No reversion of health

February 9, 2018 | 18 comments

Sometimes people pray for better health, get it, and then fear losing it afterward.  To prevent reversion, it is wise to know ahead of time that what comes from God is never lost.  

Health is not a temporary state of matter that comes and goes.  Health is a condition of Mind that is permanently reflected by every child of God.  

If we feel ill, we have not lost health.  A false sense of existence is being entertained that isn’t acknowledging the presence of health.  As that false sense is let go and replaced with an awareness of health ever-present, the sickness dissipates into its native nothingness.  

Health is never lost.  As a child of God, you always have a full abundance of health to express and experience.

So, when you pray to heal sickness, and health appears, know that the health you are feeling is the way you’ve always been as God’s child.  

God’s healthy child is always God’s healthy child.  God’s child never gets sick.  God’s child is always well.

The healthy child of God can never degrade into an unhealthy mortal anymore than the number 100 can become a 0.  The number 100 is always the number 100.  God’s healthy child is always God’s healthy child.

Prayer doesn’t change sick matter into healthy Spirit.  Prayer wakes the human mind up to spiritual reality which is changeless.

When you glimpse health in Spirit, and feel its freeing power in the body, the health you are feeling is from Spirit, and it’s forever yours.  You will never ever lose it.  Know it!

“Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind; nor can the material senses bear reliable testimony on the subject of health” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 120.


18 thoughts on “No reversion of health”

  1. Thank you Evan! As was discussed in a blog a week or so ago, the synonyms of God blend together and share attributes. So we can know that health is a condition of a Mind that is also Love. A loving Mind would no more give us the idea of health and then take it away any more than a loving mother would serve her children dinner and then subsequently remove the plates of food from in front of her children, leaving them hungry. We have eternal health, peace, love, supply, goodness, etc., because God loves us! Thank you God!!!

  2. Today’s blog has come at a good time for me. I have been moving house this week and working at the same time. This morning I am at the office and am thinking of how tired I am feeling, knowing I shouldn’t be.
    Thank you Evan for the ‘reminder’ of who and what I really am.

  3. Thanks Evan! Just what I needed to hear this morning to counter a feeling of being “ under the weather” . I shall know that can’t be true and abide under God’s wing instead!

  4. Thank you Evan and thank you to the whole group!

    Wonderful comments and a great help to lifting thought.

    Really, you are all the yeast to my bread this and every morning ♡

    Yesterday’s comments about neither a big fat zero nor miniscule one being either more or less threatening really made me chuckle!

    Love, light and peace

  5. Love this SV. Reminded me of one of my Mum’s favourite Bible verses “He spake and it was done. He commanded and it stood fast”. Man created in God’s own image. It was done. Finished. Sorted. No chance of change and as Evan says – cannot be reversed. This thought has already healed me today of a nagging stomach ache and I am truly grateful. This SV is one to keep. Thank you so much Evan and all SV friends.

  6. What a timely blog post on health and supposed sickness. To the material senses it seems that everyone around me at work, in my community, family, etc. is sick. An idea that I really liked a couple weeks ago in the weekly Bible lesson talked about God’s laws, and how they “will be written in our hearts and in our inward parts.” The idea that followed from this is that these laws are a very part of our being, our essence. So, the law of Health, peace, joy, strength, authority wisdom, wholeness, perfection, etc., is our very being. It’s the law!

    1. Trista, I love the truth that there is a higher law than the humans, namely the law of God, a spiritual law which is above physics, metaphysical. And that this is the only law in operation and it is permanent and eternal!

      Thank you that you mentioned these divine and only laws of health, peace, joy, strength!

  7. Thank you dear Evan, for that wonderful healing lesson today – it is very helpful and spiritual food for a wonderful weekend. Happy weekend to all !

    So good – “prayer wakes the human mind up to spiritual reality which is changeless ” – and eternally existent!

    God made a l l – and God saw that everything he made was v e r y good – also His child, without any falsity, perfect, even as perfect as God, Love himself is, for ever and ever!

    thank you all for your so good comments – what a gorgeous SpiritView family we are !

  8. Thanks Evan! Love this;

    “Health is not a temporary state of matter that comes and goes. Health is a condition of Mind that is permanently reflected by every child of God.” And, I can’t help but think “and fear no ill, since God is good and loss is gain.” Hymn 207 By losing our trust in matter, we gain the true reality, true report – the spiritual view or Spiritview (lol…) that reports health. And, once that reality is “known,” there is no going back. Wonderful! I am going to practice, practice, practice… 🙂

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