Look for the mental cause in Mind

April 21, 2023 | 17 comments

Christian Science explains all cause and effect as mental, not physical.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 114

To understand this statement, it’s important to grasp that Christian Science also explains all cause and effect as traced back to divine Mind, not to matter. That God is good and causes only good things to happen.

Disease, pain, and conflict are not effects produced by God. They are ignorance of God that beg for an understanding of God. Like mistakes in math cry out for a better understanding of the principle of math.

When we start with divine Mind as the only cause, we find spiritual truth that dissolves disease and conflict. The bad effects of mortal ignorance disappear.

To reason rightly, start with Mind, not with matter. When one reasons out from Mind, thought lands in a heavenly place.

17 thoughts on “Look for the mental cause in Mind”

    1. Thank you for this article that explains so clearly how we need to work towards peace on earth. I really needed to understand this today as there seems to be a lot of conflict where I live.

  1. ‘The bad effects of mortal ignorance disappear.’ So clear and concise! Dissolves resistance to studying, doesn’t it?!

    Have a wonderfully enlightened day everyone.

  2. I noticed that when God guides, things turn out a lot better. That would be a lot better for everyone involved no one being left out. A complete math equation. Thank you, Evan for this thoughtful post.

  3. “When one reasons out from Mind, thought lands in a heavenly place.”
    I Love that, Evan! Math was never a likable subject all my life, as I always
    preferred to, like in CS, think outside of the box and be more creative.
    But God/Principle has become so special and relevant lately with the
    challenges of the world’s seeming woes and in overcoming in our own
    thought, with daily thoughts anew, we triumph over such conflicts such
    as war, (great article, Fay, Thank you), … the economy, competition for
    jobs, the environment or anything that would try to bring us down. In
    practicing thinking in a more structured way, that opens our thought to
    new possibilities with each new challenge, we truly do find heavenly Love
    there to meet all of our daily needs.

  4. Linking the two statements of S&H is so llluminating and clarifying. All cause and effect is mental, traceable back to Mind and God causes only good to happen. Brilliant! Thanks so much Evan.

  5. This is real. Thank you. Evan. Mary Baker Eddy once told a worker in her household that she should never talk of doing physical work, that all work is mental.
    This understanding met my need that day. I needed money to finish the payment of my bed the next day but there was no money. A thought came that I should go and select and burn unwanted typed documents I had dumped at a corner in my Kitchen for a few months. I had always considered such activities as physical work and would assign someone to do it for me. With the knowledge that all work is mental I left my office and went to do it myself. As I was separating the trash from the useful ones, and was almost through, as I threw the last envelope as trash I thought I should open and check it’s content although the envelope was dirty. Hey, inside this envelope I found 15000 cfa the exact amount of money I needed to complete the payment of my bed.
    This made it clear to me that we live in a mental universe. All activities are mental and God blesses them, given that cause and effect is mental.

  6. Thank you Grace. Your testimony reminds me of an experience I had many years ago, when the rent for my apartment was due and I didn’t have the money to pay it. For days my thought had been engrossed in the goodness of God. The contemplation of God’s nature, and the inspiration I felt, took precedence over any concern. The day before the rent was due, I received an unexpected and unexplainable check in the mail that completely covered my rent.
    Thought that begins in a heavenly place also “lands in a heavenly place!”.

    Thank you Evan for bringing to mind this cherished experience.

  7. Thank you Evan for this and Daily LIFT. And Thank you Grace and Linda for your testimonies of being so receptive to the guidance of Our Father Mother God. — and how Divine Love truly does meet every human need.
    Thanks too for everyone’s sharing. articles and your gratitude!. YES ALL CAUSE AND EFFECT IS MENTAL!!!

  8. Evan says, “When we start with divine Mind as the only cause, we find spiritual truth that dissolves disease and conflict.”

    This made me think of a statement I’ve heard that goes something like: Start with God, Stand with God, Stay with God and Stick with God, and we will finish with God=healing.

    While researching this phrase I came a across a related article by Judith Hardy Olson, “Start, Stay, Stick and Stand with God.”


    1. Thank you, Rose, for sharing that great article. It is a wonderful and simple
      way of appreciating everything about God’s Love. I enjoyed the humor in
      it, as well. Humor expresses our happiness dearly. Grace’s and Linda’s fine
      testimonies reminded me of when my parents were saving up to buy a
      bedroom set many, many years ago.
      They had been saving quarters, nickels and dimes and had finally
      accumulated enough for the purchase. The delivery came sooner than
      my Mom was prepared for, (where she was going to trade
      in all of the coins for paper.) It was the end of the day when they came
      and she had trays full of coins and the deliverymen said no way
      were they going to count it all and trusted that it was all there, stuck it
      in bags, smiled and left.
      Supply was met, as God does meet our needs, sometimes in unexpected
      ways, but your story, Grace, was a reminder in God’s blessings, as well
      as sometimes with humor, and it brought a sweet memory chuckle.
      Thank you, too, J, for sharing your lovely article and for all of God’s precious
      Love shared here.

  9. THANKS EVAN. for this and All Daily Lifts.
    Perfect reminder that ALL CAUSE AND EFFECT ARE MENTAL. In and of God!
    And thanks Grace and Linda for your obedient thoughts, and the discovery of God’s supply for your needs.
    Thanks everyone for the articles, and your shared ideas too!

  10. So much appreciation for the examples of “enough” at “just the right time”. A vivid experience always comes to mind, when I drove my 3/4 ton van, at night, on private property. I thought I would look for the shore to a very famous lake, in Montana, while it was after dark.

    The driveway, on the private property curved down, steeply, so as I rounded a curve approximately half way down the steep grade toward the shore line, I stopped. Locked the van and walked to my friends’ house close by, for the the night. The next morning, I re-entered the private drive, checking all around the 3/4 van’s tires, and saw the water in a brook, below the edge of the parked tire.
    The name of the property was “Many Brooks”.
    My friend had driven his truck, so he pulled out the tow chain, and lifted my van onto the private drive, so I was free to return to the closest road. The owners by that time were out, and were kind, as well as curious who had driven onto their private property. I explained what I had done the night before. I knew then that God had stopped me while my rear tire was secure on the drive, and not in their brook below.

  11. I am grateful for all so inspiring healings and experiences and for the links to such helpful articles relating to this SpiritView topic .

    Thank you Evan , I love this topic about what really is cause and effect. And I am very grateful that meanwhile I understand GOD to be the one and only cause and effect!
    You say that disease, pain and conflict are not products of God but they are ignorance of God begging for an understanding of God.
    Well, I pray to understand my Father-Mother God more distinctly. But as reflections of God we are able to understand divine Mind! Am thankful for the healing insights of Truth you are giving us lovingly!♡

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