Prevent the development of pain

April 20, 2023 | 16 comments

Banish the belief that you can possibly entertain a single intruding pain which cannot be ruled out by the might of Mind, and in this way you can prevent the development of pain in the body.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 391

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, an adage reminds us.

To master and prevent pain, stay clear that you are not a vulnerable mortal subject to pain and disease. You are an immortal reflecting the everlasting harmony and peace of God.

In a right state of Mind, suggestions of pain can be mastered quicker. Even prevented.

16 thoughts on “Prevent the development of pain”

  1. Very good Morning everybody!
    I am most deeply grateful for Evan`s loving and healing SpiritView and the helpful DailyLift of TMC!
    It gives me very much and I take these divine Truths and Love with me during the day while reading the weekly lesson sermon and praying and doing my errands. Today I visit a CS friend who helps me with something, and so divine Love will be expressed by both of us. Thank you dear Evan, thank you dear MC and thank you dear God! I am very much looking forward to today`s comments, thanks to you all, as well!

  2. Hello dear Uta and everyone. I loved the Lift of several days ago, “It is, what it is,” —or is it?” In which that defeatest saying is replaced with God’s telling Moses that His name: “I AM THAT I AM.” GOD is the everpresent AMness — the ALLness — that so fills our consciousness with love/Love / Life / Truth that all doubt, pain, sorrow simply cease to be. Only I AM has existence!
    With this realization, yesterday morning I was able to get out of bed and walk without pain, saying to myself: “ because I AM is all and here, I am healed.”
    Shared with love,

    1. Franceska I also enjoyed that Lift on I AM THAT I AM, and thank you for sharing your realization and healing. Mrs. Eddy makes it clear in her statement that pain is a mortal belief that can be put down, ruled out, exposed as powerless by the might of Mind – even before there is any awareness of it. She says we should banish this belief, so she must have understood that we have the capacity to do so. How do we banish any false belief? We don’t, we can’t, by our own human will, but God, Truth does the work as we humbly pray and let Him.

      Greetings and love to all SV friends for a blessed day.

      1. Yesterday Carolyn mentioned Bible Gateway as a great resource that displays multiple translations of any Bible verse all on one page and how helpful that can be. Wanda then asked where to find Bible Gateway, wondering if it was in the concordance. Wanda it is an independent Bible study website which can be found at:

  3. Thank you Evan, Uta, and Franceska for input and encouraging thoughts today that I am applying to my persistent and pesky back pain.

  4. We can stay out of range of material false claims of pain and discords by keeping ourselves
    in the light of Truth and Love. I once heard that if there are people out to shoot birds,
    if the birds fly in the direct light of the sun, they can’t be seen, and so are safe – because we
    cannot look directly into the sun – it blinds us. So if we stay in the light and the love of the Christ,
    that “gentle beam of living Love and deathless life” (MBE) and let it encompass us,, we cannot be targets for material suggestions of pain and discords – we will be completely protected and safe.
    and we can also see others within that Christ light also so they cannot do any harm.

    1. I like the thought of staying “in the light and the love of the Christ, that “gentle
      beam of living Love” that you mentioned Maggie. Someone dear had once
      mentioned, too, about how birds fly high and if we keep thought in
      heavenly places, we, also stay above “animal magnetism” and thoughts
      like pain, that might try to weigh us down like the little fellow in the
      photo above.
      It was lovely to hear of your healing, Franceska.
      On the occasional time, like hitting a finger with a hammer, it helps to
      immediately declare there are no accidents and by dismissing any
      thought of pain right away, it keeps pain from becoming real.

  5. “Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.
    And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked” John 5: 8-9
    When I read Franceska’s remarks here this morning, I immediately thought of Jesus’ instruction to all/any of us who are in pain.
    I recently had a wonderful healing of pain that incapcitated me for a short while. I prayed with many healing Bible and Science & Health citations, that brought a firm healing of freedom. I am walking joyfully with Love today.

  6. My first thought this morning was “maybe I can’t, but God can!“ Just as Christ Jesus taught us “I can of mine on self to nothing, but what I see my Father do, I do“ I love SpiritView every morning, and today’s conversation among Uta,Franceska,Rose, Maggie, Richard, and Sandra, (so far) is thrilling in its depth and breadth and height and might and majesty of thought! I’ve already filled a page with notes from today’s SV, well as today’s restorative Daily Lift, and onto our powerful Lesdon. ! Love and many many thanks to you, all beginning with Evan Today.

    1. Thank you J, for this article. I love the thought of just turning off the movie projector to banish the point of pain. “When we recognize that pain is not a reality but a suggestion coming from outside of us, unwanted, and actually powerless, we gain the courage to turn off the projector, or belief in a power other than good. Boldly taking this stand, and holding firm, we will be able to banish the suggestion that pain has any cause, power, or presence.”

      Thank you Evan for your thoughts and all the rest of the comments that are so helpful. A blessed painfree day to all.

  7. Thank you Evan. Thank you all and thank you Sandra for the healing of the belief of pain.

  8. This is such a good subject Evan and all. Over the last few years, quite a few, I have been healed immediately of the pain of burns, falling, tripping, and other sudden material lies by immediately claiming the truth as Carol pointed out that she did. Proofs of God’s loving care that is always with us. I am so grateful for Christian Science and this Blog and the Spirit View and especially for the wonderful weekly lessons and online services provided by the Mother Church.

  9. Yes Franceska, I also enjoyed that DailyLift
    “It is, what it is” very much! And thanks for your wonderful testimony of healing!
    And thank you Rose for your comment!♡

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