Identify with Spirit-man

October 27, 2017 | 12 comments

God made man in His own image and likeness and since God is Spirit, that means God’s man is a Spirit-man, not a matter-mortal. Be sure to identify yourself accordingly!

When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, are you aware of the Spirit-man of God’s creating? Do you see God’s likeness, radiating intelligence, beauty, order, joy, gratitude and health?

If you look in the glass to see your identity, you likely are not beholding God’s image. You’re probably beholding something lesser, like a mortal who needs to lose weight, shows sign of age, or is less than ideal in some physical way. But reject that image! That’s not you. You are so much more.

You can’t be found in matter. You are not a temporal physical being. You are an ageless, healthy, fit immortal made in the divine likeness.

You find your true self in Spirit, never in physicality. You are a Spirit-man, a Spirit-woman, that is fully endowed with all of God’s perfection.

Wake to your true self today! Settle for nothing less. Be content with only the best. And the cool part is, that as you identify with the Spirit-creation, your human experience comes into line with it. Improvement occurs. Healing happens of that which does not belong to you, but seemed like it did when you were believing in something less than the perfect ideal.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote,

“Identity is the reflection of Spirit, the reflection in multifarious forms of the living Principle, Love”
Science and Health, p. 477.

“Learn this, O mortal, and earnestly seek the spiritual status of man, which is outside of all material selfhood” Science and Health, p. 476.

12 thoughts on “Identify with Spirit-man”

  1. This is absolutely perfect Evan! I so enjoyed every point you made…..that I cannot find my ‘TRUE” self in matter, but only in Spirit; that I am a Spirit-woman, fully part of God’s perfection;
    that I can awaken each day to my established freedom from flaws; that I am so MUCH MORE than a struggling mortal. I so appreciate your spiritual view of my ‘true self’!

    MarySue Harris

  2. Once again, so very helpful and healing, Evan, thank you. Your bountiful sharing of the healing gifts of CS in so many ways go forth to bless, and bless, and bless …

  3. Oh Evan, thank you so much for this ”sword of the Spirit”! So needed these days with the confusion around the belief that ( S) soul dwells in the body.


  4. Great!

    But, start even before looking in the mirror – start when you first wake up!

    I often fall into the trap of checking matter when I first wake up. How am I feeling? How is matter doing today? But that isn’t the real me. I do much better if I think about the Spirit-man instead.

    It’s a learning process.

  5. Thank you Evan. When I read this line:

    “You are a Spirit-man, a Spirit-woman, that is fully endowed with all of God’s perfection.”

    I read it to mean we don’t have to choose whether we are a Spirit-man -OR- a Spirit-woman. But instead we can identify with both! Since God is Father-Mother (Science and Health pg 16:27), we all express qualities typically associated with both man (strength, supply, etc.) and woman (tenderness, patience, etc.).

    1. Great! Thanks for pointing that out. Of course we all reflect ALL qualities of God, both those traditionally associated with masculinity and femininity. MBE talks about humanity moving past the concept of gender, and I believe we are seeing that happening more and more. It’s a bit awkward at the moment, but I see that as growing pains as people adjust to the idea that we aren’t locked into one limited idea of expression.

  6. Thank you, Evan. I needed this wake-up reminder. What a wonderful way to think and pray about my spirit-woman real self—first thing before I get trapped into mortal mind’s incorrect evaluation of who I really am. Gratitude to you overflows as I re-think about what I am looking for first thing in the AM.

  7. I spent a good part of yesterday with a long-time friend who I hadn’t seen for years. We took a walk in a park to find a bench overlooking the harbor that was dedicated to her brother. He died almost a year ago. We found the bench and took pictures of the bench, the view, and ourselves. She asked me to delete some of the photos of herself and she talked a lot about her appearance. I refrained from talking my thoughts. It seemed best for me just to be good company and see her as she truly is – reflecting God. Of course, we’ll see each other again and I am happy to have what you’ve written, Evan, to share with her. Thank you.

  8. Thank you, Evan. I, too, needed this wake-up reminder. What a wonderful way to think and pray about my real self—when I first wake and in front of the mirror before I get trapped into mortal mind’s evaluation of who I am.

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