Seek a significant awakening

October 30, 2017 | 31 comments

If you’re seeking a significant healing, it will likely come from a significant awakening.

Sometimes, people suffering sit idle waiting for something to change in the body, or their surround, so they can claim improved health. But for a change to occur in the body, a change needs to first occur in thought. And for a significant change in the body, likely, a significant change in thought is required.

If you’re looking for a significant improvement somewhere in your life, be open and receptive to making major changes in your outlook, point of view, and understanding of God to allow change for the better to occur.

The man at the pool of Bethesda had sat by the water for 38 years (John 5:1-9) waiting for an opportunity to be healed in the form of moving water. Jesus came along and asked, “Do you want to be healed?” And he meant, “Healed now.” The man hadn’t been looking for a major change of thought first, so didn’t understand what Jesus meant, and made physical excuses as to why he should continue suffering. If Jesus would have replied, “Oh yeah, well, I hope the water moves soon so you can be healed,” the man would have sat there for years, perhaps decades, waiting for healing. He wasn’t looking to change his thought. But Jesus knew better, and changed his thought for the better anyway, and healed him.

No doubt, that man left the poolside with a whole new view of what was possible through Christ. His thought had been significantly awakened by Jesus Christ which facilitated healing.

Big changes on the inside lead to big changes with the outer.

So, wait no longer. Walk away from any “poolside” of mortal belief that may tempt you to linger and sit mentally idle. Seek mental and spiritual change that let’s Christ into your experience and leads to a major awakening to spiritual reality. Seek significant change in perspective, not just little dabbles and tweaks here and there.

31 thoughts on “Seek a significant awakening”

  1. The Bible teaches transformation of the body by the renewal of Spirit.
    SH 241:13-14
    From Concord Express – A Christian Science Study Resource: The King James Version of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s published writings

    Excellent article, Evan. As perspective changes from matter-based to Spirit-based, wondrous things happen!

  2. Evan,

    Yes I think this is what’s definitely needed, if facing a major challenge. I am currently dealing with strong chest pains and and a deep pain in my right ankle that makes it hard to walk. I have been working with a Christian Science Practitioner for the last couple of weeks, and I do feel like there is an improvement, but the conditions are still persisting. I keep reviewing the same CS Truths pretty much daily eg “There is no Life, Truth nor Substance in matter…” (from the Scientific Statement of being in Science and Health). Also other relavant Truths. But not seeing the progress I would like. It does seem like I do need to have some kind of strong movement in my thought in overcoming these challenges. Something deeper needs to happen. This blog post helps confirm that idea. Thanks for your timely blog posts that seem to meet the need at the time. John in Canada.

  3. Thanks Evan. I’ve had a significant awakening recently in regard to nothing that I’d like to share in case it is helpful to others. A few weeks ago a citation from the C. S. Bible Lesson triggered this train of thought. Then recently I needed to carry some things across town, so I took down an empty box from a shelf in the garage. When I opened the box I found it was filled to the top with nothing. As I gazed at the nothing in the box I realized a few things about nothing…

    1) nobody ever looks into an empty box and recoils in fear at the sight of nothing

    2) the length of time that nothing has been in a box does not make it more difficult to replace with something

    3) there is no such thing as more or less “severe” nothing…all nothingness is the same…nothing

    4) the nothing in a box has no power to move or spread itself about

    5) the nothing in a box has does not have a voice. For example, the nothing had no way to suggest that I should fear it or that it was in control.

    6) the amount of nothing in a box is also not a factor when it comes to replacing the nothing with something

    Imagine the strange looks you would get if you exclaimed to a group of people “I was just driving down the highway and saw the most enormous mirage. The mirage must have contained 12,000 gallons of water! How many sunny days do you think it will take to dry up all that water?”

    You’d get strange looks because most people know that the apparent water in a mirage is “nothing” and therefore it does not disappear through evaporation. It’s a change in perspective that makes the apparent water in a mirage disappear.

    The citation from the Bible Lesson that triggered this train of thought is from page 563 of Science and Health:

    Human sense may well marvel at discord, while, to a diviner sense, harmony is the real and discord the unreal. We may well be astonished at sin, sickness, and death. We may well be perplexed at human fear; and still more astounded at hatred, which lifts its hydra head, showing its horns in the many inventions of evil. But why should we stand aghast at nothingness?

    After reading this, the thought came very clearly to me that any apparent discord (sin, sickness, death, fear, hatred, etc.) we think we’re experiencing is actually “nothing”. And because it is nothing, any apparent discord does not need to be feared, it doesn’t matter how long the discord has claimed to exist, or what severity it claims to have, or whether there appears to be a huge amount of discord. All we need to do to see the nothingness of discord is to change our perspective. In other words, see the nothing for what it is…not created by God and therefore not real. Then replace the nothing belief with something …the true idea of Truth and Love (which has been there all along). This all takes place in our thinking as we correct each discordant suggestion that often presents itself as “material sense” with a “diviner sense” that knows only the harmony of God, Love.

