[VIDEO] Peace that stays with you

October 26, 2017 | 18 comments

Here’s a short vlog I produced on how to find spiritual peace that stays with you whether you are in a quiet corner of nature or in a noisy work environment.

18 thoughts on “Peace that stays with you”

  1. A great gift our Saviour gave us, Jesus Christ said: (John 14:27) “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you…Let no your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

  2. Thank you for this healing gift, Evan, and for all the blessings of your generous and selfless prayer and work in so many ways, blessing all.

  3. My dictionary says peace (in part) is “Freedom from disturbing thoughts or emotions” or “a state of concord between persons or governments, also an agreement to end hostilities.” So, peace blessings to all from all of us. Thankyou, Evan.

  4. Thanks Evan. This got me thinking about when the disciples were at sea in a boat in a storm and Jesus was sleeping peacefully. The disciples woke Jesus up because they were afraid they were about to perish. Here’s what is recorded in Mark 4:39 occurs next in that story (“he” being Jesus):

    And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

    I’d be interested in everyone’s comments about what happened here. It would seem that before he calmed the situation, Jesus was experiencing the same storm as the disciples but he was unaffected by it. Or did his spiritually clear thought make him totally unaware of a storm, knowing that God, good, would never create such a thing?

    Then when they awoke him, was Jesus actually calming a storm he was aware of or was he just calming the storm (the dream) the disciples were experiencing? I wonder whether this was like a case of someone waking up someone else that is having a nightmare. The person having the nightmare is aware of the nightmare, but the person that is awake is not experiencing the nightmare at all and is therefore able to wake the other person.

    Anyway, I’ve thought a lot about this story and have never come to a decision on exactly what occurred here, so I thought I’d ask. Thanks!

    1. Brian, I have been asking the same questions. When there are clouds in the sky, the sun is still shining. It is always shining. The clouds are like a graffiti that to the eye hide the truth of the sun shining. But, the facts don’t change that the sun is shining even though there are clouds. Perhaps Jesus saw that God was so omnipotent, supreme and good that it did not matter what the material picture presented. The truth was God was always taking care of his creation. And, he was so convinced of it, it changed the surroundings for everyone there. Perhaps surroundings are a reflection of many thoughts – sometimes disturbed thoughts that just need to align with truth to become peaceful. Once they do, voila, harmony. I am still trying to understand this too.

    2. Brian, that’s a really interesting question. Just for comparison there are a number of accounts in ‘Mary Baker Eddy Christian Healer’ which refer to her stilling destructive storms at Pleasant View. On page 385 it describes her. as saying ‘When I wanted to dispel a storm, I did not say ‘There is no thunder, and no lightning’ but I said ‘God’s face is there, and I do see it’.
      I look forward to hearing others thoughts about this too. 🙂
      Thank you very much Evan for another great vlog.

    3. Hi Brian, I think you’re right on with comparing the story to waking someone who is having a nightmare! Just as disease and sin aren’t real, so any seeming claim of separation from God isn’t real. Jesus knew they were safe in God’s care. His knowledge and awareness of that fact overrode the others’ belief in separation and danger.

      That’s how I see it, anyway! Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. When I first started thinking about spiritual ideas, I used to wonder what would be Jesus’s experience as he walked down streets of NYC, where I lived. I used to think he would see but not be attached to the things unlike goodness but walk right through it all untouched. Maybe the boat experience was like that for the disciples and Jesus.

    1. Maximo, I agree. Yes, they do. And, sometimes when we cry, we may be tempted to think God is not there or we are not loved but he is there and we are still in an atmosphere of love and he is still omnipotent. We just may not be seeing it at that time. Once we see it, we may still cry but they may be tears of joy.

  6. Your vlog helped me feell peaceful this evening, Evan. Thank you.
    A change of thought is what is always needed, not so much our surroundings
    (though it would be reasonable to be able to–peacefully–get out of a storm!)

    I’ve copied/pasted Peter Henniker-Heaton’s poem that Mary refers to, here for us:

    This is God’s day; I do not wish it
    To be any other day or time.
    This is God’s place; I do not want it
    To be any other place. I am
    About my Father’s business now and always;
    I do not long for any other employ.
    This is God’s presence; His company is sufficient
    Fully to satisfy.

    Here is God’s holiness; no further wholeness
    Can man require.
    Under His laws we live; no wiser government
    Can man desire.
    Man is complete and perfect in God’s own likeness;
    Man does not yearn for a different nature or name.
    Such are the facts that spiritually acknowledged
    Compel all human evidence to conform.

    Such are the facts that morning by morning welcomed,
    Uphold, direct, inspire
    Our every footstep and will safely bring us
    Through wilderness or fire.
    Such are the Christly facts that daily held to
    Evangelize, redeem
    All human thinking, till signs of healing follow.
    In such divine contentment is heaven and home.

    As we affirm our God-given peacefulness, we shall see it, humanly…..proportionately.

    This is a Science! (I’ll work on this idea, now!)

    Love to you all,


  7. MB seemed to have spiritual guidance throughout her career an recognition of her work is what guides us all where we need to be

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