Our spiritually minded cat

January 17, 2024 | 59 comments

Let me explain the picture I posted today!

I arise early each morning while it is quiet in the house to read the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson on my tablet. Our cat, Zoey, loves to join me and keep me company, especially when we snuggle on the floor by the warm fireplace blazing away during the cold winter.

One morning, I stepped away for a minute to attend to a buzzing alarm in the house. When I come back, lo and behold, Zoey has moved into my place in front of the screen. She was reading the lesson without me!!

59 thoughts on “Our spiritually minded cat”

  1. I have a lovely big German Shepherd dog who loves me to read the lesson to him each morning. I always tell him that he’s God’s perfect idea of Dog. This week’s lesson is “LIFE” so it seems natural that God’s Love extends through every aspect of Life.

    1. i have a kitty that loves to snuggle when reading the BL daily to him, precious quiet time reminding ourselves who and what we are!! Love Evan’s inspiring blogs, so helpful

  2. Has Zoey done this again since that day? Or while other material is on the screen? Or only while the Christian Science lesson is on the screen? Certainly curious and interesting!

  3. Amei!! Eu acordo muito cedo para estudar a lição antes de ir trabalhar, e meus dois cachorros e meu gato só ficam de meu lado. Quando termino minha lição cada um vai para seu lugar , eu os amo e eles me amam. Todos foram resgatados de maus tratos da rua. Hoje são tranquilos porque são muitos amados. Entendem tudo o que falo para eles. Vivem tranquilos e felizes. Cheios do Amparo divino, Um Presente de Deus!!

  4. Thank you for this. You have helped my dog as well as myself with many healings. For which I am most grateful for.! I pray with my dog every night before we go to sleep.
    We are all God’s creatures . I think they know it too.

  5. What a beautiful expression of comfort for both you and Zoey. Each morning I settle down to read my lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly and my two dogs snuggle next to me as the roosters crow in the distance. Such precious moments with God’s creatures and His spiritual thoughts. Thank you, Evan and all SV readers for sharing your personal animal stories.

  6. At one time I had six dogs, when I’d go upstairs to read the lesson each morning,I’d look down and all six where laying around peacefully asleep. They were attracted to the Christ too.

  7. This is a beautiful photo and thought! Animals are in tune with reality like their human companions and reflect God’s love as we do. Thank you for the uplift!

  8. She feels the light.
    I do the lesson online too, on Concord. I subscribe to EbibleLesson.com, and get all that research, Bible translations and commentary, and then click the ‘in context’ button on the side which puts the whole lesson on Concord, and every passage is put in context with the lesson passages high-lighted.
    Sometimes I copy/paste the passages or research onto the Concord notes.

    Mostly I have tabs above my browser linked to BibleGateway.com ( if I’m puzzling over a verse it gives dozens of translations) and Webster’s 1913 dictionary. (Examples of the word meanings come from the Bible or classical literature — not so jarring to thought engrossed in spiritual study as more modern dictionaries, and often insightful).

    If I find a verse or a definition particularly meaningful I copy/paste it onto the ‘notes’ section of the Concord passage, and make my own comments to preserve that spark of insight gained.
    I may scribble the best into the books themselves.

    I’ve got my daily research saved without a lot of typing.
    A whole library on one screen!
    Good stuff. I’m First Reader and it really helps.

    1. Diane thanks for the reference to the Webster’s 1913 dictionary, sound like a good resource. I also use BibleGateway and love the many translations of any verse that can come up all on one page to add much insight.

      Evan this picture and story about Zoey is so lovely. She senses the truth in the lesson on the page. Animals are such amazing expressions of God.

      And thanks everyone for beautiful stories of sharing your special prayer/study time with your dear animal friends. I love picturing this, and love thinking of Virginia telling her German Shepherd that he is God’s perfect idea of dog. Thank you.

  9. Thank you so very much for this post.! I am a cat fancier…love them…everyone…have had many over the years…each reflecting Love and bringing much joy into my life! Thank you for sharing this precious picture and story about Zoey! <3

  10. Oh, how very Precious! Zoe is Beautiful, both in Soul and Spirit and so contented
    and concentrating on the inspiring words. LOL Love it!! My dog just came over and
    wanted to be petted while typing this. They can feel the Love and share it with such
    passion and unconditional appreciation for every little thing. We have so much to
    learn from our dear animal family, be they domesticated or wild.
    Thank you, Evan, for sharing this warm and delightful photo, on such a cold, wintry
    day here this morning and for all of the heartwarming comments, too.

    1. Thank you very much “J” for this very lovely and great healing of the car Hershey.

      Sorry but I cannot open properly your second article by Christien. ♡

      1. Hi Uta, the second article is a shared one, so I’m not sure why it’s not opening for you. Maybe clear your browser cache, cookies. If you cut and paste the title and author into a search on Google, it will come up as a shared article.

  11. So sweet! We have a Zoey in our cat family too! I have always said the pets – cats and dogs -come every morning to hear the lesson.- whether read silently or aloud.. They always gather around – sit on my lap or at my feet during this time. I am sure they are feeling the peace and love of the divine which is communicating to us all. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Can’t help but chuckle. . . . .How sweet the cat looks, soaking up the message. Our two cats enjoy when I read the Bible Lesson aloud. Thank you for sharing about your cat’s receptivity, it doesn’t surprise me.

  13. My goodness your cat looks exactly I mean exactly like my cat.
    My cat also watches the screen on my spiritual, zoom meetings! All God‘s creatures great and small.!

