Participate in God’s being

May 7, 2020 | 29 comments

“Love is the greatest force in the universe. It is the heartbeat of the moral cosmos. He who loves is a participant in the being of God.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

29 thoughts on “Participate in God’s being”

  1. I(we) am the individual manifestation of Divine Love. Born of the Divine Mind. As I(we) go about my daily tasks I (we) can spread that Love with abundance. ‘Love is our refuge; only with mine eye can I behold the snare, the pit, the fall; His habitation high is here and nigh, His arm encircles me, and mine and all.’ Thank you MBE and thank you Evan for the thoughtful quote! We all just have to express Love.

  2. Thank you for posting this beautiful quote from Rev. Martin Luther King. Dr. King’s selfless work, and his commitment to doing good for mankind—even in the face of enormous challenges—is an inspiration for all time. How grand to affirm, with Dr. King, Love is the greatest force in the universe.

  3. I too am touched by the words of Dr, King..
    His inspiration came out of adversity.
    On the anvil of affliction he found grace.
    In Love we can find understanding. In grace we find patience and in God’s plan we find hope.
    I feel Dr. King’s life expresses the conviction Mrs Eddy referee to in Miscellaneous Writings p. 196:30f
    “The Scriptures require more than a simple admission;
    they require a living faith, that so incorporates their lessons into our lives that these truths become the motive-power of every act.”

    1. John, Thankyou so much for sharing this quote in Misc Writings, as I had not heard it before. It speaks volumes.

  4. Thank you Evan, I love the promiss, to be a participant in the being of God, if we l o v e.
    In Science and Health by MBEDDY we read on p. 113 “The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love.” And St. Paul said in 1st Corinthians 13, verse 13: “Three things will last forever – faith, hope and love – and the greatest of these is Love.” From the NLT. So grateful for Evan’s blessing SpiritView blog!

    1. “Father, teach us the life of Love.” (Life and Love Synonymous) reminds me of the pamplet Teach Me To Love by Louise Knight Wheatley: “And teach me, Father, how to love the most
      – Those who most stand in need of love, that host of people who are sick and poor and bad, whose tired faces show their lives are sad …”
      Life and Love Synonymous with Compassion
      Thank you Kirsten, and Even, and all dear Spirit View community for sharing, as this blog feeds my soul.

    2. Wonderful article, Kristen. You find and share such great ones. Evan, thank you so much for this forum.

  5. Beautiful and inspiring. The practition that I knew recommended the book to read by Henry Drummond, ” The Greatest Thing in the World”. God created everything with love and since He is our Fatther/Mother God, we as his children have that divine right to express only love.

  6. Evan, you’ve touched on a subject very close to my heart, as I was raised by a Black woman in Kentucky, whom to me was the face of LOVE, who taught me how to pray as a young child, among lessons first hand in courage.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. indeed knew love through participating courageously — when he boldly spoke out again the Vietnam War; when he humbly knelt down to pray and to listen. – when it was the right time to lead the people to cross the Edmund Pettish Bridge to Selma; when he went to Memphis in support of poorly treated African-American sanitation workers for a 15 cent an hour raise.
    In the Glossary of Science and Health (Eddy), the definition of Gethsemane. Patient woe; the human yielding to the divine; love meeting no response, but still remaining love. (P. 586:23)

    Another treasured prayer from hymn Christ My Refuge (Miss. Writings P. 396, Eddy)

    My prayer, some daily good to do To Thine, for Thee, An offering pure of Love, whereto God leadest me.
    That is often the case OUT of our comfort zone.
    Lastly, my dearest friend, Cindy, gave me her cassette Love is the Way sung by Bob Moline.
    I hope to replace the cassette. But the words are so beautifully written by Richard Allen.

  7. Amen!
    I have just finished reading “Rolling away the Stone: Mary Baker Eddy’s challenge to materialism” by Stephen Gottschalk. It so clearly and movingly describes her exemplification of the saving power of divine Love in the last two decades of her life, when she continuously faced enormous challenges and overcame them with her understanding and living of Love.
    Now I will put Prose Works on my table, and read more about how she expected Christian Scientists to carry on her work and to be healers for the world.

  8. Absolutely love this quote, Evan, from one of the greatest heros of the 20th Century. I just made a poster w the first line and am placing it on the back of my car which is parked on along a street that gets a lot of passer-byers.
    Thy kingdom IS come!!!

  9. What a beautiful quote from Martin Luther King who inspired and led with love not hate. When Mary Baker Eddy was asked how she healed she said and (this is from memory), “Just love, be all love! It will heal anything . It will raise the dead! “ I could ‘t find the whole quote- would love if someone could share it!

    1. Hi CB,
      It is in We Knew Mary Baker Eddy 2nd Series pgs 49-50. Mary Baker Eddy asked the question “What is the best way to do instantaneous healing?” She then answered the question “I will tell you the way to do it. It is to love! Just live love- be it-love, love, love. Do not know anything but Love. Be all love. There is nothing else. That will do the work. It will heal everything; it will raise the dead. Be nothing but love.” Then one of her students asked “But Mother, are we not to discriminate between good and evil?” And she answered “Ah, now you have asked me what is to me the hardest thing in Christian Science! Yes, you must see and denounce evil. The Bible tells us that Jesus was God’s chosen because he loved righteousness, but the Bible does not stop there. It says, ‘and hated iniquity’! So often have I longed to see and know only Love-only the good-but I have not dared. I must uncover and rebuke and hate iniquity.” The book further states “To her this is the greatest struggle of all, the hardest thing in Science, but when one loves righteousness, one hates iniquity.”

      1. Martin Luther King Jr was a man filled with wisdom and understanding. One filled with wisdom and understanding has no need of violence, in word or in action, when changing the world. (Or in elevating its view).

  10. Jo, I have heard Bob Moline live many times, usually along with the soloist from my C.S. church in Newport Beach, CA. and have enjoyed that cassette along with several others. Kirsten, thanks for the link to another inspiring article. I especially liked this:
    “Pulpit and Press” (p. 3), “Know, then, that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly, and that nothing can dispossess you of this heritage and trespass on Love.”
    This is something I am working on.

    1. Hi Lori–Wow! What a treat to hear Bob Moline sing in person- just.maybe one day I’ll make it up there next time. Living in PB Pacific Beach (San Diego) transplant. Never been to Newport Beach or your church.

  11. Thank you Evan for the quote from Dr. King. And thank you to all for the inspiring quotes from various writings.

    1. Evan, loved your post as always, and especially loved the photo of each happy face of the family, There was no sadness there, none at all, only the joy of being together.

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