Everything in God’s hands

February 16, 2018 | 33 comments

“I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.”
~ Author Unknown
There is an all-knowing, all-wise Mind leading you step by step. Keep your hand in His, and let the divine wisdom march you down a path of ever-unfolding progress, health and healing.

33 thoughts on “Everything in God’s hands”

  1. Bless you Evan for always providing just the thought to get us started in the morning! It’s a beautiful morning here in my part of the UK! Sun shining and birds singing! Spring is on its way.
    Have a great day everyone!

  2. Thank you Evan and commenters – and what dear Evan and you all are posting here day by day is always what I need.

    As we are blessed, we can also bless each other, promisses the Bible.
    Have a blessed day all 🙂

    Here in Germany, in Hamburg at least, during the night it froze and a bit snow came down.
    But this morning now the sun is bathing everything in light and glitter.
    Yes, and some spring flowers are coming carefully through the icy snow, lovely.
    The beauty of nature is an expression of Soul, the title of this weeks lesson sermon.

  3. Those who leave everything in God’s hands will see God’s hands in everything. The way that leads to God is not easy. It requires patience and persistence to tread this path. But as Evan puts it so well, “There is an all-knowing, all-wise Mind leading you step by step. Keep your hand in His, and let the divine wisdom march you down a path of ever-unfolding progress, health and healing.”

    We need to confidently surrender all our worries, tensions, health problems, cares and concerns in His hands because His love for us, His beloved children, is pure and unconditional. His wisdom is most dependable and best. So why not entrust everything in His Hands?

    This lovely hymn says it all : Hymn No. 134

    I look to Thee in every need, And never look in vain;
    I feel Thy touch, eternal Love, And all is well again:
    The thought of Thee is mightier far Than sin and pain and sorrow are.

    Thy calmness bends serene above, My restlessness to still;
    Around me flows Thy quickening life to nerve my faltering will:
    Thy presence fills my solitude; Thy providence turns all to good.

    Embosomed deep in Thy dear love, Held in Thy law, I stand;
    Thy hand in all things I behold, And all things in Thy hand.
    Thou leadest me by unsought ways, Thou turn’st my mourning into praise.

    1. Thank you for your comments Nergish and especially for the lines of Hymn 134. A friend told me of an experience she had when she prayed with this hymn. She had watched eggs in a nest outside her window hatch and enjoyed seeing the mother bird caring for the three nestlings. Then one day there was a heavy rainstorm with wind and the nest was tipped over and as it fell apart the babies fell out. She went out, scooped them up, and brought them inside placing them in a basket with soft toweling under a warm lamp. But what to do now? How to care for and feed them the way the mother bird had done? She made herself be quiet and turned to God in prayer for the answer. Then this line from hymn 134 came to her, “Thy hand in all things I behold, And all things in Thy hand.” She realized it had always been God that cared for the babies and their mother. Then the thought came to put the basket with the babies back in the tree. She was reluctant to do so but was obedient. So after the rain stopped and the sun was setting, she secured them back in place in place in the shrub. She watched from the window for the return of the mother and sure enough she returned. For a moment she looked suspiciously at the make-shift basket-nest and then hopped in and snuggled down with her babies. My friend continued to watch them grow to maturity and fly away from that basket. Divine Love’s care is all encompassing! I love this story and always think of it when this hymn comes to mind. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you very much dear Nergish for your comment – that is very helpful and inspiring and needed!

    And thank you for sharing this comforting hymn, assuring us of God`s nearness – so helpful for managing my day and everyday with our good God!

  5. Good morning Evan and fighters of Truth. Pure substance is today’s reminder. Thanks Evan. All the comments very beautiful and edifying. I especially loved those of Uta and Nerghis. They are beautiful. You described the snowfall and then the bright sun in Germany. What a marvilla !! I imagine. It is a postcard of the Soul. I am South American, here we are very hot. Blessings to all and excellent weekend.

