Prayer that makes a difference

November 11, 2019 | 18 comments

Prayer can be far more than inspired words and petitions to God for help. Prayer can heal! It can change circumstances for the better.

As part of my series on the healing benefits of practicing Christian Science, I share some ideas on this vlog about the healing power of prayer and how it can make a difference in your life.

I recorded this video while traveling to Alaska with my wife last September.

“Prayer that makes a difference”

18 thoughts on “Prayer that makes a difference”

  1. Hi Evan,

    Thankyou for sharing this wonderful insight.

    How can we summarise these spiritual laws?
    The ones I live by and apply to ALL human challenges.

    There is One Mind, we exist in that Mind and we are all connected to Mind and every single spiritual idea that Mind created.

    In Mind we are safe, guarded, guided, loved, cherished, whole, complete ad perfect.

    In Mind we are spiritual……not material and we are free, well and happy.

    I would love to hear how you summarise spiritual laws.

    With Love

  2. Thanks Evan – another inspiring video from your trek. As Many says, to summarise these laws would be helpful.

  3. Am I greatful that we learn in Christian Science, that the only great laws, are the ones which Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health and her other writings. That means what Evan says here, the laws of God, which are the laws that benefits all people surching for help.
    Thank you Evan for reminding me , because as a long standing Christian Scientist, I should know that all. But it is important that we apply those healing laws of God. There are no mortal laws in spiritual reallity, only God`s laws can govern us aright. Thank you Evan for that lovely video!

  4. Yes, Evan, to be able to learn how you summarize these laws would be extremely helpful! Your writing is so very clear and easy to understand. (sometimes “we” make it way too difficult)!! Appreciate all your good work every single day! Thanks for all the love and joy you bring to this vlog!

  5. As Jesus told the rich man that asked: There are only 2 great laws…to love God & to love your fellow man.
    Knowing all have one Mind, as Manny reiterated, is important in all healing. Much gratitude to U that help start my day in God’s direction & path

  6. Evan is inviting us to open the book(s) and discover fresh statements, fresh summaries of these laws every day. I appreciate Manny’s offering and find it fresh and helpful.

    Mrs. Eddy summarizes the law(s) of divine Love on nearly every page of Science and Health. And, from Unity of Good, page 18, she gives this “summary”:
    “…God saith, I am ever-conscious Life, and
    thus I conquer death; for to be ever conscious of Life is
    to be never conscious of death. I am All. A knowledge
    of aught beside Myself is impossible.”

    In a way, every blog post is such a fresh summary! There are infinite expressions of the divine law of good, are there not? I love the emphasis in this message of the practical application of such prayer that changes our perception of our experience to reveal evidence of good, health, harmony, supply, purpose….

  7. P.S. Our blessings in the USA & many other countries are to include those who are veterans. Veterans Day is special & reminds me of my dad who served in WWII

    1. Bless your dad for his service. (= And bless all those who have served our country. So grateful for their and their family’s sacrifice.

  8. One day last week I was tempted to be ill. Had a good deed to do. Almost went home after having bought supplies for a friend in need. I asked God whether to go or not.
    Knowing I had to feel better in order to function. Still heading toward the turning point the words came to me..
    “What is God directed is God protected”. A Sunday school lesson reheard in thought.
    Immediately I felt uplifted and well. Proceeded to do my task and rejoiced in doing it.

    Yes, Veteran’s day in the USA. Having read about the efforts extended to Veterans and all those involved in conflict here and abroad The Mother Church’s effort is beyond explanation. Tons of literature, supplies, money, food and clothes. Organizing with such effectiveness as to be an example to all devoted to charitableness in trouble.
    “Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of God.
    We are grateful for these servicemen who sacrificed for righteousness.
    Many thanks for the lessons. And the beauty of the Yukon. Magnificence….

    1. And our servicewomen. Our daughter is a combat veteran (pilot) having served in both Iran and Afghanistan. We prayed with the laws of God while she was there and, though she was shot at by the Taliban, she was unharmed and returned home safely. Today is a special day for us.

      1. Bless your dad for his service. (= And bless all those who have served our country. So grateful for their and their family’s sacrifice.

      2. Oops, not sure what happened there. Posted twice.

        Just wanted to thank your daughter and your family for her brave service for our country.

  9. Thank you so much, Evan, for this fabulous vlog. It’s perfect to share with friends who have asked about Christian Science and wonder how the healing side of it “works”!
    Thank you, and bless you for all of your wonderful healing messages on Spirit View.

  10. Thank you Evan for your vlogs. Yes, I like your analogy about mathematics being like applying the laws of God to our everyday challenges and finding a solution. Both are based on a science that can be proven consistently when applied correctly. One of God’s laws that I find so helpful is God’s law of harmony. It brings peace to many situations. Thanks for all the comments too. And thank you to all the veterans in all branches of the service. ❤️

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