Never lost with God

February 14, 2018 | 18 comments

A friend read the below quote on a t-shirt and shared it with me. I found it enlightening.

“Don’t let being lost take the fun out of where you are.”

God is everywhere, so we’re never lost. God is always with us.

If we ever think we’re lost, that’s the human mind forgetting about God’s presence. If it happens, we can lighten up, let go of fear, listen for Mind’s direction, and find our way forward. And we can have a good experience doing it, as the above insight points out.

18 thoughts on “Never lost with God”

  1. Yes of course, since God is everywhere, we can never be outside of His tender care, powerful protection, perfect guidance and loving embrace. And in the infinitude of God, lost we can never be.

    As we journey on in life, we hear ” I lost my mom”, “I lost my brother”. But lost they can not be when each and everyone lives, moves and has his/her being in God. Just because the person moves away from our sight, it does not mean the person is lost forever. A better way to put it is “My mom passed on” or “My brother passed on” since they pass on to another consciousness. I have read and believe that Death is not the end. Death is the beginning of a new life, in another state of consciousness. And as Mrs.Eddy says, we all meet again when we pass on to that consciousness, where our loved ones have gone. We can always presume they are not lost but they are on a holiday abroad…enjoying new views of God’s goodness.

    Even material objects which we claim to have lost, never can stray from God’s presence. These seemingly lost items are properly placed in the Divine Mind and we are guided to look exactly in the right place. I have always recovered my lost items through this understanding that “In God’s kingdom nothing can be lost”

    Thanks Evan for the daily spiritual feast which we truly relish. It certainly enriches our soul.

  2. Good day Evan and group. What a good reminder to try to have it in consciousness always. Sometimes it happens that when we get lost (somewhere or in some work, study, etc.) we get desperate, or panic and the result is that we can not enjoy that circumstance or think clearly. But, if in that moment we manage to abstract from the senses and feel the omnipresence of God, and we hear that voice of Love that says “Be still and know that I am God” we can feel happy there and accept the guidance of Omnipotence and reorganize in absolute peace. Excelent day for everyone.

  3. Nothing can be lost that is good. Not joy, not love, not health, not understanding, not abundance–they can never be lost. Not can we ever be lost as we walk with God. Loved your comments Nergish and Gustavo. Thinking about love today as in the U. S. it is Valentines Day. There are, as Negish pointed out, no lost loves. So grateful for this insight.

  4. Thank you Evan,
    and I simply would add to the t-shirt-sentence … because God is always there with us right where we are, whether we are conscious of it or not. In principle it is what Evan said.

    I had to read the t-shirt-sentence twice in order to understand it correctly.

    Thank you Evan for assuring us the permanent closeness of our Father-Mother God to his children being able, to know that all the time – so helpful and comforting!

    Thank you all three for your lovely comments who commented a bit earlier than I did ! 🙂

  5. We are never lost when we follow Truth and Love.

    “Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way.”
    SH 454:18-19

    Truth and Love are the compass. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Evan and Pals, each and every one of you, for this most inspired blog! Your beautifully clear thinking is so very helpful! For sure, you get it and I thank you for sharing your overflow!
    So grateful!
    Scattering Valentines love today and EVERY day!

  7. This makes me want to share a healing. Last year, I backpacked up Mt Adams with some friends, camped and the next morning we started to ascend. My friends decided to turn around and go back to base camp and I proceeded up myself (Mt Adams is not a technical climb-no crevices). After enjoying some incedible sights and exploring the top, I headed back down. Glissading is a fun way to rapidly descend and I enjoyed it slowing myself with my ice axe from time to time. As I glissaded down I thought I knew exactly where base camp was. However, when I stopped I did not see our tents-in fact, I did not see any tents. I thought, “This can’t be right” and headed for the rockpile to find a trail. No trails. Hmm. My cell phone battery was about depleted and no reception. From the human senses, my daylight might be limited. But, I knew I could not be lost in God’s kingdom. I knew it. I thought about what a park ranger had told me before the trip about getting my bearings and I looked at a mountain in the distance. That mountain should have been due South. Then, I looked at Mt Adams and from the view realized I was too far West. Across the snow and rock piles I went and then I spotted a tent, people, and a little further down were my friends. All really was well even though the human senses might report they were not.

    I also wanted to share what a park ranger had once said to me;
    I was asking her if there were trails I could follow and she said “There are lots of trails up there but some may have been made by someone who was lost. It is best to use your map and compass.” Well, that is some pretty good life advice too! Think of Truth and Love as the map and compass. 🙂

  8. I was thinking that t-shirt could also read. “Even if I don’t understand everything I will keep enjoying life.”
    Thank you all for sharing your comments and testimonies. They’re lovely. Thank you, Evan.

  9. Thanks especially to Kirsten for sharing your experience and to Nergish for this thought: “We can always presume they are not lost but they are on a holiday abroad…enjoying new views of God’s goodness.” What a joyous view this gives me of my husband who passed on several years ago. These blogs and comments by a wide range of individuals are such a blessing. Thanks to ALL!

  10. Wonderful blog as always Evan! Sure gets us thinking. (= Enjoyed all the inspired comments and testimony from Kirsten. Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day. <3

  11. Play music from
    the heart…
    Play life with it too…
    There is only beauty
    in our hearts…
    But it goes undetected
    until we drop any fear
    about feeling it…
    Trusting it…

    Getting to know it intimately
    by sitting with it, an observing,
    let’s us know our heart more
    Close examination reveals
    the hearts potential…

    There is only goodness in
    our hearts when all dreaming

    When we see how blessed
    Life is…how blessed we are…
    With life… awareness… intuition…
    connectedness with higher Mind…
    Our hearts melt into
    the furnace of Love purifying…
    A love that holds and
    While we let go of the dream
    of separation….

  12. Thank you, Evan, and all who posted today. Loved your testimony, Kirsten! When we have taken a “wrong” turn on trips, we always find new vistas. We can never lose our joy! We never “lose” our loved ones—they are always with us, and we can feel their love as they can feel ours. And I know, without a doubt, that we will see them again. MBE made it clear in speaking about Edward Kimball (MY 297)—very comforting words to me when my young husband passed on years ago.

  13. Thanks for this wonderful message! And special thanks to Kirsten for the testimony. Truly, relying on the senses never works. We have to turn to our always reliable compass, God.

    I’ve jokingly said that, rather than a career path, I’ve had a career meander. I’ve tried to let God lead me where I needed to be. While things have been somewhat frustrating, seeming to stall, I’ve found myself very grateful for the flexibility to be able to spend time with the older people in my life. I spent the last decade of Mom’s life living nearby, spending lots of time with her, and also developing a good relationship with Dad, which I never thought possible. More recently I was able to sit with and comfort a friend who was passing on. These are things I couldn’t have done, had I been able to stay where I was. They are priceless. God’s plan for me has led me where I need to be.

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