What do you expect?

January 28, 2016 | 7 comments

“We tend to get what we expect.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale

Expectations can be so subtle in the human mind. A person may affirm on the surface that they expect to stay healthy, but if they entertain unconscious fears that they may get sick someday, those subconscious fears may surface and seem to take over mind and body at some point. So, we have to be really honest about our state of mind and heal any doubt or concern about our future health.

Jesus was aware of this. He instructed, “Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation” Mark 14:38, NLT. It’s a daily effort, to faithfully watch and pray for the Mind of Christ that knows only permanent health, but the effort is worth the reward. Faithful watching of all mental conditions gives us opportunity to see and kick out any unwanted suggestions that would lead thought to suffering, and replace them with the realities of Life that keep us healthy and happy.

God is All! Man is child of God. You are the child of God, and that means you have a healthy and well individuality to cherish and express every single moment of your existence. Cherish it without fail and enjoy its benefits!

7 thoughts on “What do you expect?”

  1. We need to expect good and if we do so trusting in the all power of God, the good unfolds very beautifully and with certainty.
    Keeping our thoughts uplifted all the time, letting them soar higher and higher towards the Truth of what God knows about us as real, brings light and dispels the darkness of disease.
    Thanks Evan for the lovely inspiration.

  2. So Good, Evan! Doesn’t Mrs. Eddy say something about……”expectation speeds our progress…….”??? I do think that expectation needs to be based on spiritual facts and not just hopeful, wishful thinking. When we pray and study the Bible Lesson and our C.S. Books, the Bible and Science and Health, we get a firmer conviction that truly Good is the Only Reality and is Ever-Present! Then we will have a natural expectation of Good in our lives!

  3. Treating doing the Bible Lesson each morning should be seen as washing the cobwebs of false beliefs right out of consciousness as we brush our teeth and take showers to clean our bodies.
    Then we can expect our day to run smoothly just as we expect an odorless body when cleaned.

  4. Expect all good, right action, freedom of movement, etc. Thank you Evan. Tobias — right on with your statements.

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