Scenes from NewCastle

September 29, 2011 | 4 comments

Because of my busy lecture schedule, there is little time to sight-see as Kathy and I criss-cross the UK, but we do occasionally get to take in some of the special sights. Below are a few pictures from our day in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a very beautiful place.
We started the day by attending church at the local branch located in Gosford, a bit north of the main city. Church was held upstairs in a delightfully decorated room, and quite cozy for all those in attendance, but fun to be in a crowded room of fellow-seekers of Truth.

After a very successful lecture, we went into Newcastle to see the famous Gateshead Millenium bridge. On our walk down to the river, I got Kathy to pose in front of one of the other 7 bridges that spanned the river running through town.



And below is the Gateshead Millenium bridge, located in the background. It’s quite an architectural wonder, the only in the world. There is a walkway, shaped like the arch you see, crossing the water. When ships come through, the arch you see moves to one side pulling the walkway up with the cables until both arches are elevated above the water with 25 meters underneath for ships to sail through.

And at night…the floodlights change colors every couple of minutes running through the rainbow to the delight of all onlookers.


Another one of the brilliant colors…


The local theater house…with Kathy standing outside….

The Gateshead show house from a distance…

4 thoughts on “Scenes from NewCastle”

  1. I love these photos, Evan! What a divine adventure you
    and Kathy are having. The smiles on your two faces say it all: Life is God, Good!!

    Thank you for sharing via the amazing internet.

    :<)) Sue

  2. We were delighted to see the photos that you took. I especially loved to see the church building where you shared the lesson with so many precious folks.

    Thank you for sharing. – sas

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