Prayer for the US presidential primaries

January 29, 2016 | 12 comments

The presidential primaries are heating up in the United States right now. Political debate, ads, rhetoric, accusations lobbed back and forth, and daily polls often headline the news. For interested observers, it can be tempting to get emotionally caught up into the hype and start to worry about the future of the country depending upon who is elected.

But rather than worry, and fuel further fear and angst in the public consciousness over elective outcomes, I’ve found it more constructive to pray for reason, honesty, integrity, and sincerity in the public debate, expecting that as public consciousness is dominated with calm and balanced perspective, voters are going to make better decisions.

This type of a prayer might feel like a little voice in a crowded stadium of competing zealous fans, but one has to start somewhere. As past elections have proved, one vote can make all the difference as to who wins. And one metaphysical vote early in the electoral process for balanced reason, fairness and justice for all may make all the difference in the end.

Your prayers for a positive outcome make a difference. And now is a good time to offer them!

12 thoughts on “Prayer for the US presidential primaries”

  1. Yes, if we all pray to know that all are Gods children and can actually express only the godly qualities, you mentioned and more, then there will be that individual child of God elected, whom God wants to do that important “Job”.
    appropo “small voice” – that reminds me what Mrs. Eddy says in “Science and Health” on Page 323: 29-30: It is the “still, small voice” of Truth uttering itself.
    Thank you Evan, for your inspiring SpiritViews!

  2. I’ve been praying about politics and government for many years. When tempted to get “caught up” in the sound and fury, a quick reminder that there’s only ONE government…God’s…usually calms my thought. “…And the government shall be upon his shoulder…” (Isa. 9:6)

  3. We need to know this one government for those ranchers who are now caught up in a government action in Southern Oregon. As the politics for the president goes forward we need to know there is space for all peoples, hearing for all voices, supply for all needs, love for all difficulties.

  4. Personality must never be present in human consciousness when praying for the right person to vote for. What they reflect as God’s image and likeness should be the #1 in thought, then listen for thy voice and make that the priority in the vote.

  5. Thank you, dear Evan for another succinct reminder helping us in our daily prayers for our government. It prompted me to look up the several references in Mrs. Eddy’s writings about our Constitution. On p.222 of Miscellany she writes “Mankind will be God-governed in proportion as God’s government becomes apparent, the Golden Rule utilized, and the rights of man and the liberty of conscience held sacred.”
    In this week’s lesson Sermon we have the wonderful example of how to see through the claims and counter claims of competing voices through Elisha’s perception of the ever presence and all power of God’s thoughts seen as the presence of God’s guardian hosts.
    Betty T

  6. Prayer, and standing up for peaceful. constructive values that bless all, can make a difference! In my province in Canada, we now have a progressive government, making constructive change, that replaces one that had been in power more than 40 years that was disregarding people’s needs on more than one front. Federally, we have gone from a government with an “every man ( or business) for himself” deconstructive approach to one that seems to be trying to address imbalances and be more open and caring on a national and international level, for which I’m grateful. Progress can be made, and entrenched fears and biases or abuses of power corrected, when one prays to affirm that God’s government can be discerned as the ‘gold standard’ for any elected representative, “As in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme.” Mary Baker Eddy (whose Daily Prayer also applies!)

  7. Thank you, Evan, for this important topic and good ideas! And Thank you Everyone for your very good Comments. I know Mrs. Eddy didn’t really get too involved in human politics, but kept her thought on a “righteous government”! God is governing everywhere, at all times! Much Love!

  8. Thanks so much, Evan, for a very timely and inspiring message. I have been thinking “none of the above” as I watch the campaigns progress. Then, I stop and pray that there is only one Mind and that this Mind is ALWAYS in control, under all circumstances and in all places. This week’s lesson on Love is also a helpful reminder to love our neighbors – including politicians. This is an ongoing process!

  9. It never fails to impress me that the forefathers of America were lead to inspire us – and all governments since have maintained – in the Truth left in full view at all times: the brilliant reminders in both words and symbols on the one dollar bill and coins that we use every day!

  10. Thank you Evan. I have needed to stop and pray many times with this election coming up. It is an opportunity to get a clearer understanding of the one God, one Mind. I have also been acknowledging God, good and looking for evidence of good.

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