Preparing for an interview

March 8, 2021 | 17 comments

If you have an important interview coming up, there are some spiritual steps you can take to ensure it goes well.

Lay the foundation for a successful interview by seeing the one Mind of God alone on both sides of the table during the interview.

The interviewer expresses the one Mind of God. The interviewee expresses the same one Mind of God.

The Mind that asks the questions, knows the answers, and is present in the interviewer and the interviewed.

Whatever question is asked of you, the best answer is already present in your Mind before you walk into the room. Your role, more than anything, is to listen for the voice of wisdom within revealing to you the answers that best address the questions asked. And Mind is already prepared with the perfect answer!

There are no unknowns about this interview for your Mind knows everything there is to know. Mind is prepared, ready to respond, understanding of all the ins and outs of inquiries, knows the background, sees the future, and understands implications presented.

Mind is not afraid or worried, concerned, or anxious. Mind is confident, clear, beaming with Love, knowledgeable of the facts, ready to help, and a joy to be around.

Mind masters every interview with wisdom, insight, intelligence, gratitude, joy, and love.

Mind is never afraid of what is to come, for Mind determines what is to come, and it’s always what’s best for everyone involved.

Never worry ahead of time. Interview with the one Mind and enjoy the dialogue.

Mind is always prepared. As Mind’s reflection, you are prepared for good results in whatever form they come.

17 thoughts on “Preparing for an interview”

  1. This is a tremendous dose of spiritual truth to deal with many face to face situations . Interviews have always seemed to be a bit ‘one sided ‘ to me but here you explain how Mind is knowing equally from both sides of the desk and in control, rather than a person. I don’t anticipate having interviews any more but I will sure share this thought with some of my children who are still working towards their goals. Thank you Evan for reminding us to apply our God given knowledge to all situations.
    God gives us knowledge, wisdom and joy. Love to everyone❣️

    1. Lori, all the best on your interview today between two perfect expressions of divine Mind, resulting in perfect outcomes.

      Evan, I loved, “Mind is not afraid or worried, concerned or anxious…..Never worry ahead of time…enjoy the dialogue.” This way of thinking applies to all situations. It brings relief and freedom from concern about past/future, and plants us firmly and joyfully in the NOW, the only place where we can find God’s presence (“presence” from the word “present,” which means NOW and also means a gift, and what a gift it is). We can rest peacefully in these Truths.

      “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” (2 Corin 6:2)

  2. When we know “Love’s work and love must fit” (Hymn 52) this covers the desire to find the right employment for both interviewee and interviewer. Many are now taught interviewing techniques, and it is sad to see these take over the expression of what the individual genuinely feels and can offer, for what you are is what you consistently give. The desire to be of service, not to see what you can get, but what you can give, works both ways, and leads to the best fit possible. Reflecting the one Mind, the perfect fit is brought forth, – an occasion that dispels worry for free expression, removes fear with joy and gives expectancy of good. As Evan says “Enjoy the dialogue”, – this is a sign of a good interview, – an exchange of views, not a meeting of “minds”, but an expression of infinite Mind. An opportunity to give.

  3. Thank you Evan for the uplifting outlook on interviews. One could also apply this to any conversation one has with another. Just what I needed today. Thank you Martine for the referenced article. So very helpful as well.

  4. Love this! It can also apply to public speaking. Mind is delivering the speech- doing all the communicating and the One Mind is appreciating and witnessing, hearing and delighting in what is communicated.! No fear in that, only Love and joy!

  5. “Right motives give pinions to thought, and strength and freedom to speech and action.” S&H Pg. 454:19-21

  6. Thank you Evan. It is so delightful to read this today when I am anticipating a phone call for a peer-to-peer interview. I am also thinking about calling on a City official soon with an “outside the box” idea for reusing the materials of a significant structure that will be deconstructed/demolished and replaced. When we acknowledge perfect Mind on both sides of the table, our doors open to spiritual adventures. We can expect to see, hear, and know God’s reflections as we meet, and acknowledge that the information and ideas we exchange are expressions of Mind, unfolding love.

    When I was a young mother and a fledgling Christian Scientist who studied the Quarterly Bible Lesson each morning and needed a job, I walked to an office near my home to apply for an advertised entry level job, I was told that they had run out of applications and I was asked to come back another day. I told them confidently that I had all the answers to the questions on the application and that while I was there, if someone wanted to ask me, I would give them. We had an interview and I got the job on the spot. I couldn’t have planned that one. I’m confident that God did.

  7. Thank you very much Evan for this uplifting SpiritView today! Such a beautiful foto. I did not yet give an interview, but one can compare it a bit with my following situation. Sometimes when I am invited to a certain friend I fear a bit that I talk too much and tell her something which I lateron regret having said that. Because in former times I told her things I later did regret having said. Well yes sometimes I thought about listening to God, what to say and reply to her, but it should be more, assometimes the talk is not so harmonious. So, dear Evan, it is very very helpful also in such case what you gave us with today`s`SpiritView. It is very good and healing to know that both, my friend and I express the o n e Mind, our loving, omnipresent and omniacting God, wonderful!
    So interesting and inspired comments, thanks all so much.

    1. To complete my comment, I remember a loved sentence from Science and Health on p. 72:30 by MBEDDY which is as follows: “Not personal intercommunion but divine law is the communicator of Truth, health and harmony to earth and humanity.”

  8. Thank you. So clear, helpful and supportive. Like others, I find these ideas are very helpful in other situations. I have a constant need to acknowledge there is one Mind governing in every situation. It rids me of a sense of self-will. I work with this thought before meetings, as I know others do, and am in awe of the wonderful outcomes.

    I’m very glad that I am now receiving these emails again after several weeks of not. It enhances my feeling of belonging to this group

  9. This is also true when answering questions about Christian Science or when asked why didn’t you get vaccinated or whatever “interview” you may be involved in. Thanks so much for this.

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