Pray for the safety of your children

November 3, 2015 | 18 comments

There are many ways parents can bless their children, and praying for their safety is one of them.

Prayer has far reaching consequences. Its effect does not reside simply in the immediate physical locale of the one who is praying. Its effect is felt by anyone the prayer’s blessings rest upon.

There is no space or distance in Mind.

What is true in one locale of Mind is true in every locale of Mind. So, when a parent prays to know their children are safe in divine Love’s presence, protected and cared for by the intelligent and wise Mind of God, that truth will be felt by their children, even if only unconsciously. And it will have a good effect on their experience.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote,

“Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited” Miscellany p. 210.

We can pray for the safety of our children in school, on the playground, in the shopping mall, at their friend’s house, walking down the street, out on a trip, traveling afar, or in places unknown.

God is everywhere. God’s truth and love are everywhere, and its presence encompasses our youngsters.

The purpose of prayer is to be aware of God’s reality and know its truthfulness. To the degree we understand and know its truthfulness, we demonstrate it.

So, keep up those prayers for your children, no matter what their age! They abide in Love. They are protected in Truth. Christ is with them. God is watching over them. Life is strengthening them. Principle is supporting them. They are in a very safe place with God, this moment, and in every moment. These truths rested upon them, do benefit them.

18 thoughts on “Pray for the safety of your children”

  1. Even though my kids will be 50,49 and 42 next year they are still just “my kids” and are still entitled to the same prayers of protection, guidance and security as they were when they were young…Gosh it makes ya feel like a kid again thinking about it.. maybe it’s time for another!!! Honey?…Honey?..Just a little fun hope no one is offended

  2. I love the quote from Mrs Eddy and the reminder to pray for our children everyday, but how strange you would use a picture with wine glasses on the table.

    1. Oh, you have a point. I suppose those could be wine glasses. I’m used to the sparkling cranberry juice, the Martinelli kind! So, rest assured, the picture was not chosen for the drinks on the table, but for the spirit of love shown around the table. And as I think about it, there are lots of people who drink wine and pray for their children’s safety and love them with their whole heart too. So, we’re all one big family under God!

  3. Oh, looks like cranberry juice to me!
    Important message! How those little fears creep in when we think of our children in places outside of home — but can they ever really be outside of home, heaven, wrapped in their Father’s arms? Good, good to think through this thoroughly, daily.

  4. I drink from the spirit knowing that keeping our thoughts towards our original connection to God through the spiritual environment of Soul never for an instant separate from His/her loving care in which we all are safely held in God’s principle of Truth, Life and Love.

  5. OH! How I try to pray for CLIFFORD, my son who is now 45 with wife and child, who throughly believes in the Medical System, raised in C/S and for his whole school life was never absent because of illness until he went to College and then God sick with something almost every week. It’s not easy especially when I have to keep my thought inspired every moment. So far, so good. I am being forced to follow the medical but I am fighting to not to cave in.

  6. This post is beautiful! I don’t have mu own children, but I do have parents and preschoolers that I care for. Just as our parents pray for theor kids safety, children can do the same for their parents. My Dad who is not a Scientist will be going in for Heart surgery at the end of this month Mary Baker Edys quote that you posted is perfect to wrap my Dad, the surgeon, and all of his staff as well as the rest of my family in. It covers ALL of the bases. We have nothing to fear, God is in control.
    Yesterday I was working on handling the thought of contagion as we seem to have an out break of hand foot and mouth disease. I love how you remind us that our thoughts can bless others around us even if only subconsciously. Since God is everywhere and his love is everywhere, there no room for anything that is not of God. Thanks doe posting this, I was in need of inspiration for this challenge. Love reading your post every morning.

  7. Beautiful, Evan! I know there is a JSH-Online Chat coming up next Tues. 11/10, I believe……..with Marion English, CSB……and the Subject is on Loving Our Families and Keeping Our Family Ties Strong. Yes, so important to pray for outselves first, then our families and then our World Wide Family! Love and Blessings to All!

    P.S. I really love being able to comment on this Blog and to hear from all the Others. It feels like Family to me!

  8. Oops! The Chat on “Mending Family Ties” is on Tues. Nov. 24th., with Marion English, CSB – on JSH-Online.

  9. “His arm encircles me, and mine and all.” This is my daily prayer not only for my own adult daughter and her family, but my extended family, friends, and all mankind.

  10. Huh! I didn’t notice the wine glasses at all. What I noticed was their eyes were closed in reverence and their hands were joined together in unity of sincere prayer.

    Thank you, Evan, for the beautiful image of family support.

  11. And let’s not forget our non-human children…usually cats and dogs. I pray for my pets on a daily basis and know they are under God’s wing.

  12. Thank you all for the powerful reminder that it is how we choose to direct our thought – focused in Spirit and Truth – that unveils our Good and that of others, and that the very omnipresence and omnipotence of Love renders null and void any other possibility. Knowing the omnipotence of Good, Jesus never felt a “need” to lay down rules or standards – in fact he was opposed to all forms of judgement and condemnation and expectation of evil – so I often ask myself “why in heaven would I choose differently?”

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