No resistance to your prayers being answered

September 24, 2020 | 42 comments

Sometimes patients have told tell me that they feared resistance to their prayers. They felt like no matter how hard they prayed, or how well they prayed, there was an evil power at work negating the impact of their prayer. If you ever feel this way, counter this suggestion with the truth that God answers your prayers, and there isn’t any evil power to get in the way of God’s love reaching you and healing you!

You and God are one, like a circle is round. There is no separation between you and God. Like water is wet, you are as spiritual as your Maker, and this is an unchangeable, undeniable, and unstoppable fact of your being.

The suggestion of a resisting power is a lie that a power exists apart from God. But there is only one power, the power of God, good, and it is working on your behalf this moment giving you everything you need to be healthy and well.

God knows no resistance. God gets what God wants. God knows only success!

God is irresistible! Like the earth is going to turn in its orbit no matter how hard one might run in the other direction and try to make it reverse, God is going to keep loving you and loving you and loving you and ensuring you have everything you need to be free. This love is going to happen no matter what, and there isn’t anything that is going to step in between you and this love and prevent you from being blessed by it.

There is no resistance to your prayers! God hears them and answers them. Put any doubting material sense aside and let the blessings roll in.

“The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord will answer my prayer” (Psalm 6:9, NLT).

42 thoughts on “No resistance to your prayers being answered”

  1. Thank you Evan so much for these wonderful spiritual facts – how I need them, particularly right now. They are so clear and powerful. I particularly love the fact that God knows no resistance to His power that answers our prayers, and that He gets what He wants, and knows only success. It’s really all about knowing and trusting completely in God’s pure goodness and love for us, and knowing that there is no other power against His Love.

    I also found the analogy that however hard we may run in the opposite direction, we cannot reverse the orbit of the earth. The thought of it made me laugh. That tells me that we cannot stop Love from healing us, even if we don’t feel it at present – it is constant. And, of course, that God is going to keep loving us and caring for us, no matter what challenges we face, and that there is no power to step in between us and God’s love for us.

    It does seem sometimes as if our prayers aren’t heard and not answered, but we can be assured that God does know our needs, He does hear our prayers for help, and does answer them. We just have to keep holding onto God and His Love for us as we go on our way, until we feel His healing presence governing us and guiding us, which I what I am doing right now.

    Thank you also, Martine, for sharing that really wonderful article – it really ties in so well with this SpiritView.

  2. “The habitual struggle to be always good is unceasing prayer.” Page 4, line 12, S & H.
    Martine, as before you have great insight to applicable articles, right on target with today’s Spirit View.
    And Evan, on top of the challenges of today’s lesson in earth’s school. All things working together with positive results.
    Thank you all. You are a living prayer!

  3. Powerful, powerful.
    It just came to me to bear in mind the Lord’s Prayer, knowing there’s no resistance to God answering all of the requests there — for it’s full of requests. Maybe like this?
    1) Our dear Father-Mother, the very source of our being, in eternal and ever-present harmony
    2) Help me know our identity at one with your harmony, your Love. 3) Since God governs all, everywhere, 4) God, govern my thoughts and acts, always and everywhere
    5) Please, this holy day, show us we have all we need to do what we have to do 6) let us reflect your holy Love,in forgiving and being forgiven, 7) give us strength over temptation, delivering us from believing in any evil because. 8) you, our Father-Mother, our one Mind, our source, our harmony, the Life, Truth, and Love of all, has all authority in consciousness, therefore all authority and power in government, military, economic, environmental, medical, science, arts, media, educational, family, business and religious institutions, the past and the future, and glories in that all-harmonious reality forever.
    No resistance to all that!

    1. Thank you, Diane, for that so-inspired and inspiring adaptation to our Lord’s prayer. God always answers our prayers causing us to grow spiritually along the way. “…never doubting, we will have all we need”. Our country and all our citizens are also growing spiritually, whether they realize it or not! “Grow we must!” as a lecture was titled some decades ago. We WILL get THROUGH this difficult period in our history,
      Thank you, Evan, for your oneness with divine Mind, and for your willingness to share the Christ-message with us!!

