No limits on how much you can love

February 15, 2018 | 19 comments

It’s empowering to understand that one’s ability to love and reflect divine Love is without limit.

For instance, if a co-worker gets mad, you don’t have to get mad. You can love.

If a spouse is grumpy, you don’t have to get grumpy. You can love.

If a child is uncooperative, that doesn’t mean you have to get aggravated and perturbed. You can be patient and love.

If someone is mean to you, there is no obligation to react in kind. You can love them back.

You can always love!

Love is without limit. It is never exhausted, tired, worn out, or “dangling at the end of its rope.” God is Love. God is infinite. Love is infinite. There is always an abundance of divine Love to express.

No matter how much love you express you can never use it up. There is always more coming from God for you to express. Love is without end and it never ends.

Don’t let any trouble convince you that you’ve run out of love or the ability to love. You have not!

Love is not a human emotion that gets maxed out. Love is the ever-presence of God that perpetually comforts, guides and guards. God is always there for you 100%. And your ability to express Love without limit is present at 100% too.

“The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fill all space. That is enough!”
Science and Health, p. 520.

19 thoughts on “No limits on how much you can love”

  1. Thank you Evan!

    I copied that very citation out and put in on the wall in my previous office, as a frequent reminder that Love truly is ALL.

    Today I woke tempted to feel not enough, I was just about to sit down to read the Weekly Bible Lesson, hoping to gain a different focus.

    Thanks to your blog prompting me, I am already feeling a shift in thought ♡

  2. Thanks for this, Evan ! When facing something that seems unkind or lacking in understanding, I like to remind myself that Love is all there is! And that sets me on the right track again.

  3. I love the idea of, instead of reacting, we love…in my travels today, I will hold fast to that thought. I love to mentally embrace each fellow traveler with this blessing: You are the loved of Love. 🙂 Happy traveling friends wherever todays’s journey takes you.

  4. This just pushed me one giant leap forward into the open arms of Love, from a human approach of how to deal with a situation humanly needing lots of Love. Thanks Evan.

  5. Good day Evan and group. Thanks for today’s article. It deals with the very essence of being “Love”. Your article Evan, is excellent, all the literature of Mrs. Eddy, the Church, the Bible speak of love and we nourish ourselves abundantly and with excellence. I want to suggest that you read the book “The Greatest in the World” by Henry Drummond. It is excellent and analyzes Love from another perspective, but … you will not regret it. It is a short and enjoyable book. Blessings to all.

  6. We know that the basis for healing begins with our expressing LOVE. Many avenues are opened to be successful in our healing process. Love makes the world a sound place to live.

    Evan you have our needs on a daily basis. Thank You!

  7. Thank you Evan for this most important theme not only in Christian Science.

    To love is our most important task in our healing work, and without Love no healing can occur. We cannot even comfort our neighbor in need without Love. And I think every Christian Scientist is a healer and a comforter! Mrs. Eddy wanted us to be followers of Christ, and that also be done only with Love.

    In this weeks Bible Lesson there are several sentence, for instance: “the vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love.” (p. 113)

    But sometimes I have to struggle when a person is not nice to me. Always when I managed to stay calm and friendly and could love that person afterwards, I thanked God that I did not tune in to grumbling rather to express God`s Love instead.

    the pure Love among people is actually the Love given us from God. I am so grateful that I learned that in CS, and I am looking forward to even learn more of this.

    thank you all for your inspired comments, it gives me a lot – Love to all! 🙂

    1. DB,
      I think what you have said is very true. When I was young, my mother always told me “you never know what someone has going on in their lives.” If someone is unkind to you, it generally has nothing to do with you but with them and they need someone to be kind to them. Expressing love can be the perfect remedy. 🙂

  8. I believe divine love is always united with divine understanding, wisdom and good judgment. God’s Love is complete with a heavenly sense of order and harmony. Thanks Evan for this good topic for us to think about.

  9. Gustavo, thanks for your reminder to read again a book which I have read many times in the past, “The Greatest thing in the World” by Henry Drummond. It’s been quite some time since I’ve read it and I appreciate the prompt to read it again. As you say, it’s short but packed full of inspiration.

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