No sleepy retirement

January 22, 2006 | No comments yet

A woman told me that she had grown sleepy during the day ever since she retired from a long career in her field. I told her she could physically retire from her old profession, but she shouldn’t mentally retire from life!! I suggested she find new and progressive ways to keep herself productively and profitably occupied. I reminded her that God had given her an invigorating and stimulating life to live and everyday should be a new adventure.

I’m not anywhere near what most people would consider retirement age, but retirement is not something I look forward to or cherish. In fact, I’ve never warmed up to the concept because it implies to me inactivity, long stretches of tiring leisure and empty hours idled away that could be put to worthwhile use. I love my work and can’t imagine not doing it.

I can see the value of retiring from a job one doesn’t love or has outgrown. But retiring from worthwhile and productive activity! Not an option. Life is God—on-going good and ever-fruitful endeavor.

Life is not unconsciousness, but consciousness. Life is not found in an unnecessary nap. It’s experienced in active seeking and finding of spiritual Truth.
With this important work before us, there’s no time or need to doze on the job!

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