Weigh what you hear

April 24, 2023 | 21 comments

My dear friends, don’t believe everything you hear. Carefully weigh and examine what people tell you.

~ I John 4:1, The Message

Just because someone said it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Just because it’s printed on a page, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Just because it pops up in your mind as a mental impression, doesn’t mean it’s true.

It’s wise to weigh with spiritual truth what you hear, see, and take in, to discern whether it’s believable.

God is Truth. God is good. God is Love.

If what you hear advocates evil, builds fear, justifies suffering, or creates feelings of hopelessness and despair, it’s not coming from God.

If what you hear advocates for goodness, effuses honesty and integrity, inspires hope, and leads to Love, there is likely something good coming from God to understand and run with.

Weigh what you hear. Is it human opinion or spiritual truth seeking your attention?

Run with spiritual truth, and you’ll be safe.

21 thoughts on “Weigh what you hear”

  1. Wisdom well worth contemplating whil holdin to the facts that, God is Truth, God is good, & above all, that God is Love. THANK YOU !

  2. The world view has presents issues in conflict such as hood verses evil, poverty vs wealth, and sickness vs disease.
    God being All in all ends the conflict or the belief that evil is real.. Having one infinite God is the spiritual solution in all situations of need.

  3. We are presented daily with tons of information and ideas coming at us. Much of it is put forth by so-called experts or sources that society trusts. It can be confusing — so much of what we read and hear lacks any spiritual foundation and implies/claims that man is material. But we have spiritual sense and discernment given to us by God so we can separate the wheat from the chaff (Truth from error). We have the eyes and ears of God.

  4. Yes. The point is, is it real to God?
    I remember reading in a Mary Baker Eddy biography how vivid a student found this point when she held up both her hands, holding them even, and said, “Always weigh evil in the scale with nothingness.” I found this in JSH-online from We knew MBE II, Clara Shannon’s notes:
    “Mother showed us that our thoughts, our whole consciousness must be single, on the side of good, thrown on the one scale, so that the whole weight may be in the one scale [with] nothing to put into the other, [just] as to us now, God, Love, must be all. God demands this of us, and the demand will not be withdrawn till it has been obeyed. The I must go to the Father; the ego must go there because “I and my Father are one” [John 10:30], one Mind and no separation. There is no sin, sickness, nor death because “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death” [Romans 8:2]. We can now overcome evil with good, which means that there is no evil, but “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” [Exodus 20:3]. We have but one Mind and must make that one real. We are there now—I and the Father are one.”

    Powerful, powerful stuff!

  5. The quickest and easiest way for me to discern whether a thought is worthy for thinking, enacting, and promoting, is:

    Does it call me to love— am I responding with compassion and gratitude? Do I feel peace and spiritual sense— or fear and personal sense? Does it remind me that God is All and we are all interconnected united with and for each other — or does it communicate or have as it’s cause and effect, a belief of separation and inadequacy? Can I hear that thought in God’s voice of comforting love and authority, followed by the words, “thus saith the Lord”?

    Now, thanks to Siri making changes in my voice to text, I have a new phrase as an urgent imperative command from the Lord: “ ‘Fuss!’ sayest the Lord.” Its ridiculousness clarifies how the thought of being irritated, fussing, scared, mad… is ridiculous and contrary any legitimate law or cause or voice of God… so don’t do it, don’t fret, fuss or fear. God All-One-Good is here.

  6. Thank you Evan and all. Thank you Diane for explaining “I” and ‘ego.” When we understand this, it can be easy for us to differentiate a right thought from a wrong one. That’s the work we have to do at all times. In this way we would be able to stay in the mental realm, the realm of harmony. When we know what to hold unto in thought as real we can demonstrate Truth .

  7. Thank you Evan and Diane for the inspirational messages you shared. The first line of hymn 263 “Only God can bring us gladness, Only God can give us peace…”. Popped into my thought along with Science and Health p. 167:17 “ To have one God and avail yourself of the power of Spirit, you must love God supremely.” This counteracts all claims from evil!

    1. The words of that hymn are from the Swedish, and I find a look at the original gives, for me, further depth to the meaning. “Utan Gud” translates” Without God” (there is no gladness/peace.) Therefore God is first/All,/Only,eh?

  8. Thank you Evan for the “weighing in” of only God, good. I liked reading what you shared Diane from Clara Shannon’s notes. From Science and Health p. 167:17 “to have one God and avail yourself of the power of Spirit, you must love God supremely.” Evil has no “weight” as God’s love is mighty always.

  9. Thank you all for such inspiring and powerful Truths. A cartoon comes
    to mind where there is a different perspective, when hearing, and in this case
    seeing, the same character from each side. They are both looking at the same
    math symbol, but one sees a 6 , where the other sees a 9 . As long as we are
    seeing and hearing God’s Truth, Good, Love, our perspective is always correct
    and when we are on the same side, God’s side, we see and hear such a sweet
    unity of harmony and peace being expressed.
    As in Hymn # 106, “Help us to help each other … Lord, Each other’s cross
    to bear: Let each his friendly aid afford … And feel his brother’s care.” Lovely!
    This unity helps get us through the challenges, where we come together
    in one Mind and experience such understanding, we can not help but to
    share and feel this endearing … “Love reflected in Love” and different ways
    of looking at things melt away, as long as we are on the side of God..

    1. Excellent article RH, thank you for sharing it! In addition to the message, I especially love the reference to angels.

    1. Thank you “J”, such a wonderful and helpful article by Barbara Vining. Most important to know is the Truth about God and his idea!!♡

  10. Thanks so much RH and J for giving us the links to two helpful articles. I especially like Barbara Vining’s. She’s one of my favorite
    writers and speakers.

  11. Thank you both RH and J for giving us the links to two inspiring and helpful articles. I especially liked Barbara Vinings as she is one of my favorite writers and speakers.

  12. Thank you very much dear Evan for making us ponder the difference between human opinion and God`s spiritual healing thoughts. There are times when I struggle with human opinions knowing that they are not from God, and I asked God to give me the true idea of what is said.

    I go conform with the second paragraph of Edie. If I feel Love, be loved or myself love that one because of what he said to me, then often it is a good thought from God. If I feel uncomfortable or even feel fear it is not at all from God, and I can reject or correct it. Helpful is also the sentence “thus says the Lord”, if the socalled opinion sounds true with this sentence. I luckily learned meanwhile and pray with it, that actually only God`s thoughts are coming to us and which we can lovingly accept solely!
    SpiritView is such a loving and healing Blog, Thank you dearly Evan!!

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