Pray to see your spiritual self

January 29, 2018 | 25 comments

When praying for yourself, be sure that you’re praying to see your spiritual self, made in God’s image.
The word self can have a lot of mortal baggage attached to it that one is not aware of.
For instance, when praying for your “self” you might be tempted to think that your self is a physical body needing healing. It is not. Your real self is a Spirit-image that reflects the perfect health of God.
Or when praying for self, you might be tempted to think that your self is a mortal who needs inspiration and strength. It is not. Your real self is full of inspiration reflecting the ever-inspired divine Mind that is abounding in strength, energy and might.
The word self needs to be redeemed from mortality to gain a proper sense of identity.
Each of us, as children of God, are made in the divine image and likeness, which is pure Spirit expressed. There is no matter in Spirit. There is no disease, lack or error in Spirit’s image. There is no disease, conflict, or error in your Spirit-self.
So, when you pray for yourself, be sure to pray for understanding of your spiritual self, which has not a single hint of error anywhere to be found. It’s the only self that God made, and it’s yours to claim and possess.

“…let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly righteous and holy” Ephesians, 4:23-24, NLT.

25 thoughts on “Pray to see your spiritual self”

  1. Wonderful reminder, rhank you Evan.

    God is All in all and we are the very image of this ever present, perfect Truth!

  2. WOW! Here is the foundation for countless GREAT HEALINGS to come! Remarkably powerful and to the point! Filled with gratitude for this and all of the wonderful posts here! Thank you so very very much!

  3. Love this! Not trying to improve a false sense of self! We are claiming and understanding our alikeness to God, or as Evan says: we are “pure Spirit expressed.” Just love the quote from Ephesians. Perfect! Thank you, Evan!

  4. Yes! Great gratitude for this reminder. We know this, that we are spiritual, but animal magnetism, also known as mortal mind, tries to impose itself on our true self. Claiming our true identity includes renouncing any attempt by mortal mind to influence us.

  5. Love this – thank you Evan!
    If each of us, as children of God, is made in the divine image and likeness, which is pure Spirit expressed, it seems like each of us expresses all of God. So then what makes each of us different from one another? Seems like we’re all identical?

    1. Hi Sally, One analogy that helps me is music. You can have 1000 songs that each use the same notes, but none of which is identical. Even with humans, you can take 1000 people and each will express love in their own way. So even though each express love, they are all different.

    2. Hi Sally,
      I would like to add some more explanations to Brians wonderful clear analogy.

      Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health under the titel: “What is man” – “Man is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas.” (page 475)

      For me that means, that each man, idea of God, is reflecting many very different precious qualities of God. And all these ideas or these qualities are coming together as the “compound idea” of its great creator, GOD.

      So you see, Sally, that all people of the world, Chinese, Americans, French, Indians and so on, are expressing a variety of spiritual qualities of the great good God – and that is the compound idea of God.

      Evan, I thank you for the so insightful SpiritView of today with a lot of healing ideas!

      My prayer for myself was always the “daily prayer” by Mary Baker Eddy.
      But I did not yet specially pray to know my spiritual self.

      Evan, that is such a wonderful idea, and it is so logical and very important, to pray and ask God for His guidance to give us a better understanding of our real purely spiritual self – thank you very much indeed!

      thank you all dear commenters for your inspiring and interesting comments!

  6. Yes, helpful as always, Evan. Thank you.

    There are 21 references to the word “Ego” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,
    by Mary Baker Eddy. On page 204 she writes: “When will the ages understand the Ego, and realize only one God, one Mind or intelligence?”

    As we all do, I yearn to understand so much more what One Mind means. A vast subject!!

    This Mind can and does only see Its Own images, and loves them. Mind, God, is Ego-istic.
    We are the objects of this infiniteLove!


    Have a Love-ly Day, Everyone!

  7. answer to Sally: There are only 88 notes on the piano, but look at the variety of repertoire that’s been composed for that instrument. Each expresses those 88 keys differently. I think that’s a good analogy for our spiritual selves. We reflect all of God’s qualities in individual ways.

  8. Yes, Brenda’s response to Sally is spot-on. We could take any of the synonyms for God and each one could be expressed in an infinite variety of ways.

  9. As I pray for my”self” I pray it to be not a self-centered prayer, but a God-centered prayer; that this will be for me a day of God-centered, God-derived thoughts, words and actions; that where I go God’s will is done for me and everyone – only good on earth as in heaven; that I am not wanting love or wanting to love, but living love by expressing and witnessing divine Love. As the fake news of mortality, like the snake in the garden of Eden, tries to impress me with what it says I have not, I will know myself as Spirit’s image that cannot forget but will remember this prayer and live it. Thank you Evan.

  10. Right on, Evan, as always!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your inspiration with all of us. I, for one (and clearly, there are many!), really do appreciate it!

  11. Thank you Brian and Brenda. Your responses re: music and the 88 piano keys were right on the mark – so very helpful!

  12. Thanks, Evan, and all. I love the 88 keys reference. Yes, we are each the individual expression of infinite Mind, and “infinite” is unlimited. We have much to be grateful for!

  13. Every day I strive to see myself as an
    Active divinely mental spiritual idea in God.
    The reverse of matter is spiritward thinking!

    Today’s entry of yours Evan…was especially helpful!


    Nez Calhoun

  14. Loved your message. It is definitely one to reread. It is so easy to slip into mortal mind. Stay in and with the Divine!

  15. Thanks to you, Evan, and to all who shared ideas. Read this yesterday and again today as there is much to contemplate here. Very helpful!

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