There is much more to see

February 27, 2024 | 32 comments

Imagine this, as a child of God, you are endowed with infinite capacities and abilities, which means you have talents, skills, and gifts far beyond any view you’ve taken in to date.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Being possesses its qualities before they are perceived humanly”
(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 247).

Being is your existence as a child of God. It’s not a temporal mortal concept of life that begins, matures, and ends in matter. It’s your spiritual being with divine Life that has no end and knows no limits. It’s the Life of God you are living now, as a child of God.

Your spiritual being with God is limitless, without bounds.

So, accept no limits. You’ve just begun. There is much more to discover about you than you’ve even dreamed about. Go for it!

32 thoughts on “There is much more to see”

  1. Mortality is a statement about limitation.
    Immortality is limitless good.
    The Science of Christianity holds the key to prove it..

    1. Thank you very much, Evan, for stating this wonderful Truth. And to you,
      John, with your firm statements corroborating Evan’s message. It makes
      me think about how limited we feel if we are beliving ourselves to
      be merely material. There are limits to everything we want to achieve
      If relying on matter. This false substance can let us down with injuries or
      ageing limitations, or all sorts of imagined discords that would limit us

      We can be so grateful that Christ Jesus demonstrated for us so clearly, that by identifying ourselves correctly as one with God, as His reflection, we have no limitations, and can
      live fulfilling lives according to God’s wonderful Law, as demonstrated by our Saviour. We are God’s ideas, not lumps of matter with a supposed mind inside. Ideas are unlimited, and if we are listening to God, as Jesus did continually, and letting Him guide us, there is nothing we cannot achieve for the purpose of good and glorifying God, which is the purpose of our lives. As we do this, it is a blessing not only for us, but for all.
      As Evan says, we have only just begun to discover this pathway which ever leads onward and
      upward, and we have so much more to discover of our God-given abilities

  2. Isn’t it so precious that this ‘new view of divine goodness’ is always gently unfolding in consciousness?
    I’ve been studying a wonderful article called “There is no matter’ – there are about 9 such articles in the periodicals to choose from:
    I’ve been praying to further understand the significance of ‘weather’ and it’s harmonious state in Mind, and was reminded of the account of Mrs Eddy when she was informed that the dairy farmer’s well had dried up and therefore the cows couldn’t produce milk. Her understanding of Spirit so over-rode this mortal perception, that the well fill overnight and milking was resumed. I have also been researching what she said about the agriculturist and his crops.
    Really understanding that Man is the very image and likeness of God – not a mortal concept of God. Thank you dear Evan for your expression of ‘tireless Be-ing’ – much love.

    1. “Divine Love fills the Well”
      I’ve used that statement, story
      and understanding many times.
      Such a great one!

  3. Thank you Evan and staff of SV, your dedicated work does not go

    Today’s message of love and encouragement to know our real identity is so blessed of our Father Mother Love and very very very helpful and healing idea.

    Thank you Fay for the articles and your loving research on our reality of being.

  4. Thank you, Evan. It’s so important to remain mindful of the fact that there is no dualism in divine Mind, where we live, move and have our being as the complete and whole reflection of God. There is only good to reflect at all times and under all circumstances.

  5. Thank you for always – such an uplifting spiritual outlook on things, dear Evan
    and wonderful person who coordinates the graphics to match the inspired message
    and all who come here to share with comments and/or thoughts!
    Often is said, “Just when you thought you’ve seen it all … ” something even more
    ridiculous seems to have happened and in this Seeming crazier by the day world,
    that saying seems to be true, mortally speaking.
    But in the spiritual sense of vast, unlimited God-given talents, we all are given an
    abundance of possibilities we can’t even imagine.
    Sometimes limited with material funds and circumstances, but out thoughts have
    No boundaries and how lovely is that.
    In appreciation of the wonderful blessings of nature surrounding, which is always
    changing – this morning a family of turkeys .. if we are aware, we appreciate all that
    God’s creations share with us and our love ever increases with each day. Spirit View
    is such a blessing to look forward to with such inspirations.

  6. Thank you Evan for this morning’s inspired and thought-expanding message. One of my favorite passages from the chapter Creation in Science and Health is “God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.” page 258. Mary Baker Eddy’s visionary ideas in this concise 13 page chapter shatter the barriers of a limited mortal view of man, revealing his real, inexhaustible, infinite nature as the reflection of God. This chapter is high impact mental aerobics! It is a wonderful study, and basis for prayer.
    Thank you all SpiritView contributors for your loving and cherished comments!

    1. Linda, I love the idea of the chapter on Creation as being “high impact
      mental aerobics”. Excellent thought. Thank you for your comments.