    This awakening about nothing has really helped me. I enjoyed using the online Concord Express tool to look up references to “nothingness” and “nothing”. There are a lot of references to this topic on pages 246-252 of Science and Health, so if you don’t have access to Concord Express and want to do a quick study on what Mrs. Eddy writes about nothing, reading pages 246-252 would be a good starting point.

      1. Thank you Brian for taking the time to express your “nothing” thoughts in writing. Good spiritual thinking.

        God is love and if in all and through all and above all….

    1. Thanks Evan for the lesson – need to have big change on the inside for it to be revealed as change on the outside.

      And thanks Brian for the very good lesson on a box full of nothing!!!!!

    2. I love it, love it, love it!! Thank you Brian, I held to the very same thought
      today, when a friend called to discribe a “thing” that her sister was suffering. How wonderful to know it is NOTHING….and now, on to bigger and better Blessings to be revealed.

    3. WOW! What an insight! “Why stand aghast at nothingness?” has always been one of my favorite quotes, but it was not until I read your comments about nothingness that I realized I never really understood what Mary Baker Eddy was saying. The visual with box helped. This is also very useful for work (preschool teacher) right now as we battle the material idea of contagion. I realized I was standing just as much aghast at how much my co-workers worried about kids being sick and contagion. Oops, need a change of thought. Thank you. Do you mind if I copy and paste this into a word document so i can refer back to it?

      1. Hi Heather…Yes, please feel free to copy this to a Word doc or use in whatever other way that is helpful to you.

  4. Love your excellent, fresh inspiration on “nothingness” Brian! It will surely keep me smiling, as the visual will keep it easily in thought. I hope you will share it in an article so it can bless many more.

  5. Thank you again Evan for this timely blog and also to all who share their inspirations. Thanks too Brian, I will always remember your sharing about nothingness in that empty box and about the mirage.

  6. this is timely for me. I have felt that this healing was really a deepening awakening. I know what is true but I need to know it in a deeper way. Each little baby step along the way has felt like a big climb, a big leap but when it happened it was always a simple ‘oh’ moment, that it was all nothing.
    when I was a child I used to have nightmares and get tangled in the sheets. I couldn’t get out of the tangle and the more I struggled the tighter the sheets became. If I stopped and just lay there a simple untangling would be suggested and I was free. Awakening to a deeper understanding reminds me of this. Lately I have become aware of the false ideas I have about myself ,still running in the background, like old software.

  7. Thanks so much, Brian, for your insights into nothing. I will check out the references in Science and Health you mentioned. This is such an important subject for us to see and understand clearly!

  8. Great, Evan and all. Thank you. Especially you, Brian.

    What would keep one from being willing to say and believe of an extreme pain or deep sorrow or intense fear that it is “Nothing?”

    Divine Science makes huge demands on us, yes, but we are brave pioneers and must be ready and able to take …nothing!…on!! It’s a fascinating ride, for sure. And our divine intelligence, God, is driving!!! (Thank goodness. My…nothing-brain is not up to the task!)

    What would keep one from being willing? Pride? Ego? Stubborn Refusal? Lack of Moral Courage? Engrained Habits? We all know the routine….But the time has come for radical reliance and forward movement, it seems to me. And I sure do know about resistance!!
    But it isn’t MY resistance, nor YOURS, nor ANYONE’S. It is animal magnetism, which is not real power, it is….in fact…NOTHINGNESS!!!

    so there, error!

    1. Thanks SpiritViewFan! Very thought provoking!

      I love the way the examples of healings in the Bible bring out different aspects of thought that needed correcting. In this healing account Evan referenced at the pool of Bethesda there is no mention of Jesus asking about the particulars of the physical problem the man had. Instead Jesus seemed to hone in on the fact the man must have been suffering from a belief his situation was “hopeless”. Therefore Jesus healed the man’s hopelessness and that change in thought resulted in what would be considered a “physical” healing. In other cases, Jesus detected a person was in the condition they were in because they believed either they had sinned or their parents had sinned and therefore they were doomed to eternal suffering. When he healed that belief, “physical” healing followed. Each case is so different but in so many cases the actual physical symptoms of the case are never considered by Jesus when he decides what “error” needs to be corrected.

      When we have a situation that isn’t being resolved, do we keep focusing on the material/physical aspects of the problem or do we look at the bigger picture and perhaps address some other aspect of our thinking (some belief we are holding to) that could be keeping us from awakening to the true idea of our identity as God’s expression?

  9. Spiritual awakening and improved perspectives are huge gifts in themselves – in addition to the resolution of whatever apparent need for healing motivated them. Thanks for today’s powerful blog post, Evan. I too will be using this helpful concept to move forward.

  10. Getting to this late today—7:30 p.m.—but all I can say is Thank You! What a great post, and I loved your reply, Brian, about nothing. It was cool! 🙂 Thank you all!

  11. Thanks endles dear Evan, Brian and all you dear commenters of this very specially helpful spiritview – so so needed and extremely inspiring and healing – am awfully grateful for it !

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