The child of God has no disease

February 8, 2018 | 26 comments

Does a circle have to get rid of a corner? Nope. A circle doesn’t have any corners to get rid of.
Does a child of God have to get rid of a disease? Nope. A child of God doesn’t have any disease to get rid of.
If praying for relief from illness, see yourself as a child of God where there is no disease to get rid of.

“Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick”
Science and Health, p. 476.

26 thoughts on “The child of God has no disease”

  1. Marvellous Evan, thank you!

    I know this and yet I still feel as though I am waiting for Christian Science to lift me out of the mesmerism.

    Your blog is a great reminder I’m neither in, nor any part of, the mesmerism to start with♡

  2. Thank you Evan, so simple, yet so so true and helpful as also is the textbook passage!

    And I could add a bit to this truth – a big circle is the same nothingness as is a small circle, transferred to any socalled falsity.

    Shelagh, I like your last truth sentence, thank you!

      1. I like your concept Uta. A seemingly overwhelmingly huge zero is still the same as the most non threatening, most minute zero, nothing!!

  3. Just as a circle has no corners, a child of God has no disease….What a lovely example you have given Evan. Great..Thanks so much.

    Since Christ Jesus used his spiritual vision to see everyone…he never saw a sick man or a sinful man.. Jesus saw only perfection in man. Seeing everyone with the purity of his heart, he could only see the perfect child of God. This enabled him to bring healing, raise the dead and reform the sinner.

    We all need to follow the example of Christ Jesus and see everyone including our self, as pure and perfect, without a single element of error. This viewing from a higher standpoint of purity and spirituality, brings to light the eternal perfection of man. Cultivating our spiritual sense is most important, since material sense misguides us and tempts us to believe in error, sickness, sin and disease. Mrs. Eddy says..”Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good. God has made man capable of this and nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man.”

    “In Spirit there is no matter, even as in Truth there is no error, and in good no evil” Pg 278 Science and Health

  4. Yep, right on. Thank you Evan. Sin, sickness and death have no reality because they have to eternality. They are a divided kingdom only to end as nothingness. Self destroyed by the divine principle of truth and love.

  5. Good day Evan and wonderful group. Thanks for today’s topic. Mrs. Eddy wrote in The Unity of Good, that evil arrogates authority based on the following: God created evil. God knows evil. We are afraid of evil. Now Mrs. Eddy continues and tells us to do the reverse procedure, that is, to recognize: God did not create evil. God does not know evil. We do not have to fear the nothingness of evil. The lady, as dear researchers urges us to rehearse this investment to eradicate fear. What beautiful thoughts all contributed to today’s topic. Thank you. Blessings to all.

  6. How simply put Evan. Thank you!
    I just read the feature article in the March 2018 Christian Science Journal – “Prayer as listening.” The writer tells about her listening (to God) and tuning out the static (not God) that removed from her thought the ideas that tumors were part of her pet chickens. This phrase in what she heard “not a mortal creature” got my attention because most of us eat chickens, don’t we? The world says in many different ways that we all die, don’t we? The right spiritual thoughts (Christian Science) challenged the other thoughts about the chickens one by one. Dear Shelagh, we are being lifted the same way this woman tenderly lifted her husband’s pets out of the mesmerism that repeats itself until it’s silenced by the truth that they and we are spiritual ideas not mortal creatures. Circles not squares. We certainly are in Love today.

  7. Thank you so much Evan. My daughter was losing her voice and I told her to read this and now she got her voice back thanks to gods angel thoughts and your blog. So thank you very much.

  8. Thank you Evan. The quote you shared from Science and Health today begins as follows:

    “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him…”

    Recently I realized whenever I read this passage from S&H I was actually thinking the following:

    “Jesus beheld the perfect man, who appeared to him…”

    I realized I was skipping over the “in Science” part of that statement. Whoa! That got me thinking more deeply about what this statement from S&H is telling us!

    I looked up the definition of “Science” and found it can mean “the operation of laws”. Mrs. Eddy is referring to Divine Science here, or the operation of laws established and maintained by God. Laws that keep everything in perfect harmony, entirely good, immutable (never changing), etc.

    Have you ever thought of yourself, or others, as living “in” the operation of divine law, in Science? I’ve started including that idea more and more in my prayers and it has been very helpful. It helps keep me focused on realizing I don’t need to change something “bad” into something “good” as Evan pointed out in his blog today. I only need to “realize” the good that has always been and will always be experienced in a life lived “in Science”.

    1. Oh Brian, how helpful for me is your explanation of “Science” and then “Divine Science”.

      Always when I read “in Science” I thought, can there be something “outside Science”?

      Your definition “the operation of laws established and maintained by God. Laws that keep everything in perfect harmony, entirely good, immutable, never changing etc.” That is absolute perfect and very understandable spiritually – thank you very much indeed! 🙂

    1. Each day, I look forward to reading this wonderful blog. Evan, your subjects are always relevant and so helpful. Today was especially terrific. So simple! I loved it and also all the terrific comments from the group. I look forward to those too. It’s like having a special group of friends here whose thoughts are like mine. Very cool!

  9. Brian thanks for chiming in. I’ve been trying to step out of the body . See what God sees. You are a child of God where ther is no disease to get rid of.

  10. Thank you Evan and for contributions from readers. 🙂
    “A straight line finds no abiding-place in a curve, and a curve finds no adjustment to a straight line. Similarly, matter has no place in Spirit, and Spirit has no place in matter. Truth has no home in error, and error has no foothold in Truth. Mind cannot pass into non-intelligence and matter, nor can non-intelligence become Soul. At no point can these opposites mingle or unite. Even though they seem to touch, one is still a curve and the other a straight line.”
    SH 282:14

  11. Thanks so much my friend!! In a world of seeming complexity, often the most simple example breaks through the mesmerism!! I was going to say I am in your corner… but I guess I would rather be within your circle!!!! Pat

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