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September 30, 2011 | 6 comments

I lectured in Chester last Monday evening, at a Starbucks no less.  Yes, Starbucks are everywhere in the UK!  Along with many other brand name coffee houses…They are popular gathering places for the public.
Chester is a large city, with grand buildings, noble structures, picturesque streets, and awe-inducing sights as one strolls about the city pathways.
It was pure fun to walk down the stone-lined narrow streets and take in the multitude of shops, restaurants, and businesses along the way.
One of the streets on the way to the lecture venue
I was told that the Romans occupied Chester over 2,000 years ago.  There is a coliseum in town, along with a brick wall built around the perimeter of the ancient Chester as reminders of those long-gone days.  The city is filled with history and stories to tell. I wish I had more time to seek them out.
The lecture went super well.  Healthy attendance, eager faces, willing minds, and open hearts surrounded me in the back half of the coffee house for over an hour.
My topic was “Family and Relationships united in love.” This is a new lecture for me to deliver, but each time I give it, I am struck by the response at the end.
People, in general, are dealing with a lot of family troubles and issues. It appears to be a crying need for more understanding amongst the general population on how to get along with each other, work out conflict, settle disagreements and come together in peace. I suppose this is why there are so many divorces and family break-ups.  Perhaps why politicians, at least in the US, don’t know how to work together either. How to love unselfishly and come out ahead eludes many.
“What the world needs now is love…” an old pop tune used to rally.
It is true! Love is the most fundamental and basic need in all relationships. Love is what brings it all together when everything is falling apart. Love is the glue that unites many into one. Love is the one most important factor of all. It takes genuine, unselfish, generous, giving love to make a family or relationship work.
Without love, there is nothing. Love is everything.
One point I make in the lecture is that a marriage could be symbolized by a triangle, a structure that has 3 points.  The two bottom points could be labeled “husband,” and “wife.”  The top point is “God.” And I explain that what makes the relationship work between husband and wife is the goodness and love flowing from above, from God, into the thoughts and affections of each spouse, which they in turn share with each other.  And I mention that one spouse must not consider the other spouse the “source,” of that good.  God is the source.  Go to God first for what you think you need in the relationship, find it within, and then bring it to the other.
One woman in attendance, afterward, said she was so grateful for this analogy.  “I’ve been doing it all wrong!” she lamented. “I’m going to quit accusing my husband, start going to God first, and then bring to him what I find in God. My new approach!” It sounded like a good idea to me!
Many other heartfelt comments were made as well.  It was a very productive evening.
Where the lecture was held

6 thoughts on “People looking for love”

  1. It appears that you have branced out and identifying locations for lectures to be given. Wonderful, that a coffee house offered the space and the choice of drink was?

    Spiritual Thirst!

  2. I go to your blog every day and are never disappointed and always uplifted..thanks for your clear-sightedness. Imagine how thrilled I was with today’s …….. an ex-Brit who used to go to Chester for special shopping trips when I was growing up. Lived in close by Shropshire and sure was great to see photos of familiar places. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful trip.

  3. Thank you, Evan, this is wonderful. I love the photo too. I am enriched every time I read your interesting and happy stories. Love is the most precious and strongest force in the world and your examples in your lecture are sure helpful and practical. Great neighborly idea to bring spiritual inspiration to a coffee house gathering. 😉

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