  6. Evan,
    Thank you! Isn’t that the wonderful truth! Gustavo, I love how you describe your joy as “a postcard of the Soul.” Lovely! Thank you contributors. 🙂
    I think it was last week when I got a call from a customer who was looking for tracking information on their order. A mistake had been made and the product had not shipped. Speaking with my contact at the warehouse, I asked if product might ship the same day. I felt some resistance/fear to this idea. What to do? Well, thank goodness it is not my job to force any one way but to observe the joyful outcome since I work for God. My contact let me know this product had to be manufactured and there were several units. Not only that, the manager who was responsible for this was out of the office that day. It did not sound good by human judgement. In the end, I was able to send my customer tracking that day. :). But, even greater, I was able to observe a change in thought – a dissolving of fear to a sense of empowerment by everyone at that company.
    A couple of days ago the owner called me out of the blue to let me know of a new product they were developing and I was able to tell him of how his team had pulled together to accomplish this task.

  7. I have to share another one. 🙂
    I guess it must have been more than 10 years ago that I looked at a beautiful piece of property and determined it was “the one.” It was even on the very road I was determined to buy a piece of property on. The realtor let me know another offer was coming in that day and I let him know to offer above the listed price because this was “the one.” 🙂
    When the news came back that I had not gotten the property, I was really disappointed and that disappointment turned to anger. I thought what kind of carrot-dangling god is God?? There will “never” be another piece of property like this one! (This property actually did have some very unique attributes rarely found). Oh, I guess it was a week, maybe two weeks later when a piece of property came up for sale on the same road with the same unique attributes-only better. Although I did not end up buying this property, it was as though God was humorously saying, “see what I can do.”

    1. Thank you Kirsten, to make me giggle within myself about “…carrot-dangling god is God?” and the imagination that God says “see what I can do”.

      Very lovely and nice your story. But also the event with the sweet baby birds which were rescued is such a lovely testimony, thank you!

      Anyway, thank you all above and beneath commenters – so so inspiring!!

      1. Uta,
        I am glad you enjoyed the humor! Even though it did not seem funny back then, it gives me great joy now…I was laughing the whole time I was remembering and writing it this morning. 🙂

  8. Oh how I love to come here almost daily to this wonderful page of uplifting inspiration from the message and the readers joy that have added to it. Thank you all for glorifying God.

  9. After doing all you can
    It’s your turn for a
    helping hand…
    All’s forgiven
    You are worthy
    You are still
    in the clan
    Of God’s chosen
    Because all are chosen
    in God’s Land…
    All are held in
    God’s loving hand…

  10. Thank you, Evan and all..and thank you so much, Karen, for that sweet telling about the birds ! “Listening for Thy voice”…the mother bird heard it , too.

    Love it. Happy day.

  11. Thanks so much, Karen, for sharing your experience with those baby birds. It really touched my heart as I have had an opportunity to rescue a bird that flew into our front window and was unconscious. I held it tenderly in my hands, prayed quietly and sung hymns, while stroking it very gently, and it wasn’t long before it opened its eyes, shook its head, fluttered its wings and flew off. God does maintain His creation perfect just as He created it. How deeply grateful I am for every evidence of God’s Love!

  12. Thank you, Evan, and also Karen for that lovely baby bird story! The future/unknown can be frightening but not when you know God will be right there!

  13. Perfect Evan – needed this today. And thank you Karen for the baby birds story and Lori for your story of the injured bird. God truly takes care of all his ideas.

  14. This post and all the wonderful comments today have been a joy to ponder and appreciate. These are the healing thoughts that our world needs every minute of every day and I am so grateful that Evan is providing a format to express and share them. Thank you Evan and thank you to each comment and prayerful thought that results from these blog posts that go out into the world and provide healing and spiritual support.

    1. Yes indeed Laurie, I do so totally agree, that our world needs healing thoughts each and every day, and so grateful that this sharing and expressing format is provided here by Evan to go out into that needing world!

  15. Thank you Evan and all. I have a post-it-note on my study table “Thy hand in all things I behold, and all things in thy hand” It was good to be reminded of the rest of the hymn. Enjoyed the experiences shared. Maximo loved your poem. (=

  16. Thank you for keeping abreast of our daily needs. This tends to set my daily reminder and it is wonderful to hear from all our daily contributors, what a great family we have sharing our spiritual wisdom. Thanks All, it makes my day keeping me on tract.

  17. Thanks so much Karen and Kirsten for sharing the lovely healing experiences. Thanks so much Maximo for your lovely poems. You are truly gifted.
    A Big Thanks to Evan for sharing lovely inspirations on a daily basis. Thanks be to God.

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