Progress on tour in UK

September 28, 2011 | 5 comments

All is going well on my UK lecture tour. I’ve talked with many newcomers who have attended, and enjoyed hearing their story and encouraging them to study Christian Science for the healings they seek.


One woman reported coming to one of the lectures exhausted and feeling unwell, not sure she should even be there, but was fully healed during the event.  She was glowing with joy and happiness afterward, bouncing out of the auditorium with light in her feet.


Another woman wanted to know if she could treat herself in Christian Science and not rely upon another person.  She had sought help for years from therapists, doctors, physicians, and counselors, and to no avail.  None of them helped her, and she was wary of relying on anyone else from now on.  To her delight, I assured her that she had everything she needed in the Bible and Science and HealthShe was quite happy about that.


Another woman, who is a Christian Scientist, wanted me to know that Science and Health is easy to understand and not to let people believe otherwise. She said that when she was a youngster, her mom attended Christian Science services off and on.  She asked her mom to take her, but her mom said, “No, I’m not taking you.  You will never understand it.”


The young girl, distressed, relayed the story to one of her friends, who responded with, “I know what church that is.  I’ll take you!”  And that is how she got first exposed to Christian Science. She understood it, and never looked back.


A man told me that the only other Christian Science lecture he had ever attended was over 50 years ago in Chicago. Noting the very formal style lecturers used to employ in their delivery, he noted, “They sure have changed a lot since then!” He was quite happy with what he heard that afternoon, and the woman he was with, another newcomer, said she was eager to get a copy of Science and Health and read what it had to offer.

And there is so much more…but the tour goes on, and more lectures to give this week…


What fun!

5 thoughts on “Progress on tour in UK”

  1. Love inhaling these healing comments.

    Glad she had light in her feet instead of pebbles in her shoes.

    Love that brilliant British flag.

    Keep up the good reports, Evan!

  2. We are so grateful for your blog each morning, and for your uplifting, hopeful messages. Thank you so much for what you are doing.

  3. Evan:

    Your enlightenment and lecutures are helping out our cause. Is it possible for you to hold class instruction in England as you are needed there too!

  4. Thanks Bill. Nice idea! but I’ll be holding class in Richland, WA for the foreseeable future… There are good CS teachers in UK too!

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