  14. Truly, they are receptive! “All of God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible” (SH 514:28). And, we could add, are wonderful companions — and listeners!

    1. Thank you, J , for both of these wonderful articles. The website with the, “A
      prayer and a cat” article, with pix, has so many other really good inspirations,
      as well. Thank you for sharing that with us.
      I am reminded years ago, when I was watching a customer’s dogs while she
      was in France for three weeks. One little dog was very, very old and I prayed with
      much Love and affirmation that she would be contented and well on my watch,
      which she was each year when the customer took her journey and I cared for them.
      Also, the “Relying on God…” article and the innocence and receptivity of God’s
      Truth, reminded me when I was a young child and had fallen off of a wall I was
      playing and balancing on and a pebble from the driveway below, embedded into
      my knee. My Mom lovingly got the pebble out, cleaned up the wound which was a
      bit frightening to see, at first. But with healing messages of Truth, it quickly sealed
      and a small scar also disappeared after a while. God is Good and Powerful and
      we are so blessed to share this ever-present help in trouble.

    2. Thank you dear J for two wonderful articles. It is late in the day as I read them, but very grateful to bear witness to such beautiful truths to end my day. I especially loved hearing about how children as young as 2 and 3 were able to demonstrate healings. And the story of Hershey the cat was just remarkable, I can only imagine the reaction of his owner upon returning to see him fully healed and not passed on as expected. Blessings to you and all.

  15. What a lovely vision, all of us with our special pets, reading the same lesson each morning. We don’t have a dog or cat of our own, but we dog-sit quite frequently for a couple of friends. And one particular beagle sits on my lap, snuggling, in my prayer chair as I read my morning lesson. Now I know others do the same sort of thing. The love we share has to fill not only ourselves but also our world.

  16. Dear Evan, Zoey is an absolutely beautiful expression of Soul! Our precious domestic pets that partner with us may not be able to read the written word, but they do have spiritual sense and are able to feel Gods law of Love and harmony and protection.

    Thank you J for posting the two exceptional articles that correspond so perfectly with Evans heartwarming story.

  17. Thank you Evan for sharing this sweet message about precious Zoey! It helped and uplifted me and I”m sure others to read about God’s love for all His creation! Our pets are beautiful expressions of God’s love!

  18. Wow! Thank you, Evan, and everyone for your thoughts and sharing about your dear pets. My Princess is a very special cat and I love her. This was a great post!

    Karen and Princess

  19. Thank you Evan, that is so sweet! Your utmost beautiful Zoey is just a divine creation as we are. And she certainly is spiritual minded so as God gave it to her. Such a divine, holy picture; she is focused on God`s words!

  20. This made me smile so much! Every morning when I read my Bible Lesson or CS articles, my kitties jump up in my lap too! It’s almost as if they are waiting for that time. 🙂 I’ve always thought they must feel the spiritual upliftment cause they are at total peace with me.

  21. From a long list of imppressive free roaming animals in God’s
    Creative kingdom
    From silly giraffe’s gestures, to whales, to elephants, to zebras and fish of the sea,
    Penguins, to the laughing hyenas or the – camel harassing – the nomad in his tent –
    sometimes a bit unduly humorous – – God’s creatures worldwide all are amazing,
    and all beings as wonderful as our dogs and cats. God
    created them all and I love the peaceful harmony of
    “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,
    And the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
    And the calf and the young lion, and the falling together;
    And a little child shall lead them.” (S&H pg.514)
    Such a Peaceful vision.

  22. Animals are receptive to Truth. When my family got a new puppy, I was a Reader at my church. I would sit at the table to read the Bible Lesson and she would sit on my lap. I’d give her newspaper to play with. This was a regular habit as she grew. She turned out to be the best dog, never chewing on forbidden items and was so loyal to the family through our ups and downs and lived a long life.

  23. I loved hearing about Zoey. Thank you, Evan. And thank you, too, Ramona. I also loved hearing about your two dogs and cat. They, too, spend time with you while you read the Bible Lesson. Their innocence brings them close to God. How wonderful! I, too, have a rescue cat named Teddy. He loves to cuddle up with me while I read the Bible Lesson. Thank you, everyone, for sharing!

  24. I don’t think there have been many time when I read Spirit View that I don’t have a cat on my lap. Sometimes two. They love being read to, but they don’t like my singing! Thanks for the sweet picture of Zoey, and also to J for the wonderful healing of Hershey.

  25. There is no you there is no me it’s only ever God we see. There is no cat there is no dog we all reflect our Father Mother God. thank you all for sharing thoughts. A stray cat has taken up residence with us but I cannot help being fearful if he is out at night, especially in the very cold weather. But we are all wrapped up with Love the fear is a false mortal deception and not real. Thank you for all thoughts shared here.

  26. Thanks, Evan, My Bessie curls up close to me during my morning study. So happy to learn from all of you about the love and healing expressed in your reports of your pets. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Lovely comfort cat. Nature is indeed spiritual and receptive to the Christ and healing. Small pets are receptive too. Our guinea pigs, rabbit and frogs have enjoyed TBLesson with us, and have “attended” Zoom church in inclement weather, and other Christian Science programs and webinars. Nature is uplifting.

  28. ♥️♥️♥️ Pets are the best. They truly express good in their way. Such simple reminders for us to witness! Thank you for sharing your sweet kitty with us. Such a great way to start each day ❤️

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