  4. Wow! After a full night of waking, watching, and praying, and repeating, I woke up with such a sense of mental resistance to my prayers. Feeling totally defeated, I turned to my 3 D’s from Christian Science sources (Daily Thought, Daily Lift, and Spirtiview) before “tackling” my prayers again.
    WOW! WOW! WOW! What a Life line. The idea came “don’t be a mime leaning on your own imagination.” A mime tries to convince us a wall, or box, or flowers, etc., are real. He’ll press on imaginary walls, pull on imaginary ropes, and try to convince us that what we don’t see is real. He’ll lean against his own imagination. But the truth is the wall, box, rope, flowers, etc., are not even real to the mime. Don’t be impressed by the mime, and don’t try to impress others with your imagination.

    Please except this humble expression of gratitude. The spirit of your blog and all its readers, work together for good!

    1. In case that last comment reads funny, what I mean is “don’t be impressed by the mime, and don’t be a mime trying to impress others with my imagination.“

      When healing truths come in such a rush, my articulation of a thought in writing may not be as clear as it is in my head. – LOL

    2. Fawn, something I heard on a CS podcast and comes to mind often seems appropriate here:
      “Error screams loudest just before it’s crushed and beaten, don’t give up, give more. Do the opposite of what it’s screaming.” Your prayers were working error just tries to counter by screaming louder, but it has to give up eventually.

    3. I agree with you Fawn. I, too make sure I do my Daily Defense, listen to the Daily Lift, and read Evan’s SpiritView idea for the day. I find that at least one of these, or all of them address what I am working on, or need to work on each day. All three of them are blessings that lead to more harmony throughout the day!

  5. So much gratitude for this blog Evan, with all your comforting ,sustaining Truths to open up a positive Spiritual path to adhere to. Plus, thank you to everyone showing their helpful thoughts today. I love your Lords Prayer,Diane. Inspiring ❣️

  6. Awesome! The things I’ve been focusing on while giving Christian Science treatment (mostly treating my own thought) is at the end taking a stand for the Truths I’ve used, realizing they are True, I don’t make them True. They always have been and always will be God’s Truth! And finally, EXPECTING but not outlining healing, practical results.
    There is no resistance! God loves us and wants us to feel this love and be successful. We are backed by God . What joy!

  7. Such helpful ideas shared by all this morning. Thank you Evan for your inspiring message about the impossibility of resistance to prayers. Thanks to each of you who built upon this inspiration with your additional thoughts. An uplifting way to begin the day..

  8. A poem I got from a blog somewhere::

    I am the place where God shines through
    For He and I are one not two
    He wants me where and as I am
    I need not fret, nor will, nor plan
    If I am relaxed and free
    He will carry out all His plans through me

  9. Thank you, Evan. The concept you present here is a valuable precept into what is our true foundation as a child of God. God is not less than all, nor can be less than capable forgetting no one nor leaving any out of his care.

  10. A poem I got from a CS blog somewhere worth sharing:

    I am the place that God shines through
    For He and I are one not two
    He wants me where and as I am
    I need not fret, nor will, nor plan
    If I am relaxed and free
    He will carry out all his plans through me!

      1. Thank you Allan! I have this little poem on my bulletin Board.Not sure where I got it either. But I did look it up and found what you have Beatrice. I love it!
        And I love all Evan’s blogs and everyone’s comments!

  11. In the dictionary resist is described, ” Try to prevent by action or argument – struggle against someone or something”.
    In Martine’s enlightening article, this statement resonated with me, “To start out wanting an explanation for the negative before learning about the positive is somewhat like wanting to learn to solve a mathematics problem by first trying to explain how all the wrong answers originate”.
    There sometimes Appears to be an underlying evil at work which would deceive and nag with the negative without first learning the Positive and working Together in that direction.
    Once in a while, I will see a now older Resist sign in people’s yards.
    True, we should resist evil in all it’s forms, but we should also strive to see and Will see, First, the Positive if we open our hearts and minds –
    (really One Love <3 and Mind) and not resist the Good that is innately present within all of us.

