One Mind in the doctor’s office

June 2, 2014 | 15 comments

Hardly a day goes by that at least a handful of people don’t call me in great trepidation about what their doctor is going to find when they get their next medical check-up. My personal preference is to stay out of the doctor’s office, work my issues out with God and be healed spiritually. But that’s me and my demonstration. Others see differently. But there is always a spiritual view that can help whether at home, in the hospital or on a physician’s exam table.

If you have an impending checkup, get clear ahead of time that there is one Mind. There are not many minds with differing opinions, some good and some bad. There is one Mind that already knows everything about you. This Mind, the Mind of God, has already examined you and found health, harmony, peace and wellness everywhere it looks. Let God’s view be your view.

The doctor doesn’t have a mind of their own. Nurses don’t have minds of their own. There is only one Mind doing the looking, seeing and deciding, and the one Mind finds God image, healthy and well.

It’s important to not take an unhealthy concept of man into the office. If you believe yourself to be diseased, that’s what the doctor is likely to find. It’s wise to first get rid of that belief through improved spiritual understanding, and then the doctor will not find it. It’s called curative and preventative healthcare.

Hold to the right idea of man as explained in Christian Science and let that be the model you examine for the truth about yourself. What you see to be true spiritually will have a positive healing effect on the body bringing the human into line with the divine.

We are all spiritual beings reflecting the body of Spirit. Understand ahead of time that there is no disease in Spirit, and no disease in its body. There is no disease in your God-given body. Examine the body of Spirit and find yourself well and healthy now!

You don’t have to wait to see what the doctor is going to say to know what the outcome of an exam is going to be. You can know the outcome ahead of time. With spiritual truth, you are in control of the situation. The one Mind has the final say and you should expect all evidence to confirm this truth.

15 thoughts on “One Mind in the doctor’s office”

  1. I had to have a nurse come to my house to do some tests for an insurance annuity we were purchasing. I was frightened. The practitioner I contacted reassured me with many of these same truths. It became, instead of a waiting time of fear and trepidation, an opportunity to claim my spiritual identity (which is where our true health is found). I began to stand my spiritual ground: I’ve been using the safest, most potent health care system in the world for many years (Christian Science) and built a firm foundation of health based on my relationship with God. I prayed for several days with many of the spiritual truths Evan brings out. When the doorbell rang, I “loved” that nurse who came in with all her “stuff” to test this and that. She smiled when I said I took no medication: “good girl” she said. She told me my heart was strong and steady. I already knew that! An extensive battery of tests came back with good report. But the interesting thing was that I already knew, in humility and gratitude, that God had created me to be healthy and stay healthy. I love your last line, Evan: “The one Mind has the final say…” Amen!

  2. Thanks Evan. I, too, choose God. However, I find myself from time to time in a doctor’s waiting room having taken a family member whom has a different desire. I approach it with pretty much the same thought as you stated above, but I appreciate the reinforcement and clarity.
    As I’m sitting there, my prayer usually starts with this. “O Lord, I pray Thee, open their eyes that they may see man pure, upright, whole, and free.” (Part of this is from the Bible where Elisha is praying for his servant and the other part from hymn 12.) Of course, this prayer includes my “vision” as well.

    Thanks again!!

  3. Dear Evan; I am so glad you brought this blog up for reasons I am stating. I am a student of C/S for many years although I havent realy demonstrated full health with it. I do use the medical. But I use what I have learned in C/S before I see any from the medical profession I use prayer, knowing that God governs and projects me. That evil (CANCER) can’t spread for only good can spread, protecting me from ever getting Cancer. That the medicines, I receive can’t have any adverse effect on me for my healing comes from God, etc. I used to feel guilty about this, but no more. I just move forward with my thought knowing that healing can not be withheld no matter the material picture or what mortal mind says.

  4. It is beautiful to feel the ” Spirit of The Lord” right here on this page- in Evan’s practical healing blog and in all the wonderful responses…this is truly ” Holy Ground” for thought to rest upon today. Thank you all. What a great atmosphere to listen to Annual meeting 2014 in a few minutes…xo

  5. I have been a Christian Scientist all my life and have relied on spiritual healing always. I have never seen a doctor (except in the Air Force when required) and the only time I was in the hospital, other than birth, was in about 1943 at about the age of three.

    Some years ago the lie of kidney disease seemed to take me down. Though to the material so-called senses I have not demonstrated over it, I feel that I have progressed spiritually ever so far and will demonstrate a healing.

    I am very grateful for spiritual support I have received.

    Thank you Evan for the Christianity you always show.

  6. Thank you for the thoughts of one Mind expressed by doctors, nurses, etc. This morning it seemed that things were really going down hill and I would have to have a medical procedure.

    Both your blog and this weeks lesson melted away the mist. I had to have something checked this afternoon and NOTHING wrong could be found.

    I am soooo greatful.

  7. This is a lovely article. I was not raised in CS, but used to read about Jesus’s heal work from my early religious training and always hoped this would come true. I have always used the medical and alternative methods . I was always doing my highest concept of good at the time. While training as a medical nurse, I was learning that no permanent cures were being found, but one very troubled sleepless night, I felt God’s presence and was healed. Finally I found CS and the reasoning and logic of Christian Science is perfect. It makes everything in my life journey make sense and brings peace harmony and healing. This is the Truth. Thank you to all the work the Christian Science movement has been doing. Your love and truth has been lifting us all up. Now I feel like am really helping humanity grow. This work takes humility and your love in the doctor’s office does balance the underling fear that is at the root of a medical science based on a false concept of God/Goodness. Mrs. Eddy is correct, Divine LOVE does the work.

  8. Thank you, Evan, for this compassionate and very helpful article. I love the idea that there is only one Mind in the doctor’s office (as everywhere!), and that all that can truly be seen is what Mind knows to be true.

  9. My teacher suggested to my wife and me that if we have to visit with the doctor (who had some concerns regarding my wife’s pregnancy), that we don’t have to enter into their mental atmosphere. Bring our own mental atmosphere and help relieve their fears. It helped then and a time a few years ago when I was in a situation requiring a doctor’s visit, I took the same approach. Also continue to remember that we are in charge of what goes on with our bodies, mentally and physically.

  10. a lot of good things to think about. The last time I went to see someone about a condition I was required to go through tests. I had to think about what I was afraid of. I didn’t want to go down the rabbit hole of medical treatment, however, well meaning the doctor was. I had to understand all the medicine and all the tests do not touch me. So I relaxed. I closed my eyes through the tests and meditated on the truth and the Oneness of us all. All tests came back better than expected. I was not only fine but better than expected for my ‘age’. I am still dealing with condition but prayerfully.

  11. I also would like to share this image I have when I think of physical problems. They are all the same; a denial of the truth of our being. some we think of as being scarier or more ‘real’ than others. But in my mind, I gray them, somewhat like on the computer when things are ‘grayed’ and you can’t select them. It puts them all in the same nothingness category and I can’t select them.

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