No fears with God

August 26, 2009 | 7 comments

Have you ever worried about tomorrow, feared for what might happen next, or felt uncertain about your future?

If so, there’s a cure for that unnecessary anxiety. The solution lies in understanding the allness and omniscience of God and one’s protection under the divine care.

God is all. God is good. God is Mind. The future, past, and presence of being under the directorship of God, is predictably harmonious and eternally good. There is no lurking danger around the corner or enemy to fear in the omnipresence of God’s infinite love.

A key to demonstrating this truth, of course, is to feel and experience God’s omnipresence. And this is totally doable when we relinquish a false sense of ego.

A mortal who believes in him or herself, and who accepts a mind apart from God, is tempted to be anxious and fearful. Why? Because he or she believes their future is up to them, dependent upon their decision-making and what they do humanly. And this can feel very daunting at times.

Jesus taught a better way. He taught his followers to trust in the one Mind for direction and guidance. The one Mind knows what’s best, and causes it to happen on our behalf.

When we consciously live in God’s universe, under the government of the one Mind, we don’t have fear of the future or of the present. Why? Because we know something good is always happening, and it is wonderful. There is no uncertainty about it. And we experience it too.

There is no chance or unknown in God’s economy. God determines His own state of affairs. God outlines His own future. God figures out His own present and makes it happen. And because God is good, there is only the possibility of good happening under the managerial capacity of the one Mind.

Even if something bad suggested it might happen, God would instantly annihilate it. If danger was lurking around the corner, God would get there first and wipe it out before you arrived. God is on the job, everywhere, at all times, and in all ways. There is absolutely nothing for you to fear, ever, when living in the realm of God.

In God, there is no danger or lurking error to bother, upset or unsettle. God is all. God is good. And God is an all-knowing, all-intelligent Mind that makes good happen without fail. Evil is illusion of the human mind that does not exist in the Mind of God.

As children of God, as the offspring of Spirit, we are blessed by this beneficence of God. We are living our eternal spiritual life now, and everything about it is designed to be good.

As we accept only one God, live under the government of the one Mind, and relinquish any false sense of ego, we feel God’s omnipresence. And we feel the certainty and calm that comes along with knowing that everything is working out for a good purpose, and that we are part of it!

7 thoughts on “No fears with God”

  1. Wow… my future is not dependent on my human decisions (right or wrong or in between), but on God’s will for me. That is an awesome realization/truth. I understand that human opinions and actions don’t determine me, but I guess I never recognized (until this statement in your blog) that applies to my own opinions and actions, too. This is a real eye-opener for me. I can already feel the burden lifting. Thanks Evan!!

  2. I, too, needed this article. Our family seems to have been bombarded with unpleasent situations lately and there is the temptation to be paranoid about what will happen next. It’s good to be reminder that there is one Mind and it is good!

  3. Thank you for writing this article. I find myself coming back to it today after reading it yesterday several times. It is striking because it reminds me of something I saw years ago either in a movie, advertisement or somewhere else, of an entity and it was either a lighthouse or airport light that went round and round constantly, always on the alert for something foreign, always ready to warn of danger, and ready to zap enemies before ever reaching the protectee.
    John Stapleton

  4. What a beautiful article. Very helpful I am in the process of starting a business and struggling a bit now. This article has helped me see that it’s now about me making it happen. It is God doing the unfolding. I am new to your blog but will defintely be back. Thank you, Evan

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