Overcoming debt

November 10, 2010 | 5 comments

Here’s another reason to never fear debt…

It’s finite.

Yep, that’s right. It’s not infinite. It’s not unending. It’s not so big it can never be conquered. It’s not so large it can never be reduced to nothing. It’s not infinite. It’s finite.

Many people think of debt as if its infinite, like it’s never going to stop. But that assumption is not true. It’s not infinite. It is going to stop. It is going to be brought down to size, brought under control, and totally eliminated somehow. It has to. It’s not infinite. And there’s no better time than now to understand this truism better if one is facing large debt.

Debt is not to be feared, worshipped or viewed as master of the universe.

God is Master of the universe, of the economy. And God blesses our economic condition with infinite resources of divine Love that meet every human need.

If one is in the habit of thinking debt is infinite, that person is also likely in the habit of believing God’s love is finite. And this is where improvement can occur. God’s love is not limited, out-of-reach or running short. God has infinite resources to bless any situation and turn it around. Prayer helps us find the answers we need!

So, don’t get sucked into the illusion of believing debt is infinite. It’s not. It’s finite, which means it has an end! And that end is in sight when our gaze fixes on the infinite riches of divine Love that supply the need of the moment.Side with the infinite today and be free! No more bowing down to the finite…

5 thoughts on “Overcoming debt”

  1. Cool thought, Evan! I loved your lecture in Winchester, MA the Friday night….very inspiring, and you covered a lot of ground in so little time, and without any notes!

    In the last year or so I found Dave Ramsey who gives people a very clear and helpful path to eliminating debt, and how to become entirely debt free. It has been an answer to prayer. And I can attest that with prayer, a willingness to do things differently, and an acknowledgement that God, divine Mind is supreme, debt can be eliminated very quickly.

  2. Wonderful fresh ideas about debt being finite because God is all and infinite. Much gratitude as always for your insights. Vicki

  3. Hard to believe I was in distressful debt at one time, walking in to a supermarket with only $20, and trying to buy as much food with that to last the longest possible time.

    Getting out of that debt was such a blessing, and a secondary thing. Now the paychecks go direct deposit and ho-hum, big chunk of change is left over each month.

    Through getting out of debt and mostly leaving worry behind, I get the impression that right thinking is more a feeling without words, of great humility, with effortless yet infinite conviction behind it.

    Healing, of debt or anything else, for me has been a very quiet, peace-filled thing, no lightning, no thunder. Just peace.

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