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December 29, 2010 | 3 comments

Here’s an inspiring article about a young man who decided he didn’t have to be rich to make charitable contributions. At first, he didn’t think he had any money to give. With a closer look, he found funds. All it took was desire and a bit of self-sacrifice, which is healthy too.

“For microphilanthropist, donations are a part of daily life”

At the end of the article, an interviewee says the bulk of contributions given to charities come from large donors. His sentiment could discourage small donors from making the effort. But I disagree with the suggestion of futility. I believe many large donors start out as small donors and that’s why it is important to encourage and learn giving from a young age and with whatever one can afford.

When we give from the heart, our cash donation no matter what size will count.

It’s like the widow woman in the Bible who threw her one mite into the donation bucket but was commended by Jesus as having put in more than everyone else. She gave from the heart.

Giving is more for us than it is for the one who receives.

Generosity makes us better people. It’s possible that our community benefits more from the better person we become than the cash we give.

So never believe your contribution is small. If it’s honest and sincere, it’s huge!

“God loves a cheerful giver” (II Cor 9:7).

3 thoughts on “No contribution too small”

  1. Thank you so much, Evan, for sharing your very helpful ideas about giving and generosity, and also the delightful blog from the micro-philanthropist! I am reminded of Mother Teresa’s encouraging words that “we can all do small things with great love.” And then we see that actions motivated by divine Love have infinitely good results!

  2. The spirit of unselfish giving has sure improved me over the years. I grow morally and spiritually from each new “giving” experience.

    For example, this year I began feeding birds in my front yard. The sparrows and mourning doves know what time of day I’m going to appear and where I’m going to scatter the seed. At first I expected them to give me the pleasure of watching them eat. But (unlike dogs, cats and horses I’ve fed) these birds always wait to come out from the bushes ’til AFTER I walk away. So I learned that it feels good to give freely without expecting or receiving an acknowledgment.

    Another thing the birds have showed me is their own unselfishness: they call each other to the feast instead of hoarding the food for themselves.

    Seems that all of God’s children, whether the highest spiritual ideas called man or the lesser spiritual ideas called creatures (individual entities whose qualities reside in each complete man) are made and equipped to be charitable.

    Now I see that the I Corinthians exhortation (16:14) “Let all your things be done with charity” is not so much a command as an already established fact of our “very good” nature.

  3. Selfless giving is one of greatest joys in life. I support a little girl in Bangladesh through world vision. At times I’ve been tempted to wonder what my $30/month is doing for a community and family so desperately in need…shouldn’t I be giving more?? And then I’ll get a note, a picture, a thank you….such complete joy and gratitude for my monthly contribution. I love the comment “we can do small things with great love”……sums it up perfectly.

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