Animals getting obese too

December 28, 2010 | 1 comment

Now here’s a new angle on sizing up the growing obesity epidemic engulfing population around the world. An obesity researcher is collecting evidence that show animals are getting fatter right along with people. And it’s not because they are eating more high-calorie junk food or skimping on their exercise.

Sharon Begley, a writer for Newsweek, reports about the phenomenon in her recent piece, “Fat Canaries in a Coal Mine.”

I was fascinated by the data because it implies a mortal mind mental force not only affecting humans in a negative way but animals too, to the end of growing fatter. This is an error of belief that needs to be checked!

There are studies of humans that suggest people who hang around with obese people tend to get weightier themselves. In Christian Science, there is no physical reason for this to occur. If it does, it’s not because of any material influence. It would only happen because a person unwittingly lets himself be influenced by the belief, “I can be obese like my friends.” And the belief becomes a reality to the believer.

So, if animals are experiencing a similar enlargement in girth that humans are, as these studies suggest, and through no negligent action of their own, it’s time to defend the innocent creatures from too much weight! They don’t need to suffer.

It’s time to break the mesmerism of uncontrolled weight gain for the benefit of man and beast.

A good place to start is to understand better that the one Mind controls the shape and figure of God’s creatures, not food, appetite, mindlessness or unknown so-called forces of nature. It’s natural to stay healthy and fit just the way divine law intends us to be.

1 thought on “Animals getting obese too”

  1. As we look at this material problem in a spiritview have been led to look up what MRS Eddy wrote in her
    Christmas Sermon 1888 Mis. P.167:10 “How much does he weigh?
    His substance outweighs the material world.”

    This has helped me to see clearer in thought many times where to
    start when seeing myself or others either to thin or to weighty.
    Blessings to all, many thanks Evan for the Spiritview reaching out to thought with substance,P R. Noorts.

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