No need for quick temper

October 26, 2015 | 13 comments


Do you have a short fuse? Are you tempted to get angry with little notice or on the slightest provocation? If so, it’s healable. You can overcome this temptation and become a calm, peaceful thinker that responds with love and care rather than tension and ire.

Practice forgiveness.

We get mad at people we have not forgiven.

The lack of forgiveness is our weakness, not the other person’s.

It is recorded in the New Testament:

“Then Peter came to him and asked, “Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?” “No, not seven times,” Jesus replied, “but seventy times seven!” Matthew 18:21,22, NLT

If someone offends you, forgive them and then respond.

Forgiveness does not mean you overlook their error or ignore a wrong deed. Forgiveness is your ability to reflect love and integrity that brings harmony and healing to the situation. Forgiveness is primarily for your benefit. It empowers you to respond in a Christian way that blesses all parties involved.

Put human ego aside, kill self-righteousness, silence pride and let divine Love dominate your point of view.

Forgive, love, and heal. It’s the divine way to healthy and happy relationships.

13 thoughts on “No need for quick temper”

  1. Thanks Evan. The onus is on us not to accept a short-fuse in others as well. I know I have wrongly thought of others as been prone to anger. I have been praying recently to see in other’s the Christly love and tenderness inherent to their being and that they can’t be influenced by evil.

  2. Extremely helpful Evan. Thank You. I had never thought of feeling cross with someone as lack of forgiveness but you are right.

  3. Thank you, Evan. I am going print out some of this and put it on my desk at work as I work in an environment that challenges my ability to keep my cool sometimes! Thanks so much.

  4. A needed wake-up call, thank you! Forgiving requires us not to attach to anyone the false traits of a mortal identity. (If it isn’t Godlike, it has no foundation in fact.) And it will help us to release our own unlovely tendencies to be alert to what doesn’t belong to anyone: unselfishness, impatience, callousness, jealousy, etc.

  5. Sometimes I find close relationships tend to ignite a spark of displeasure. It seems it is easier to strike back immediately before what our spiritual demeanor requires.
    Thanks, well addressed.

  6. When I was a little girl I was prone to tantrums. One time in Sunday School when the teacher joined us I felt as if she was glowing, just glowing with love, moving in a gentle, tender light. It made me feel all quiet inside. Then she said that God had spoken to her that morning. God told her that patience is love. Patience is love. I drank in the words, for I saw how important they were, I saw that God wanted us to give others time and space, while we just loved them, loved them, the way God did. The way she loved us that day.

    I never had another tantrum again. I had patience.

    1. This is so lovely. You should think of sharing as a testimony in the Christian Science magazines. It feels like a poem!

  7. Boy Evan, you did it again. You must know my needs like a parent knows his child’s needs. Just yesterday, SUNDAY my son always had a short fuse and wished I was dead, blamed me for lack of money and tons of horrible untrue’ about me all because I told him that to treat my nurse aide who gave up her life to help me get well as if she was a slave. I need help on this.

    1. To continue on this, it’s all about me getting on Medicaid. The one that interviewed me is giving my aide impossible duties more like as lave than a dedicated angel helping me out and my son went ballistic. I even wrote to him forgiving him and still no word that he apologies. Again what else can I do?

  8. This was such a help yesterday. When I first read it, I thought: isn’t this nice, but I won’t h av an occasion today to really apply this idea. Well….I later had to deal with a help line that didn’t seem to really grasp my question, and I could feel irritation rising. I remembered this, and quickly quelled those feelings. Things have worked out very well!

  9. Forgiveness always has done so much good and only if one realizes the blessings that forgiveness brings, one would willingly opt to forgive rather than to hold a grudge. VOW SO WELL SAID EVAN. FORGIVENESS IS YOUR ABILITY TO REFLECT LOVE AND INTEGRITY THAT BRINGS HARMONY AND HEALING TO A SITUATION. Forgiveness does not mean you overlook their error or ignore a wrong deed.
    Wish each of us could imbibe this grace to forgive. At times friends distance themselves for years on end over trivial issues and ego problems, thus depriving themselves of good friends, their own peace and happiness.
    I am reminded of something my sister wrote in my autograph book. “There is so much of good in the worst of us and so much of bad in the best of us, that it does not become of us to speak of the rest of us.” We all have our good points and our drawbacks. If we forgive then we will also be forgiven. Its a law of God.
    Always put yourself in another’s shoe and see how it feels if we did something wrong or offended someone or inadvertently said something innocently and our friend would not let go and forgive us???? It would hurt.. Right? So let go, forgive. Spend precious time in loving rather than in clinging to hurt feelings, ego, which take away our joy and turns into ulcers.
    Nursing hatred, ill feelings and resentment damages our physique. Cause as you think you become. ITS LOVE ALONE THAT LIBERATES AND BRING HEALTH, HEALING AND HAPPINESS. “Love dissolves the adamant of error”.
    Thanks Evan for inspiring us and showing us the way to heaven on earth.

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