Be fruitful and multiply

May 17, 2019 | 24 comments

In the book of Genesis, it is reported that God created man, “male and female,” and then anointed them with the blessing, “Be fruitful and multiply” (Gen. 1:27, 28).

Conventional interpretation of this Scripture might take this command to mean, “Have lots of children,” but in Science, the meaning is not about multiplying the number of mortal bodies on earth, but multiplying in one’s reflection of God’s power and presence.

To “be fruitful and multiply,” is to love abundantly, share generously, and to give unconditionally. It’s to express God’s wisdom and intelligence, boundless creativity, limitless inspiration, joy and delight in Life. It’s to be useful and productive, to demonstrate worth and value, and to make a positive contribution. It’s to express God in everything you do. It’s to do good and to be good.

To the contrary, God didn’t say, “Be stingy, miserly, self-absorbed, apathetic and uncaring.” He said, “Be fruitful and multiply!” It’s a divine command, and God backs it up by giving you all the wherewithal you need to follow through with grand success.

You have a have a magnificent day ahead of you, a time to be productive and to accomplish great works. It’s your opportunity to “Be fruitful and multiply.” It’s the way God created you to be. Enjoy.

24 thoughts on “Be fruitful and multiply”

  1. Evan I absolutely love this scientific explanation of “be fruitful and multiply”. A friend, who has always felt she was being disobedient to God’s command by not having any children, will find this so helpful. I am so grateful for this today.

  2. Thank you so much, Evan – this is a truly beautiful SpiritView – a view from Spirit. It has really lifted me up, spurred me on to do just that. Blessing to all.

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring explanation of “Be fruitful and multiply”. Love it!!! This is God’s command, our purpose, our image and likeness of God made manifest, with all we ever need always at hand. Many thanks!

  4. Ooooooh this is so inspiring! I couldn’t read it just once or twice. Thank you thank you thank you again for a wonderful sharing. Much food for thought and action.

  5. This specific sharing im adding to my Association preparation/assignment along with hymn 324 to sing and express each day until Association this Fall.

  6. As usual, Evan…you show us something so familiar we no longer even think about it, but in a completely new way!!!
    What a great perspective!

  7. Wonderful, enriched sense of this Bible passage. Thanks,, and for the encouragement to go forth into God’s magnificent day!

  8. Thanks Evan for the great reminder that the Bible is always about spiritual wisdom and understanding for everyman – and that includes me!

  9. Be fruitful and multiply! How expansive your view is….we aren’t originating any good, just multiplying it as we share our God-given riches (spiritual riches) with those we love (which includes all mankind, doesn’t it?). What a great take on this familiar declaration from Genesis. Thanks, Evan. Truly love this!

  10. The comments are truly obedient to the Genesis command today. Thanks to everyone!
    Evan, your article is the best metaphysical cure for a belief of depression I’ve ever heard! The brevity is welcome, every word is a jewel.

  11. God giving all man has and man having all God gives: Here, Now. Loving, enjoying,sharing; the Kingdom of Heaven: a present fact, Our inheritance & purpose, to claim & experience & extend to all our brothers/sisters, our extended ONENESS: God’s ALLNESS. No waiting, no later, no time: Just eternity, infinity, Peace in our hearts & minds: God’s PEACE: All IS WELL & we know it & live it, Christianly, Scientifically: Tks to God, Christ Jesus & Mrs. Eddy!!!!

  12. This is a wonderful post. Thank you Evan. We all need to share what Divine Principle provides with those who need it. That to me is our highest purpose.

  13. Thank you all ❣️Finding myself in an ongoing recovery stage and not yet able to be my usual selfless, giving self has been difficult lately. My mobility is coming around but I want to do more for my family and my daughter who just had a baby. I want to ease my husbands daily tasks.

  14. What and expanded view of multiplying. Thanks so much to all! I especially like the comment by Penelopebythe sea: “No waiting, no later, no time: Just eternity, infinity,” Doesn’t eternity translate to without beginning or end? Then our love and blessings should be constant and consistent – freely expressed to everyone without any limitations.

  15. I found this (to me) new way of looking at “be fruitful and multiply” to very spiritually inspired and logical, and I thank you for this. It is yet another perfect example of how the Bible is as relevant today as it has ever been!

    1. Yes thank you Dave for what you said, i.e. that the Bible is as relevant today as it has been ever since! Because it has to be understood completely spiritual, otherwise you don`t understand God`s message to all ages of it. In our textbook, Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 241: “Take away the spiritual signification of Scriptures, and the compilation can do no more for mortals than can moonbeems to melt a river of ice”.
      I am so grateful to Evan, that day by day he gives us the spiritual view (SpiritView) of the things that comforts, lifts us up and heals us – thank you very much dear Evan!

  16. Lately I have been thinking about selling thigs to make money for painting the house and getting the new roof I need, but this morning I thought about the story in the Bible of the man asking How can I get Eternal life? Jesus answered Sell all you have and give to the poor. He was sad.Then here come this blog to back up that train of thought. This makes me look from a different perspective. I have always demonstrated that “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” S&H on page 494 over and over, as well as having had many healings that I am grateful for, Letting go of loved and sentimental material things has always been a problem. When I put it in the perspective of being miserly and possibly selfish I have to laugh because I think of myself as being a generous human and I recognize that we all have that perfect relation to God, but hanging onto things is not being fruitful and multiplying the “Talents” (intelligence) God is giving us daily. So I am working at seeing the Truth that by letting go of materiality and giving more humanly, God will still always meet our human needs.
    This is a great help and love this blog as it always brings out a new perspective. Thanks all.

  17. Evan: U&fellow bloggers are SUCH a blessing
    Thank you, yesterday & today. I knew by today there would be more wonderful comments. GRATITUDE to all

  18. Thank you, Evan,
    It has been a grief to me that children were never a part of my life. This interpretation of the Scriptural injunction is so freeing, so uplifting, so joyous. Of course – the human status has nothing to do with fruitfulness in Genesis 1 – each expression of God can be obedient, be fruitful and multiply!
    I shall treasure this.

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