Operate on a surplus

October 30, 2013 | 10 comments

People have different models for how they conduct their economic lives.

Some are always running on a deficit, accepting lack as normal, figuring they will always come up short and need to borrow to survive. Some expect to just get by, having barely enough to meet needs with little or none left over. And then some operate in the surplus. They expect the fruit of their efforts to multiply and grow leaving extra to use elsewhere when they’re finished.

When I look to God for a model on what to expect from my own work, I like to think of God as always operating in the surplus. There is always a gain to show in everything God does.

When God acts in my life, I am always blessed in some positive beneficial way. There is something more that appears in my experience from God blessing me—a new inspiration, a fresh view, a barrier broken, a fear conquered, a lack overcome, or a disease destroyed. And these gains result in an improved daily experience. Life looks and feels better. And these spiritual breakthroughs lead to economic dominion too.

Are you operating on a surplus? Do you expect something better to happen from your efforts?

Deficit thinking is fear, remorse, acceptance of lack, trying to gain materially, material mindedness, measuring good in material terms, selfishness, feeling sorry for self, jealousy and envy.

Surplus thinking is boundless gratitude, generous joy, charity, wisdom, spiritual mindedness, doing what has worth and value, productive employment of thought, and profitable use of thought and energy.

There should be a gain to show for our work. Otherwise, what is the point? If there is no gain, why are we doing it in the first place?

Surplus, for me, is not more money. It’s more inspired thinking that enables me to conquer the lies of financial lack, health lack, love lack or any other type of lack that mortal mind suggests is normal.

Lack is not normal. Abundance is normal. Operating in the surplus is a spiritual consciousness brimming over with inspiration that meets one’s own needs beautifully with gain to share with others.

Operate in the surplus today, and leave all deficit type thinking behind.

10 thoughts on “Operate on a surplus”

  1. What a truly positive & spiritual way of looking at the world. I love the idea that through the action of spiritual laws we can always see Gods economy in balance ie demand = supply and supply = demand. Therefore we lack nothing and we have all good.

    What else can we feel except joy, knowing that God is in control, gently guarding, guiding & governing his children and that this is our spiritual heritage so we have it right now. We just have to realise that the abundance is part of that heritage & is ours already right now.

    I view abundance as spiritual ideas, inspiration, insight, understanding & wisdom all of which God gives us freely & we just have to acknowledge & accept these qualities as our own.

    Thank you for your wonderful daily insights

  2. Thank you so much Evan for ALL your blogs, which I have been receiving for sometime. I felt impelled to respond today to these wonderful and freeing ideas about operating on a surplus. it points out so clearly the ways a sense of deficit will try to have power and creep in… but can be tossed out as we see how God works! Thanks so much:)

  3. Evan, your insightful blog got me to thinking about the rarity of certain commodities and elements considered valuable. Human economy places a high value on them because of what seems to be a combination of their value and their limited availability.

    Looked at another way, rarity is the quality of a thing that sets it apart from everything else and makes it unique. Rarity makes its individuality stand out and be easily seen. Its goodness (God-ness) gives it its usefulness or real value. That goodness is not confined to what appears to be its material form. When elevated to their spiritual essence, elements become ideas, and ideas are boundless.

    This spiritual reasoning has another significant consequence. Anything that is useful and good, no matter how materially abundant it may seem, has the same value as things that seem rare – or limited – from the same material standpoint. A useful idea does not lose its intrinsic value simply because of its abundant supply. Every good idea is rare; unique; valuable – and spiritually abundant – as you point out so lucidly.

    Thanks again for another zinger!

    Jerome in Oakhurst, CA

  4. Thank you Evan for a terrific message! It reminded me of a vocal coach I had years ago. Speaking to me of my approach to singing, she said, “Give of your interest, and not of your principle.” Vocally, this meant to avoid strain, develop a strength that functions from its overflow capacity and not of its core/substance. We hold substance in reserve.

    We also have a hymn that states: “Give of your heart’s rich overflow.” No. 139

    “Come, walk with Love along the way, Let childlike trust be yours today; Uplift your thought, with courage go, Give of your heart’s rich overflow, And peace shall crown your joy-filled day. Come, walk with Love along the way. ”

    Thank you again for this blessing. We need to claim our full inheritance.

  5. Thanks, Evan! This is very helpful and clearly stated. Thanks to the commenters also. More blessings! This is just what I needed to share with a dear friend who is having so many challenges with the belief of lack and business problems.

  6. This reminds me of Jesus’s parable of the Talents. The ones not hidden produce more for the individual. The one hidden for a so-called another day accomplishes nothing and falters.

  7. I thoroughly loved all the thoughts expressed, especially those relating to “surplus thinking, boundless gratitude, generous joy……” I’ve been reading the “thanksgiving ” lesson which also is rich with God’s goodness. I am so grateful to be grateful. “Gratitude is riches, poverty is complaint”. We need to witness the daily good pouring forth from God . I try to see God’s footprint in everything in my life.

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