  12. Pow! Zap! Kablowee!!! Take that, error!!
    Gods knows Only success!!
    The Infinite All-in-all is at work!
    All (God) is Good!

    I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Evan’s insightful blog, which opens such a flood tide of marvelous, enriching, uplifting ideas!!!
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you ……
    Love Love Love ….

  13. Evan, today’s rousing message is a penetrating treatment, melting away those false layers of resistance to Truth. And knowing that your beautiful words come from years of healing experience inspires such confidence in God’s all power and presence. I especially love your statement “Like water is wet, you are as spiritual as your Maker, and this is an unchangeable, undeniable, and unstoppable fact of your being.”
    Thank you for reminding us that there can be no separation from God, good, and therefore there can be no resistance. And what a powerful support I feel from all the loving comments from this SV family! How humbly grateful I am to have found this precious site!

  14. Thank you Evan and everyone that has contributed! A few years ago I realized that my prayers in certain scenarios were more effective than in other scenarios. For example, if I was able to outline a human remedy to whatever problem I was facing, then my prayers weren’t as effective (i.e. I wasn’t as willing to “trust” a God-based solution). But in cases where I couldn’t envision any human solution, then my prayers were effective. For example, if wasn’t feeling well I might pray for healing but in the back of my mind I would be thinking “You know, if I just take a nap that will probably be just what I need to start feeling better.” Then I’d take the nap and still not feel better and then think “Well, I just need to wait this out and I will feel better in a few days.” At some point I became more alert to these types of false beliefs and now when those “resistance” suggestions come to me I’m more alert in defending myself. Or I’ve heard people say their prayers are effective dealing with one type of problem (e.g. relationships, financial, etc.) but their prayers aren’t as effective with other types of problems (e.g. physical). If you fall into that category, it’s probably because you are holding to the belief that prayer is effective in some cases, but not in all cases. I recently came across the following article where this type of resistance was pointed out and overcome and you can read it via the link below.

    1. WOW – Thanks Brian !
      Love this article clarifing “unless we consciously place our human bodies under the jurisdiction of immortal Mind and keep them there, we unconsciously permit them to be under the jurisdiction of mortal mind with its numerous oppressive beliefs”
      -supports ‘kingdom’ in Mark1:14 Bible Lesson’s lens:
      “Jesus.. preaching the gospel of the kingdom* of God”
      *[kingdom: not simply realm/place where God reigns, but ‘active ruling of God’: “at hand”, immediate, lasting]

  15. Thank you, Evan! This is wonderful, and perfect for the claim on which I am working. Absolutely no barrier from good. Good, God, is the all-powerful barrier from error. All comments are appreciated as well. Blessings to all!

  16. If “silence is golden” I could fill Fort Knox with the silence I receive when I pray for guidance, seeking to know what I”m doing wrong, just wanting to feel God’s love and presence. I stay still and just listen.

  17. It’s there! To perhaps hear better, start giving God credit for absolutely every good thing going on around you. The helpfulness of a neighbor, the smile of a grocery clerk, the idea to get out of bed in the morning. Everything. The more we acknowledge the obvious, the easier it is to find the not so obvious.

    1. I must count my blessings FIRST!
      Thank you, Evan
      The kingdom of heaven is within you
      Never separate from God
      Faithful Listener will hear the “still, small voice
      In all my years, God is with me
      Gratitude for all good !!!

  18. Wow! Todays blog and all the comments are just so loving. Thank you Evan and everyone for your contributions and suggested articles to read. I just feel so blessed to have this to read every morning. It always starts my day off – heading in the right direction.

  19. Thank you Evan, for getting the concepts launched each day.
    What a joy to see how they flow and expand to cover and include a whole world with prayerful thoughts!
    It is a blessing to us all! ❤️

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