September 25, 2007 | 15 comments

I just added a poll to the sidebar of my blog, located underneath my bio.

Check it out and cast your vote!

Also, I’d love to receive ideas on what polls to take.

What would you like to know?

Any suggestions?

15 thoughts on “Poll”

  1. I’m interested to know how many people who are Christian Scientists who think it’s against their faith to drink tea or coffee.

  2. We bought a coffee farm.None of us drink coffee, but it sure brought a lot af CS friends out of the closet, who do. There are more things available these days to be addicted to, like TV, trash novels, video games,…

    As to polls, if you poll mortal mind, you might Congress-like effects.

  3. I drink coffee. I wonder what the deal is about not drinking coffee. If it’s because of the caffeine, there’s a lot of things that have caffeine in it…like chocolate! Sometimes not eating or drinking something because of some rule seems to give it even more power. I think anything that is addictive or something that you can’t do without is just as bad. I know people who can’t stop chewing gum. To me, that’s a kind of addiction that’s just as bad.

  4. I agree that its wise not to judge people by their habits. Our job is to love, to love no matter what habits someone has or doesn’t have.

    Love is impartial. Like the sun shines unconditionally on one and all, we want to shine loving supportive thoughts on one and all too. At least, I hope we want to!

  5. Evan – you should have another option on your poll question “Not often enough!” I would have to tick that one!
    Cheers and thanks for your wonderful Life insights.

  6. I am interested to know how often everyone prays for the world. I know I would tick “not often enough” and I know I should. So often I’m so focused on my little world and the problems to be worked out, and I would prefer to look outward and pray for the world and everyone in it.

  7. I seem to be able to help others but when it comes to my ability to resolve my needs, I do not always succeed in my needs for healing?

  8. I think partaking of tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, etc is ok in itself. Just watch your motives. If you can’t start or end your day without indulging them for some needed energy, then you need to rethink the true source of all energy and provision.

    I was really bothered one day by the thought that I should be praying more for the world instead of just me. Then the thought came to see “me” as an acronym for “man everywhere”. Now, even when praying for myself, I am aware that every truth declared benefits all mankind…..i.e., “He leadeth ME in paths of righteousness….

  9. Ideas for poll:
    How many attend a CS branch church who use a bible different than KJV somewhere in their service?

    How many attend a CS branch church where the application form requires the applicant to state that they are free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

    Seems like Evan’s answer to judge not and to love more would be an appropriate response — just an editorial comment by the submitter.
    In polling, the phrasing of the question is so important. For example in your first poll, if I add “pro-actively when I’m feeling fine” the answer is once a year.

    If I include the times when I’m working on a challenge, then its at least weekly.

    It’s hard to know how the responders will interpret the question which is why a comment box in addition to the poll check box might be something to consider.

  10. Thanks for the poll suggestions. Keep bringing them on. This is an idea in infancy, but an exercise I hope helps us all get to know each other better and learn from each other.

  11. Hi Evan: I love the idea of a poll, HOWEVER, I can’t access it. The only way I can currently get to your blog is by tricking IE by hitting the stop X before the poll part loads. There is an empty square where the poll should be.
    Otherwise, I can read your posts and also the comments. Am I the only having this strange problem? Computers are indeed weird and wonderful. Peggy

  12. Unable to access your poll. Found “polls again” and “polls” which says to find it after your bio, but am still looking. Also tried e-mail to Evan using this site without success.

    Here are our thoughts on a few topics.

    Would like ideas here on suggestionss of hymns for the week on each lesson topic. Often my practitioner wife and I come up with obvious ones when reading the lesson but they don’t often get used either in our local society or at the Mother Church. On occasion we make suggestions to our first reader when we see him on Wednesday night and he often appreciates and uses them.

    Liked your blog on suggestions for change. We observed a good one in two churches we attended (Toledo Ohio and Southampton NY). At the end of the service the first reader read the Scientific Statement of Being and the SECOND reader read the corr. passage from 1st John and then the first reader read the benidiction. It went very smoothly and seems like a very logical change.

    We have observed Scriptural Readings in Sunday Services from other versions of the bible than the King James. This was even done at the Mother Church. We really appreciate the way “My Bible Lesson.com” used the other versions of the bible to help clarify some KJ passages.

    What do people think about the reader in the Mother Church not reading the words of the hynms unless they are written by MBE?

    We enjoy your daily topics and discussions. Thank you very much.

  13. To anon above,

    I’ve heard of the practices you mention above done in many branch churches. I’ve heard the readings on Wed night done entirely from a Bible translation other than King James. New ideas are being experimented with around the world.

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