Obedience to God brings good results

May 16, 2019 | 23 comments

“God is the fountain of light, and He illumines one’s way when one is obedient. The disobedient make their moves before God makes His, or make them too late to follow Him. Be sure that God directs your way; then, hasten to follow under every circumstance.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, p. 117

23 thoughts on “Obedience to God brings good results”

  1. This is crucial, moment by moment. It brings freedom, Joy, peace of mind and safety! Love staying in the light and letting God illumine the way.

    1. O gosh did I need that today???? Just perfect. It met my need in so many ways. Thank you as always Evan for all you share with us.

  2. So much seems to coming at us. I remember Bicknell Young saying when you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. Being a porter of our thoughts and focusing on the truth knowing one power and it is good. I pray for peace for my son who is sailor on the USS Abraham Lincoln and his crew mates to weather this storm.

    1. Your son and his crew mates are embraced with the protection of Love’s harmony, Nadine. We all are. As when Jesus calmed the storm, peace is innate in today’s times just as it was in his. Comforting angel messages surround you and your son with God’s blessings.

    2. Thank you for your son’s service, Nadine! Praying for him and all stationed in the Arabian Sea. ❤️

  3. Thank you, Evan!!

    I recently had an apparent problem affecting my home computer. I enjoy working with computers and I thought I could fix the problem myself, so it didn’t occur to me to turn to God first. God’s not an IT specialist, right?

    So I lurched into ‘fixing’ a problem without a prayerful perspective.
    In my urgency to get things going, I purchased an upgrade from a company offering software at a discounted rate. I later regretted this, having read negative reviews about this company.

    It finally occurred to me to turn to God in prayer. I thought about God’s goodness and allness. There are no “computer problems” or “shady companies” anywhere, only Love reflected in Love.

    Within minutes, I saw how to resolve the apparent concern without the unnecessary upgrade. What to do about the software purchase?

    I received an email from a thoughtful representative of the company, who wanted to check in before processing my order. I thanked him and told him the problem is resolved. He canceled my order and confirmed the cancellation.

    Next time, I’ll turn to God first!

    1. What a good outcome! I find in this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson a lot about humility and meekness, which you certainly expressed. They so often open our thoughts to a better way and a solution. Thanks for sharing.

        1. Jay, I just want to correct a bit – yes God is an “IT freak”, because He is “everything”. That with God all things are possible, you demonstrated so beautifully, thanks for sharing your experience. I just managed also a fault in my computer, and knew that God is allknowing; and I tried several ways to correct that, and yes very easily I found what to do for the correction. And it is a pleasure for me to work on the computer, too.

          Thank you Evan, for this important passage by Mary Baker Eddy. I love the last part, “if we are sure, God directs our way, then, hasten to follow under every circumstances.” Am grateful for your SpiritView, Evan, which comforts, heals and, yes, corrects often my thoughts, which i s healing for me!

          Am also grateful for all helpful comments!

  4. Love this daily comment, light from God shows us the way; no need to turn away from the leading light, since it illumines one’s steps on the path to living. Live not die. I choose LIFE.

  5. Great subject and thanks Jay for sharing your experience. I am by no means a computer technician, but prayer has come through for me a couple of times with solutions. Nadine I like the idea of tieing a knot when you get to the end of your rope. How great to know that God is always everywhere including wherever your son is. Sailors are good at tieing knots. At least when I learned to sail, knots where one of the first things we were taught. He can always tie a mental knot to any situation.

  6. Great comments! Nadine, thank you for your son’s service! Foremost, he is in God’s service. In fact he and all, are embraced in His omnipresent love and care. There’s a old popular song, “I’ll be watching you” and I’ve used it in prayer that God is watching us, every where we go, everything we say etc. God IS the captain of the ship, the Commander of the
    Navy, and the Commander and Chief of each and every nation. Peace. BE still❤️

    1. Thank you Patty, I remember a Vlog from Evan, where he said “God is watching out for us”. I find that so good and see God`s constant caring for us therein.

  7. I love how intently the man in the picture is looking “up.” What I see is that nothing is coming between him and God.
    I also love that sure sense of deep peace and satisfaction when we are being obedient to our Father-Mother God.

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