No favorites with God

August 14, 2019 | 14 comments

“God does not show favoritism.”

~ Apostle Paul, Romans 2:11, NLT

The blessings of God are not measured materially, in the form of money, things or prestige. They come to us spiritually, in the form of love, inspired ideas, intelligence, and their kin, and they come without limit.

No single person has more access to God’s infinite good than another. There are no favorites with God. Everyone is equally loved and blessed, including you!

14 thoughts on “No favorites with God”

  1. Spirit View/Evan’s continual, daily delivery of inspiration (in so many unique directions) is proof and demonstration of the infinite, overflowing abundance and grace of God, Good. So grateful!

  2. Thank you very much dear Evan for this wonderful unconditional and healing Love, which is God, you are giving us with today`s SpiritView!
    And I fully tune in to Ann Dotterer`s comment, so true.
    What a wonderful foto today; The light of God is shining over all his ideas!

  3. What a wonderful picture of God’s love shining impartially over all His creation. God’s unconditional love embraces all, beyond boundaries and beyond time. We are all so privileged to be one universal family in the one infinite embrace of our Father Mother God. World peace would be so tangible if this fact becomes more and more evident that nobody is big or small, good or bad, rich or poor in the eyes of God, but all equally blessed, loved and cherished by Him.
    Thanks Evan for the exquisite picture and the equally exquisite truth you shared with us today. Feel truly very blessed.

  4. That is a glorious photo and shows the beaming rays that shine on us all, equally, when our view is spirit ward. Even though sometimes they may Seem obscured by clouds, night time or our perception not being in tune with them, God’s rays of warmth are always there. Also, I love how sunflowers always face towards the light of this powerful presence. A sunny day to All today.

  5. Thank you, Evan, for all your wonderful blogs and pictures. And thank you for this picture. It reminds me of driving through fields and fields of sunflowers in South/North Dakota with my sister, who is now departed. It was one of the best times I had with her and I am so grateful for this reminder.

  6. Nice illustration of sun flowers. We have had days of dull rainy weather so this was an uplift. Angel message that helped me.
    “Though storm or shine pure peace is thine what ere betide”
    From a hymn .Enjoy your uplifting messages.

  7. Oh, Evan, your ideas (that come from God) have saved me over and over again. This SpiritView touched a raw spot and healed it. Many thanks for listening so carefully to the Divine and then sharing those thoughts so eloquently with us.

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