Put blame in the right place

February 26, 2024 | 25 comments

If you’re ever tempted to place blame, place it on mortal mind, rather than getting focused on a person or oneself as the one to blame. Mortal mind is the culprit behind all bad effects, not a child of God.

If you are baking bread and forget to add yeast, only to have a flop on your hands in the end, you might be tempted to blame yourself for the brick that comes out of the oven. But the blame is not fair. You are a good person. You do many things well. To castigate yourself, make yourself feel bad, and have a down day, is to do a disservice to all the good you embody. It’s better to target the real culprit—mortal mind.

The belief that you can forget an important ingredient is pure mortal mind. As a child of God, you reflect the perfect memory of God, and can remember to add the proper ingredients when you bake bread. Forgive yourself, destroy mortal mind’s suggestion that you can’t remember, and move on with your life. Continue to do good.

The same rule applies to illness. If feeling ill, the feeling is not your fault. It’s pure mortal mind. Don’t blame yourself for the illness. Blame mortal mind, and then destroy mortal mind with spiritual truth.

As a child of God, you have a divine right to live healthy and happy. Mortal mind is wrong to argue otherwise. Mortal mind is the criminal, not you.

Target the criminal with truth, render its arguments harmless, and live free of its influence.

Self-blame is not necessary or helpful. You have a healthy happy spiritual Life to be living. Be sure to live it—blame-free!

25 thoughts on “Put blame in the right place”

  1. What a wonderful treatment to wake up to this Monday morning Evan….thank you so much for your continual sharing of all the Love that is our Life , today and always.
    Blessings to everyone❣️

  2. I absolutely agree, what a wonderful treatment. I am always tempted to blame myself for ‘my’ difficulties but they are just aggressive mental suggestions and don’t belong to us as children of God. As Science & Health says on page 539 “God could never impart an element of evil, and man possesses nothing which he has not derived from God.” Thank you so very much, Evan, and to all who contribute.

  3. Yes, Eve blamed the serpent …
    A lovely article on Memory I found helpful as it delved deeper than mere human memory, but the aspect of remembering our spiritually real Identity and not being snared by a supposed mortal identity. Christ Jesus said, “When the Comforter is come,…even the Spirit of truth,…he shall testify of me: …he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”
    This is the reason for the hope that is in us. We only have God’s promises and divine potential to anticipate.

    1. That’s a good article, Fay. On the issue of memory, I have found it helpful to know that Mind is infinite. Therefore, there is, can be, nothing OUTSIDE of Mind. Because memory is really simply present knowledge and Mind knows all, there is nothing that is not known, “remembered“. As we have that one Mind, we know presently all that needs to be known.

    2. Hi Fay, What a beautiful article to read right now and be aware of all of the blessings
      we have experienced and remember all of the good that comes to us like a tree’s
      shade on a hot summer’s day, or an important meeting we have been thinking about
      that will shed a lot of light on issues. Our memory of a very sweet event is
      delightful and one Mind shares with us all of the joys, even though there may seem
      to be the ups and downs of mortal mind. There is only the up, like Evan mentions
      always with the spiritual way of thinking. A heavenly day to all.

    3. Thank you Fay for this article. I felt that there is so much spiritual guidance here for any mortal challenge. I guess there may be many interpretations of a material erring concept but only one
      Revealing, healing Truth❣️B.x

  4. Excellent detailed article. Thank you much. I’m sure to read it several times. Knowing you will have a perfect day!

  5. That’s all good, and I think we also need to add to stop and get the lesson so that mortal mind doesn’t sneak in again: might one need to slow down, or cut down on distractions, etc. and know that mortal mind cannot sneak in again when we are alert and listening for divine guidance.

  6. Thank you Evan. I love the idea of blaming mortal mind (wrong beliefs/error) for anything that seems discordant. Blow its argument to smithereens with the Truth about God’s loved children.

    I have heard of something called impersonalizing or depersonalizing error. Separating or detaching error from any person (ourselves or anyone else) and realizing we were misled or offended by a false belief and not by a person, is very powerful and shows right thinking.

    Thanks for, “Mortal mind is the criminal, not you. Target the criminal with truth, render its arguments harmless, and live free of its influence.”

  7. Thank you very very much for your helpful and healing SpiritView today! When I nursed my mother before she passend on, there seemed to have been moments where I haven’t been kind enough to her. She once claimed that I should be more kind to her. She was right. But after she passed on I blamed myself for a long time about not haben’t been kind enough. But meanwhile I learned to know her dwelling in God’s kingdom of Love. And I also learned to forgive myself. And Evan’s today’s SV helps me to know myself and others as image and likeness of divine Love, which MBE declares us to be in SH with the title “What is Man”, who cannot else but love, since God is eternal Love!

    And which is always very helpful, are the articles written by Karen Neff. And what “J” says here, I love all articles by Karen very much, as they are of very clear metaphysics and mostly just what I need and so helpful and healing. Thank you Karen!! And thank you Fay for posting the link to her wonderful article!! There is a similar article I just read by Nathan A. Talbot with the title “God knows” from the March 1978 issue of the CS Journal. Such a very good article, as well!

    Am very grateful we can comment and chat together on this loving Blog by Evan!
    Thank you all!♡

  8. Keeping our thoughts free from blame (mortal mind) and other temptations to believe
    in any other worldly attempts to disrupt our divine thinking could perhaps be like an
    airport of God/”Love-Air” lines always in line with perfect thinking, sending us messages,
    keeping our thought free and uncontrolled by mortal mind… God, being our Pilot.
    If mm tries to ground us and say we are “low-again”, our spiritual soaring thoughts of
    God take off into the heights of eternity, where they are not controlled by mortal mind,
    but are divine and loving and always in tune with the One Mind – kept in the pathway
    of Truth … not forgetful, not unkind, not ill, not harmed in any way, but uplifted by Spirit.

    Lovely thoughts expressed today. Thank you all.

  9. So helpful Evan. I had been blaming myself for not understanding more about CS and not being healed of certain problems – then I read today’s blog. Wham! Gave me a mental shake up! Just what I needed. Many thanks. X

    1. Hi Linda, thank you for mentioning this. I also sometimes notice a belief that says I don’t have enough understanding or diligence to demonstrate the amazing kinds of CS healings I hear about and read about. I’ve had many wonderful healings, for which I am very grateful, but error says I can’t have the really ‘big” or “remarkable” ones. That is a false belief in lack/limitation/constriction and sounds like a false sense of being a personal healer. God is the healer, as we yield and recognize His infinite power and presence – more humility and trust will help. I don’t think God categorizes healing as big or small or remarkable or simple. There is just an all knowing and all presence.

      1. Dear Rose thanks for this. Mortal mind is very subtle isn’t it. Seems to know just where to stick the knife in!! Thank goodness we know it’s all a lie. X

  10. There was an old radio show in the 40’s and 50’s about a hero who solved all kinds of problems and the lead in to the program was Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? Then a wicked laugh answered, The Shadow Knows! After I became seriously interested in Christian Science I felt so comforted to learn that Mind is God and God is Love. God is All in all. So this is a great article to read and I thank you for sharing it.

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