Eliminate that rush-rush feeling

January 27, 2016 | 9 comments


Do you ever feel like you have to rush around to get things done?

Here are a few thoughts from a Daily Lift I recently shared that can cure those hurry-up sensations.

“Your right place”

9 thoughts on “Eliminate that rush-rush feeling”

  1. yes, thats right – I do feel from time to time like I have to rush around to get things done; and often I want to do it quickly. Therefor it is very important to study the lesson in the morning, before doing anything. That calms us and brings us peace and lets us do the right duties on time. I am very, very grateful, dear Evan, for your so helpful Daily Lift!

  2. Yes, rushing is based on the premise that matter needs to be tended to, arranged, bought, cleaned, maintained, etc, etc,, and is…well, the basis of life, (error’s claim!) and that matter requirements are constant and demanding.
    To step back from all this activity and realize that, in truth, divine Mind IS All and Does All, and harmoniously is so freeing, even if it is a glimpse!

    Thanks for the reminder, Evan.


  3. What a Perfect topic, Evan! I have indeed been feeling “Rush, Rush” and it’s been feeling like Time is flying by so fast and that I have to literally Run to keep up with it! Now I can stop and know: “Right Place” means a consciousness of God’s Presence. And: In Spirit, “Place” is spiritual consciousness. Every place is a Right Place for spiritual consciousness! Thank you so much for these supporting Truths! Love to All!

  4. I love to visit this blog…this small space which generates healing thoughts lovingly shared. It’s so supportive to join with others that love God and strive to follow HIS direction in everyday living. I’m very grateful…thank Evan, and all responders.

  5. I agree with BEVI about being CONSCIOUSLY IN YOUR RIGHT PLACE IN THOUGHT. I never thought of place in that way. Since C/S has to do with thought and not physicality then of course you don’t have to rush. You’re doing right all the time even if matter tells you differently. So where is that rush-ruse feeling? NO WHERE!

  6. My right place, right now, is reading this blog and listening to your Daily Lift – thanks so much, Evan!

  7. Wonderful. Thank you to all for your comments but especially to Evan for insightful approach to rushing and to Bevi for her comments. I look forward to getting on this blog every day,

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