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  1. This morning was spent in the reading Room and part of this afternoon at an association Meeting. Now there is time to continue reading “We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Edition”, an
    inspiring and interesting book.

  2. What a beautiful and thought provoking rhyme. This is the way it speaks to me:-

    We can prepare our heart like we would a garden before we plant our seeds – i.e. removing any weeds and nourishing it.

    Then we plant our seeds of kindness and they take root in our heart (or garden)

    In turn they spring up and produce beautiful blooms for all to be attracted to and enjoy.

    Finally they produce the fruits of kindness in bringing blessings and healing.

    It reminds me of Hymn 3:- “A grateful heart a garden is, where there is always room for every lovely, Godlike grace to come to perfect bloom.” – (And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations) What wonderful things grow from one tiny seed.

    The lovely illustration of the tree depicts is beautifully.

    Many thanks.

    1. Oh, what a Beautiful poem and sentiment! My gardens are just starting to poke out of the cold ground readying for spring. It is awesome how their beauty enfolds little by little, like our understanding ~ and kindness grows and grows and budding thoughts bloom into an array of such nurtured treasures, like a lovely bouquet. Although their dormancy may discourage us into believing they are not there, they are in thought. I love the ‘grateful heart’ hymn, also, Maggie and what you and others share.

  3. Thank you for this memorable poem. The illustration reminds me that the root systems of plants and trees are usually at least as extensive as the part which is seen above ground, which is a helpful indication of the needed ratio of prayerful work, gathering nurturing spiritual ideas, to our useful appearance in the world.

  4. What a sweet and understandable comparison with the precious qualities we all are given from God to express in our lives in order to prosper and flourish as this wonderfully simple rhyme tells us.
    Thank you Evan – that is so lovingly and, yes healing if we follow that simple rhyme 🙂

  5. I love how the Dali Lama said: “Kindness is my Religion”. Sometimes Kindness can seem so trite and shallow when/if we are delving into the deep Metaphysics of Christian Science. And yet…….I see Kindness as just the every day expression of simple acts and words of LOVE!!

  6. Christian Science has taught me HOW to express love, love that springs from divine Love,God. All the good we express to others is sourced in God, Love. It’s not something we HAVE, but something we reflect by virtue of being God’s sons and daughters. When we say I am a kind person we need to make sure we know that kindness is a divine quality, not a personal attribute.
    Miscellaneous Writings: P. 357: 31–“Divine Love is the substance of Christian Science, the basis of its demonstrations, yea its foundation and superstructure. Love impels good works.:” (Mary Baker Eddy)

    1. I love your comment, Grace. How good it is to know that we are not the source of love or kindness, but that God expresses Love in and through His/Her creation, including us…

      I also love this beautiful poem, Evan. It is so simple and absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

      1. I also meant to say that, when I read the poem this morning, I wondered how I could nurture kindness. Isn’t it by welcoming in Divine Love and by yielding to it…

  7. I believe Kindness is a Choice that every Human Being can make…. if they so desire….. whether they believe in God or not. Kindness is just something innate in every Human Being……even in Atheists! I have a brother who is one of the Kindest people I know and yet….he doesn’t believe in or worship God.

  8. Be ye kind to one another…tenderhearted… forgiving one another even as God for Chrst’s sake has forgiven you.

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