Prayer for summer travel

June 11, 2021 | 29 comments


If you’re headed out on a trip this summer, be sure to start your adventure with a resounding prayer for safe travel!

See yourself as traveling in the omnipresence of God, no matter what your destination or means of getting there.

Mind is the highway you drive. Love is the airplane you soar in. Truth is the adventure you seek.

Love goes before you, follows behind, watches from above, and supports from beneath.

The Mind of Love gives you wisdom to make the best choices, insight to know what to do, and direction for the way to go.

The one Mind guides and directs everyone around you so that you live, move and drive in harmony with all other people. There are no collisions, accidents, or mishaps in the one Mind. All works together for good, and for the safety and blessing of all.

Health is spiritual, built into your being, and goes with you wherever you go. It’s fixed, a permanent part of your being. It does not wane or waver. It is reliable, certain, dependable, ever-present, a spiritual force itself backed by God and designed to stay at 100% under all circumstances.

The one Mind is expressed by everyone in your travel party, which gives all of you the ability to get along with each other marvelously, to support each other, to see the good in each other, to work as a team, and to love without limit. This Mind is instantly forgiving, holds no resentments, blesses, encourages, and is a positive presence.

See the trip planned by divine Mind which gets the details right and knows what to do and when for the best outcome.

Travel in Love, think in Mind, bear witness to Truth, and enjoy the trip. Any adventure taken with God will be safe and happy.

29 thoughts on “Prayer for summer travel”

  1. Evan this is perfect for me today as my husband and I are shortly to take a road trip. The ideas you have given here are so supportive of all forms of travel even just short trips to the shops! I have always been grateful to my practitioner for pointing out these lines from hymn 376:
    “For Thou throughout the journey
    Thy loving care wilt show”.
    You are always so on the ball with your daily messages. Thank you so much!

  2. Evan,

    What a wonderful message this morning!
    I so love your line, ” Mind is the highway you drive. Love is the airplane you soar in. Truth is the adventure you seek. Love goes before you, follows behind, watches from above, and supports from beneath.”
    God is beneath, around, above. There is no spot where God is not.
    Thank you Evan!

  3. Thank you! For me, this is a beautifully expressed and complete pre-paving or segment intent as it so thoroughly establishes and maintains the ideal state of at-one-ment in ease and happiness I want to manifest throughout the day..And by law it must reveal in my experience.

  4. The paragraph of heath is Spiritual is my favorite.
    Healthy conditions cover the other entries too.
    Healthy roads, plans, friends, sweet concord in all planning and then going to healthy destinations.
    Thank you. Have a wonderful trips!

  5. Blessed insights ♡ … beautifully filled in the Divine Light where pure Love reigns in all and for all.
    Thanks Evan perfectly refreshing !!♡
    Thank you.

  6. Perfect timing, Evan! I’m leaving on a road trip with family this morning! Thank you for this all- encompassing prayer for safety, direction , and unity for all involved! The goal is to seek Truth! Very inspiring!

  7. I will be traveling 200 miles today to Williams Az for a car show most of them on I 40 West in my classic truck This was perfect timing .Thanks to all of you!

  8. Thank you, Evan! We are on the road, having just departed for a six hour trip to see a daughter and granddaughter whom we haven’t seen in almost a year:) This is perfect treatment for travel, no matter what. To know we are always safely held in God is so comforting and reassuring. My fellow travelers include a 3 & 4 year old, another daughter and my husband. Thank you again for this, it came at the perfect moment❤️

  9. I especially love this very helpful and practical part of your message, like a staff to guude you by and lean on: “Travel in Love, think in Mind, bear witness to Truth, and enjoy the trip.” Thank you, Evan!

    1. A great addition as we continue on our “Upward soaring way” Thanks Angie. Keep ’em coming!

  10. Thank you Evan, Angie for the link and all other participants. As the mom of an airline pilot, I will share today’s SpiritView with my son. Recent disturbances have redoubled my prayerful work for all travelers, for peaceful inter actions among passengers and patience with each other as travel gets busier. The assurance of the arms of Love surrounding God’s children as they travel, fly, drive, even hike and bike is so reassuring.
    I love that God always gets the details right.

    1. My son, a LtJg in the US Navy, just deployed for ten months on a guided missile destroyer. This will help me hold on and remove fear and know he is safe and loved and protected. And everyone on the seas, even our so called enemies, are shielded and healthy and safe.

  11. I will go forward on my trip to the mountains next week with the substance and power of the spiritual ideas that were so magnificently expressed by Evan. Many thanks and love to all.

  12. Perfect as I get ready to drive down the mountain with a friend to shop at my destination one hour away. Thanks Linda for including short trips to the shops. We are getting some blessed rain that is needed today, and one of my favorites Danuta “There is no spot where God is not” Have a lovely day everyone.

  13. Thanks, Angie, for the article. I’ve enjoyed that same experience of hot air ballooning over the desert in Paris, southwest California. It’s a main center for this event. It was an amazing experience.

    Before I leave the house to go anywhere, short distance or long, I pray with Psalms 121: 8 “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.”

  14. Thank you Evan, this is a wonderful prescription for life, wherever and whenever we go. I don’t have any particular travel plans for this summer but this is the right way to approach all of our endeavors, as small as a trip to the supermarket or as large as a trip to the other side of the world.

    My daughter will be visiting us from California next month. I will share this with her and we will know that we are all wrapped in the One Mind of divine Love and care every moment. Much appreciated, and love to all my dear Spiritviewers!

  15. Wow dear Evan, you cannot imagin, or perhaps you can imagin, as you yourself experienxed so many demonstrations, how utmost comforting and exactly meeting my very needs today your uplifting and healing SpiritView is! Thank you very much indeed!
    These weeks I had to pray for more harmony with specially one neighbor next to me. When she was outside on her terrace0 she was very loud and disturbing. Now Evan gives the healing thoughts in this passage: “The One Mind guides and directs everyone around me so that I live, move and drive in harmony with all other people. There are no collisions, accidents or mishaps in the one Mind. All works together for good and for the safty and blessing of all.” That truth is so wonderfully comforting. This whole SpiritView can be applied not only for travelling but also for several other situations!
    Thank you so much Evan, I feel very blessed and comforted and helped not only today but always. And also the links to relevant articles and many other comments are blessing and comforting! Thanks so much to all!♡

    1. Wow the truth of this uplifting sentense, Evan gives us above, leads me happy and safely to church tomorrow: “Love goes before me, follows behind, watches from above, and supports from beneath.” I have a 30 minutes drive as I live at the edge of Hamburg. So we see happily that we really can apply these spiritual view given us so lovingly, for various matters – wonderful – am grateful for this!♡

  16. Such a comforting thought for my Son who is travelling back to Paris today.
    ‘Love goes before you, follows behind, watches from above and supports from beneath.’
    Perfect …thank you Evan and everyone commenting here this weekend. ❣️

  17. “God’s thoughts are substance and Life” (S&H 286:21-22). Thoughts do not accumulate years,
    nor anything else. They are fresh and eternal. They do not belong to yesterday or tomorrow, but are all now. Thoughts do not wear out. Above all, thoughts do not think, and so all there is to the substance of yourself is the divine Mind thinking you. Man is not a thinker, but is God’s divine awareness of all the radiant qualities that make up His own infinite Being.
    “We are not talking about persons, places, or things. We are talking about consciousness—about God’s own consciousness of His own Oneness and Allness. This is the only way you live.”

    Bicknell Young ‘Dean of Teachers’ 1936

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