  7. “If you feel as if you don’t fit into this world, it’s because you’re here to create a
    better one” – Author Unknown

    There are so many people who are speaking up for the Truth, who are bursting
    through the boundaries of limitations that mortal belief would confine us to.
    I think it is important to stay aware of the subtle thoughts that would seem to
    hold us back from being who we Really are as children of God. Our talents
    are unlimited when seen through the lens of Spirit.
    I have an electronic keyboard that has been collecting dust for years, because
    it needs an adapter. I had dabbled with it for a while and played “by ear”
    just for fun, years ago and today’s blog is motivating me to express the joy with
    it again. We can all express God in so many ways, through art, music, our words,
    gardens… the ways really Are unlimited.

    1. Hi Carol, I also have an electronic keyboard “collecting dust” as you said. Your point is well taken that our creative expressions as the unfolding of God’s likeness are unlimited. I used to make jewelry, play the guitar, write. I barely do these anymore. Maybe I’ll return to one of these or perhaps there is something new waiting for me to pursue. As Evan said, “I’ve just begun!” So uplifting, encouraging and refreshing that this is a true statement, regardless of our “age.” This is the antidote to any sense of depression. Thank you to everyone. I am so privileged to be in your company as we ponder and express higher and higher spiritual Truths.

      1. Rose, your writing that you played the guitar made me chuckle, as I also
        have a (now vintage) guitar someone had given me when they moved –
        (also collecting dust), but I had back then, bought a booklet,
        “How to Teach Yourself to Play the Guitar”. I couldn’t get past the first
        chord! LOL So Kudos to you for being able to learn it. It is a nice work
        of art though.

  8. An article by Larissa Snorek “Let love shape your view” Is in this weeks Sentinel. Could someone get the address. Thanks. It goes along with this subject.

    1. A quote: The human mind tends to rehearse hardships and failures, as if giving them more thought will somehow overcome them. But recently, when I found myself enmeshed in rumination about a rough start to the new year, in turning Godward, I was reminded of a moment of true joy. Something lovely and good had occured, yet been promptly forgotten. And I felt transformed by the reminder. I had been analyzing many little failings, but this touch of Christ made starkly clear that the things I’d been rehearsing weren’t at all the reality. That moment of joy was the reality– not just for that moment but for always.”
      Larissa Snorek

      1. Thank you so much, Jane b. It is a lovely article and really shows how
        Love really is so comforting and enlightening and precious in our lives.
        The quote you mention reminds me of looking at issues with the lens
        of “analyzing” the little failings, with “time”, how would they be a year
        from now or 5 years from now. I know time is not to be measured, but
        in a way, it puts in perspective what may Appear to be a “problem” at
        one time, when realized in it’s Real connotation, is not a problem at all.
        Things that I have fretted over years ago, are not even thought about
        now. Divine Love is our true joy.

  9. Thank you very much, dear Evan! With today’s SpiritView you are freeing us from the limitation that we have only limited qualities. When we think at the truth that all things are possible with God, we see that there are no limitations to express our Father-Mother God, the All in All, divine Love!!
    And dear Fay, thank you very much for the link to the article “There is no Matter” from the August 1934 issue of the CS Journal. It is really interesting what Archibald Carey wrote at that early time what the ordinary Scientists said about Matter. And then he compares it with what Mrs. Eddy wrote about Matter as being the opposite of divine Spirit! Spirit is real, matter is unreal.
    Wow, I am very very grateful to MBE giving her full life so selflessly to reveal Christian Science to all humanity, explaining that a l l is Spirit and all spiritual, matter cannot help us (in Science and Health).

    Eva, it is so helpful what you wrote today, and actually every day. Am very thankful for it!!!♡

  10. At times we may feel limited by fear (false evidence appearing real). I came across something I had printed out from years ago when CS had the website and they used to have the Question of the Week and people would write their comments on that question. This one was about worry and someone commented the following:
    -“The word worry is just another definition of the word afraid. Fear is the [false] idea that something is out there that can hurt us. Someone once asked me, If you weren’t afraid, what would you do today, how would your day go, how would your life be if you weren’t afraid?….The possibilities are limitless.”-

    1. I love what you have shared here, dear Rose. Timeless and inspiring. I have recently
      seen this inspiration that I copied and it is really a great way of looking at things,
      (mortally speaking), also:
      “What if you were actually very blessed because you got to experience something
      hard. That you now have a depth and understanding, an awareness, an overcoming
      and strength that not all human beings get the opportunity to receive”.
      I know in CS this may seem a bit, maybe too – “mortal”, but I love the idea of
      switching a difficult situation or life problem around and into a Positive thing. The
      words Very Blessed, a Depth and Understanding, an Awareness, an Overcoming
      and Strength … all of which are Positive outcomes to something that may have
      seemed dire and as a detraction from a “good experience” or “good life”. Also..
      I have seen written … The most beautiful people in life are the ones who have
      overcome the greatest challenges.
      Experiences teach us valuable lessons and really give us the beauty and awareness of
      the depth of soul.

  11. Thank you for this wonderfullly inspiring article and for everyones contributions. What perfect timing! I was feeling a sense of purposelessness and have been lifted up! So, so grateful to God and SpiritView! ♡

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