Iran’s nuclear ambitions

January 17, 2006 | 1 comment


Iran’s leadership appears determined to develop nuclear capacity that critics say can be used to build atomic bombs. Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has publicly voiced hatred and detest toward Israel.

Most of us are not in leadership positions to decide appropriate political and military action, but we all can make a positive difference.

It’s time to shower the leaders of Iran and other involved countries with love!

The world doesn’t need more bombs, more wars and more destruction. The world needs love.

God is Love. God is power. Love is power. When we love another we bring more of divine Love’s presence into that person’s life. They feel an effect.

Wherever you sit on the planet today, your love for the people of Iran and for leaders sitting in power centers around the globe will be felt. Love opens minds, dissolves fears, conquers hate, resolves differences and restores peace. What is impossible to men, is possible to God [divine Love].

Like torrents of rain pouring down from a cloud-filled sky, let’s all join together in showering the concerns about Iran with love today. The whole world will be blessed.

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