s need also helped me today. And as I remember there is a Bible verse so like this: ” I will not die but live and testify God`s wonderful works on me”
    And I am eager to move on, on the straight and narrow way leading us into all Truth, what the Bible promisses us.. The Christ is teaching and leading us, let us follow and rejoice, as it is Thanksgiving.

    Thank you Jan for that lovely poem and thank you Angie for the Link to that wonderful article! And thank you all for your loving comments!
    I know that in America Thanksgiving is a great celebration, not so very much in Germany. However our Hamburg branchchurch celebrates Thanksgiving with a Service in person in church. And I am looking forward to it. And I wish you all a very very happy Thanksgiving Celebration!!! With Love to all! 🙂

  15. I love every bit of this! Thank you Evan and all! Al always, thanks to Angie.
    I’m sending special blessings to Discouraged! Keep coming back to this site every day!

  16. Thank you for this perspective. I am often told not to expect much and accept the reality of aging into my last 3rd of Life. Well it will be with joy and thanks,

  17. These posts keep me moving forward. Thank you for your uplifting message today, Evan. I especially love Isaiah 40:31. This month is a bit tougher than years past due to the pandemic. My husband passed away 6 years ago just 2 days after Thanksgiving. Evan you had worked with him on a couple of occasions and we love you. Thank you to all the wonderful people on this post, you all are such a blessing to me every day. Much love to all fir a safe and loving Thanksgiving!

  18. Dear Discouraged,
    Don’t accept that label As I tell myself & kids if you can’t count your blessings,call a practitioner! The practitioner will help you pray to see yourself clearly….”The immortality of God makes man immortal.” Ax & H p.306: 7-8

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